2017 07 30 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Kemel Ze - Reason for the lich
  • TR Status Update - Feedback Discussion
  • Tamriel Data Addon wrap-up


Meeting Summary

Dwemer Lich

The current implementation does not work, for such an outlier as a Dwemer Lich, a sound concept needs to be provided and it needs to be readable for the player. Furthermore, it dilutes the themes of the Dwemer if it is not well explained.

2016 09 24 Meeting Summary

Meeting Notes for Saturday August 13 at 5PM GMT on Discord



Frequency - We’re in favor of a semi-annual release instead of a quarterly one. Quarterly releases presume the optimistic version of a workflow TR doesn’t currently have, centered around assembling finished and reviewed claims.1612 should be released on schedule as a bugfix release, but afterwards TR should move to 1 release every 6 months.

Tamriel Rebuilt 1609

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