2017 11 26 Meeting Summary

Proposed Agenda

  • Find out which, if any interiors are missing from the Indoril-Thirr or Old Ebonheart section files.
  • Make design claims and descriptions for the interiors in the Lake Andaram #1 exterior claim, proposals with basic information here.
  • Discuss Jani's Ideas for meetings:
    • Better organised weekly meetings with a more detailed agenda, focusing on getting things done.
    • Derailed conversations should

2017 04 30 Meeting Summary

Carried over Agenda

  • Further Discussion of House Redoran (Faction page overhaul)
  • Interior merges
  • Foul Murder
  • Ranks and Hierarchy
  • Nav Andaram
  • Tribunal Temple and its environs
  • Ascadian Bluffs (Region Template)
  • More Almalexia/Alt Orethan
  • Update various documents on the site
  • Finish reviews of various assets and get them into Tamriel Data (Add-on), and mark these as such in the Assets Browser.


TR History


Right, this was created by (I think) Swiftoak for the interview with zhakaron.

Quoted in total. It needs some reworking before it can be put in the handbook (it's so cheery it makes me seriously uncomfortable), and preferably some feedback from people who were around at the time.

Vision and Goals

Tamriel Rebuilt is a fan-based project which modifies The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The goal of the project is to expand the original game in a manner consistent with the intention, style and vision of the original game designers, Bethesda Softworks.

2016 12 11 Meeting Summary

Roth-Roryn Claims: First Wave

RyanS posted a link to the first wave of designed RR interiors. They were agreed to be put into the first batch.

A first wave of quest claims is prepared by Kevaar and can be moved on from the design stage as well.

“Content file” (name pending) content type

A dedicated content type to replace Merge Claims is being tested on the dev site. An additional step would be required for bugs, assets, and claims: when they are merged into a content file (such as TR_Mainland), they would need to be linked to the content file node.

2016 11 05 Meeting Summary

Saturday meetings

Feedback thread

A topic of discussion are the general shape and time placement for TR’s decisive meetings. Saturdays in the current timeframe (5 pm/17:00 UTC) are not available for all or even most people, and the fact that decisions are finalized during these meetings make them as exclusive as prior consensus meetings are.

Two methods were discussed to address this issue:

2016 09 24 Meeting Summary

Meeting Notes for Saturday August 13 at 5PM GMT on Discord



Frequency - We’re in favor of a semi-annual release instead of a quarterly one. Quarterly releases presume the optimistic version of a workflow TR doesn’t currently have, centered around assembling finished and reviewed claims.1612 should be released on schedule as a bugfix release, but afterwards TR should move to 1 release every 6 months.

Tamriel Rebuilt 1609


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