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This release file contains for the city of Andothren with its exteriors and interiors.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The exterior is in the process of an overhaul, which will add new interiors. NPC planning is nearly on the table.

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Dropping as, unfortunately, I

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Dropping as, unfortunately, I can't currently work on this. To be entirely honest, I'm not sure if I remember all the changes I made to this file, but the main change is cutting out the interiors that need to go back to claiming as per Vern's assessment. And changes beyond that should be small fixes and edits.

Another poke, another WIP.

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Another poke, another WIP. Sadly not as much progress as I'd like, but progress anyway: the outlander manors are in place, though they still need proper landscaping and detailing (and replacement with merged meshes as soon as they become available). I've done some edits to the temple island to make it less awkward, though more edits will follow, and have started removing the rougher cobble work from the west bank to give me a tidier slate to work off of. Note that there are a ton of structures floating above Andothren in the file.

New file, and another hefty

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New file, and another hefty disclaimer.

The file itself is in a rather messy state as usual, especially as I lost quite a bit of progress today which I intend to catch up on tomorrow with a more polished file. This is just a back-up. In particular, I'd suggest not thinking too much about stuff like ugly cobbling or the Andas manor currently being rather oversized. Especially given the nature of the work, my progress involves a lot of experimentation, and sometimes setting a failed experiment aside to return to it later. When I get something looking the way I intend it to be, I will post it and seek feedback.

Very belated update, as I

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Very belated update, as I ended up going over the harbour area again. I have a good idea of what I want to do with it this iteration, but wasn't really able to fully implement it yet; I will be altering the temple island to look smoother and to align on an axis with the Almalexia mural. The western harbour probably currently looks a bit grander than it will with the wooden docks and clutter. There are some other changes here and there around the city, such as removing the cobble aqueducts and putting the *less* cobbled aqueducts in their place for now. 

New file. Redid the temple

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New file. Redid the temple island, though not yet the mural. Added doorsteps to a lot of the houses, fixed some general errors, made some edits to the western harbour, fixed up the general placement of the outlander manors and more or less pushed all of the buildings into what should be their final positions, among other changes. Still not really polished all around, but I did at least remove all the floating nonsense before uploading the file.

New file. Unfortunately it's

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New file. Unfortunately it's been a rather slow week, and I mostly tackled smaller stuff; sorting out the remaining Hlaalu manors, redoing vertex shading and landscaping in various places, improving navigation etc.

Didn't manage to make the

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Didn't manage to make the headway I wanted to today, but uploaded the current file anyway as a backup. Hopefully I'll be able to upload something more polished tomorrow. Main changes are the new temple set-up and half-implemented changes to the western harbour.

A new file. In my no doubt

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A new file. In my no doubt infuriating habit of hopping from one thing to the next, I haven't done much more on the temple or western harbour this time, but focused on the western side of the city beyond the waterfront and tried to get that all sorted out. I probably missed one or two things and will need to revisit one or two more, but it should be tidy and traversible now, though still underdetailed.

A small update, mostly to

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A small update, mostly to remove the floaters for better viewing and an accidental dependency, but I also added the remaining doorsteps and sunk the doors to match typical Hlaalu convention.

It's been a while since the

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It's been a while since the last update. A lot has changed, and in broad strokes the first draft of Andothren is done, with some important caveats:

1. I still need to do some detailing, bugfixing and polish. There's one interior I still need to figure out a good place for.
2. I'll need to do some general work like the pathgrid and overhauling lighting
3. I will still need to make adjustments based on feedback, including earlier feedback.
4. I still need a few models to finish things off: the new steps-with-balcony mesh, the mural, the railings ends for the aqueducts, the bridge pieces for the path around the temple, and possibly the strider port though I would manage without.

Except for the last two points, I should be able to get the rest done by next weekend. The third point is a very big variable, as I've repeated probably too often before.

General changes from the last file (which I never got around to uploading here...):
-reworked the western harbour again
-did landscaping and other changes around the eastern docks
-made extensive changes to the Andas manor and surroundings, but it's still using the waterfront meshes.
-made minor adjustments to the council house (don't affect the shell) as well as detailing.
-redid the siltstrider port and did some other detailing and adjustments in the area, including adding a new building.
-did some general bugfixing.

And here's an overview. I'll have to double-check whether I didn't add another building aside from those numbered, but I don't think I did... Rock and flora detailing along with landscaping adjustments should go pretty quickly, the merchant stalls and other more intensive detailing I might leave to the next claimant if it starts to drag.

Ok, I will be dropping this

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Ok, I will be dropping this release file at the end of today (or it can be revoked tomorrow if I don't drop it myself for whatever reason); I'm not doing so just yet in case there are small changes I can/should still make today. In particular, I haven't yet implemented the more recent additions to the Tamriel_Data add-on, though when push comes to shove I don't need to be the one who does that.

Aside from the new models that have yet to be added, there's a good deal of detailing that isn't finished, though I did quite a bit of detailing compared to the last file, and I still haven't updated the pathgrid in case I need to adjust the layout due to feedback. A lot of those changes I could make today, depending on how discussions go, or could be made by anyone else.

As for what changes I did make since the last file I uploaded, quite a lot. I tried to address all of the feedback I got until now, though I have not implemented a few suggestions due to them not working out in practice. (Mostly around the Andas manor).
I've removed most of the uglier buttresses or have tried to improve them pending a more suitable buttress model for the application, have tweaked (and generally cut down on) house poles, adjusted the bridges and western harbour, altered or improved a few of the manors, found a better (but still not final) solution for the aqueducts, did some fairly extensive landscaping and decobbling in places, including better sinking the roads in the cells around Andothren etc.

Ok dropping. New file up top

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Ok dropping. New file up top where I added some of the new models (two merged buildings and a corner piece I was missing in the waterfront as well as new bridge steps) and removed a janky cave piece. Didn't get around to implementing the new mural unfortunately. If all goes well I'll stream my changes tomorrow and perhaps grab the file shortly for small stuff I can do in one day before dropping it again. I don't intend to sit on this file for more than a day anymore.

Beyond that I will be working on an overview of the current implementation for claims and sorting out the necessary documentation and such.

Update Butresses on the

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Update, load with TD_Addon

Butresses on the terrace beneath the council hall removed
Resized council hall terraces to 1.0
Doors touching the edges of the frame pushed in a touch
Almalexia shrine placed
Jagged terrain on and around the temple island smoothed
Texture seam on the northeast side of the island covered
Replaced 512 radius lights on the east canal with 128 versions to try and reduce the underwater lighting seam
Weirdly rotated balcony staircase on the west canal replaced with TD balcony
Random platforms in the east replaced with terrain
Buildings with lips bleeding into other buildings balconies moved apart a touch
Stacked tower on the east side (split from i4-117) moved to the manor district
Canal terrace here replaced with terrain
i4-94 rogue door marker found underground
Narsis ID balconies replaced with new modular balconies
Cliff beneath the round manor rotated to cover caspering
Dirt cells (mins the 2 that Andothren bleeds over into) cleaned

Claims from Gnomey's map:
1-4: no modular changes needed, safe to open if everybody can agree on these being here
5: slight changes to the 1 tile wide area
6: no changes that would affect the int shell, safe to open
7: changes pending, do not open
8: changes pending, do not open
9: combined mesh, safe to open
10: changes pending, do not open
11: debated interior? Probably don't open
12: changes pending, do not open
13: vanilla building, safe to open


Posting a backup that

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Posting a backup that requires

Modular dock building merged and all pieces replaced with T_De_SetHla_X_Building_07
Modular end caps made for aqueducts
Round courtyard manor combined and replaced with T_De_SetHla_X_Ando_B_03
Round courtyard manor path gridded
Bridge buttresses removed
Large cube manor combined and replaced with T_De_SetHla_X_Ando_B_04


Decramped 2 buildings on the

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Decramped 2 buildings on the west side by the canal stairs
Resized canal terrace to 1.o and added terrain between those 2 buildings and the b24
Singe canal piece connecting stairs replaced with terrain
Canals and static grass by the janky building stack removed in favor of terrain
South west AI grass changed to RR scrub
Poles removed from back end of buildings
Courthouse replaced with combined and expanded model
Cleaned and updated to TD8


Update 77 Removed building 1

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Update 77

Removed building 1 and moved i4-460 in its place
Removed former i4-86 shell for space, 86 will now be used in place of building 13
Changed the lower west docks to all be wood because the previous setup didn't allow 460 to fit
Added a b_24 in place of 460 and 86 to use the former Narsis Morag Tong int
Moved i4-92 to not overlap with its neighbor, also remvoed the floating buttress blocking the lower door, and placed said door
Changed the southwest entrance from large to double small, to make it feel less like a main entrance


Deleted 74,91,85,NW tower as

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Deleted 74,91,85,NW tower as outlined in this meeting summary
Swapped building 90 and 83 to face a service towards the southwest gate
Shuffled buildings that made up the stacked block area. 70 is now where the NW tower was, 71 is shoved over, 63 is rotated and shoved over.
63 now has a lower level entrance.
Final outlander manor replaced with combined mesh.
Opened up a foot path between dunmer manor district and north entrance/outlander manor district.
Removed big rock and smoothed out hill west of manor 06
Cut former building for claim 84, int will now use the building for claim 80, and 80 will now be the new b27 on the west docks
L manor replaced with combined mesh

The 2 manor meshes are included in my download and still wip (not optimized and mostly no collision.) Will post them on the browser when they are ready


Merged all r4m Andothren east

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Merged all r4m Andothren east claims, except 461 which is no longer in andothren.
Deleted deprecated cells


Removed stairs from top level

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Removed stairs from top level of the east side tavern, they were just getting in the way
Inched over 117 and 465 so people who fell between these houses and the cliffs could get out
Main manor reworked and combined with custom meshes. Meshes are still unoptimized as I was mainly working to get them into a claimable int state, though the main manor here will need to wait on round int pieces.

Mysterious cringe dirty cell east of the city that isn't actually dirtied by the file is still here. Help!


Removed west side rock arch

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Removed west side rock arch
Added town obelisk in its place
Added town banners to the south and east entrances
Replaced dock warehouse with vern's bigger shell for the crate platforming quest. Leaving it modular for now since I need a break from blender
Figured out how to clean out the fake dirty cell, so its now once again safe to load after mainland.
Make sure to not clean out the 2 overlapping mainland cells, a guard tower is over the cell border. Luckily the doors are still within andothren.
Added a bit of container and flora detailing to the upper west side
Added flora to planters

Dropping now, semi-soon I'll work on optimizing all the meshes included in the andothren download, combining the warehouse, and finally uploading them properly to the asset browser.


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Update. 12 buildings in the eastern city and 2 buildings in the western city NPC'd + some outdoor NPC merchants and guards. Will keep working on this.

Cleaned out intentionally

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Cleaned out intentionally-dirtied cells by mistake. Fixed now.

Also now properly includes chef's Ando assets

Another update. More NPCing

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Another update. More NPCing done, some small edits to several int and ext areas, major edits to Dancing Cup inn

Dropping Ando file to check

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Dropping Ando file to check out Mainland briefly. I will pick this up again as soon as I'm done with Mainland.

Another update, all ints in

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Another update, all ints in Andothren sectionfile (except the mine and the Twin Lamps hideout) are now NPC'd. Last update before dialogue work; load all future updates with TR_Mainland.