2018-02-25 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Old Ebonheart
  • Northern Aanthirin

Meeting Summary

The Treaty of the Armistice

The first topic was the treaty of the Armistice. It currently consists of a publically displayed scroll (actually a trap), which is worth 100,000 Septims and bursts in flames when picked up by the player. The actual treaty is written in blood on a piece of Tiber Septim’s cloak, which is worth 500,000.

2017 01 08 Meeting Summary

Lake Andaram Planning

Where is Lake Andaram? Here is Lake Andaram:

Lake Andaram is the center of a conflict between the encroaching House Hlaalu and the houses Dres (more) and Indoril (less).


As a lake that the Thirr flows past, Lake Andaram is a major shipping route of House Dres and seat of Dres Horak, one of the two Dres embassy settlements (this one is for dealing with the other Dunmer).

2015 12 05 Meeting Summary

Skype Meeting Summary Notes for December 05 2015

Recording starts mid-conversation

Rift Pass could be transformed into a normal Dunmer stronghold – maybe with shrine to St. Felms.

NOTE: Need to fix Passes in TR_Preview (Passes are not labeled properly)

Historical Events

Veloth's Route. This is primarily a straight line from west to east. Ending in the Necrom area, where Veloth then continues off to the east.

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