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This release file contains for the city of Andothren with its exteriors and interiors.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The exterior is in the process of an overhaul, which will add new interiors. NPC planning is nearly on the table.

Link to previous release


Grabbing file to work on

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Grabbing file to work on Andothren's Dwemer ruin (and later Andothren itself, but one step at a time). I'll be following this sketch, replacing the lighthouse when a new model is provided, which should hopefully fit the general footprint of the current lighthouse. I will also be editing the ruin interior, mostly to make the hallways and deeper areas a bit more interesting to play through and making the entrance area more compatible with the TG setting up shop there.

New file. Has the general

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New file. Has the general layout of the Dwemer ruin implemented. I did get a little carried away as the footprint of the ruin was larger than I'd remembered. Screenshots will come later, and then mostly polishing and detailing left as far as the exterior is concerned.

No in-game screenshots due to

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No in-game screenshots due to a technical issue. There are still probably a few bugs left, and I might add some goodies here and there for the player to find, though for the most part the surface of the ruin is thoroughly looted. I also still need to add some pathgrids and name the exterior cell (assuming nobody has an issue with my doing so). Here are a few CS shots I posted on Discord:

Ok, I dropped the file so

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Ok, I dropped the file so that it can be added to the bugfix release after it's checked for dirty cells or references and cleaned.

After the version for the bugfix release is uploaded, various interiors should be split off from Andothren into their own design claims, as described by Vern:

I intend to work on sprucing up the Dwemer ruin interior and possibly the Andothren temple, preferably as separate files.

Andothren itself, as before, is waiting for the modular tileset, though if that isn't done by the time I'm done with my interior edits I'll start working on the areas I can.

As for the changelog from the last version, mostly removing the lighthouse and replacing it with a skyport that once was used by Dwemer airships (a last minute addition I should have probably asked about first, but at worst it's temporary). I also added a bit of loot here and there including a spear with a fun enchantment. Barring the addition of a new tower model at some point and likely removal of the skyport, I consider the exterior ruin done. (Though the rocks around it may need some further improvements).