Armun Ashlands Section




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This release file contains the Armun Ashlands (up to, not including the Velothi mountain border to Skyrim).


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines) You're fine without for now; no dialogue is in this file yet.

Development Plan

Interiors need to be NPCed, pathgridded, and finally named, exteriors need to be finished. The cliffs made from parts of the Mortrag Glacier need to be replaced. The mountain border with Aanthirin needs to be finished, and then int claims put up for the caves in those. Arvud and the Ishanuran Camp can be NPCed as all Interiors exist. Arvud has a half finished silt strider port that needs to be brought to completion.
TR_AA_Tomb_2 and the TR_i4-313 interiors have scripts dependent on their procedural names. When their names are finalized, the scripts must be updated.
When Tamriel Data v7.5 is finished, TR_m4_Cr_DormantMummy needs to be replaced with T_Mw_Und_MumRise_02 and the creature and its script cleaned out.

Merged Claims from the old forum:

Merged Claims: 


Claiming to fix the

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Claiming to fix the visibility of the old claim borders in the north of the file.

Dropping. Changelog: Raised

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Raised the land in the southwest a tiny bit to try to make the uncolored map there look better.
Same in the northwest.
In the north middle I did the same and added some detailing the make the transition from one claim to the next more seemless.
Added a podium for the silkstrider in Arvud. Note: Not yet finished because the implementation is a bit difficult there.
Also smoothed the landscape all around the whole file a bit. Note: This is really an issue still.

Interiors to merge: TR_i4-246

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Interiors to merge:

TR_i4-246-Red –
TR_i4-247-Red –
TR_i4-291-Red – (Probably really in cell -11,-27) (Seems to be the same as TR_i4-349-Red, double check against that before merging)
TR_i4-310-Red – (Cell: -14,-24)
TR_i4-312-Red – (Cell: -12,-26)
TR_i4-313-Red – (Cell: -12,-24)
TR_i4-314-Hla – (Cell: -10,-25)
TR_i4-315-Hla – (Cell: -10,-25)
TR_i4-316-Red – (Cell: -8,-25)
TR_i4-317-Hla – (Cell: -5,-24) (Cell could go to another cave)
TR_i4-346-Hla –
TR_i4-347-Hla –
TR_i4-348-Hla –
TR_i4-349-Red –
TR_i4-350-Red –
TR_i4-351-Red – (Make sure to get both doors and see if it has a connection to the claim below)
TR_i4-352-Red – (See if this has a connection to the claim above)
TR_i4-353-Red –
TR_i4-354-Red –
TR_i4-355-Red –
TR_i4-387-Hla –
TR_i4-472-Hla – (File Below)
TR_i4-473-Hla – (File Below)
TR_i4-474-Hla – (File Below)

Dropping. Merged all of the

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Dropping. Merged all of the above except for the ones below, which need new exterior entrances.

Merged above two interiors,

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Merged above two interiors, made minor changes to Arvud (Shortening an unecessarily long wall inside the city, adding steps to the doors)

Grabbing this file shortly to

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Grabbing this file shortly to add a siltstrider to Arvud, sort out these issues and possibly do a bit of work on the eastern mountains, especially seeing if I can sort out two entrances for interiors that apparenty have issues.

Dropping this file. Added the

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Dropping this file. Added the siltstrider, a pathgrid for Arvud and implemented a quick fix for the ropes with banners which were placed rather roughly. I did not fix the 'bug' I linked as it is not in this file, and the cave entrances, while in a very incomplete location, are not in and of themselves problematic, so I left those too.

Grabbing this file to start

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Grabbing this file to start working on the eastern mountain range bordering AT and RR, as per recent weekly meeting discussions.

Work nearly done on the

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Work nearly done on the ATRRAA mountain range. Must be tested with the other two recent Nemon files.
(Roth, Armun and HlaaluThirr)

MinerMan says: Double check

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MinerMan says: Double check that these have a <BR> at the end, otherwise text will be lost.

Checking out to fix an

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Checking out to fix an interior an edit the exterior for the old forum interiors to be merged.

Finished my edits. Sadly was

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Finished my edits. Sadly was only able to do exterior edits for 6 of the ints. But fixed the bug atleast. 

Grabbing to merge chef's tomb

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Grabbing to merge chef's tomb/burial and implement the stronghold and possibly some of the other exterior entrances.

Dropping Added all Ashlander

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Added all Ashlander camps, added and merged the manor, dwemer ruin, and cicero's daedric ruin.


Passed to MinerMan to be

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Passed to MinerMan to be checked over and merged.

Added in some exterior decorations to Volenfaryon fitting the ashlander theme. The work wasn't to very extensive but at this time looks good and lays a decent groundwork for future detailing if necessary.

Also I found there were gaps in the platform. These have been fixed.

Merged the remaining

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Merged the remaining Volenfaryon interiors. I also removed the dwemer satchel packs from TR_i4-349 since there isn't an easy way to unblock the entrance from the other side. I also made a bunch of IDs more consistent, hopefully not breaking anything.

Checking out

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Checking out to gridsnap some old forum daedric interiors that are not gridsnapped.

Dropping X Added Paper next

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X Added Paper next to the inkwell in Balititashpi, Hall of Reverence
X Edited pathgrid in balititashpi. Deadra near tomb door cannot get into other rooms
X Gridsnapped TR_i4_314 interior 
X Removed 2 out of 3 azura statues found in TR_i4_249_Red
X Bled the rugs in TR_i4_249_Red

Grabbing to merge some ints

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Grabbing to merge some ints and maybe fix the Arvud interiors (they got merged incorrectly it seems).

Dropping. The Arvud problem

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Dropping. The Arvud problem was that one building was merged into the bottom floor of another, which accidentally got fixed since I forgot to put the building into this section when I cut it out (the claim "Arvud Building") and that TR_i4-318-Hla and TR_i4-320-Hla got swapped, which I have fixed. I also replaced one of the iceberg meshes, but the other two still need to be replaced.

Grabbing and Dropping.

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Grabbing and Dropping. Cleaned out some junk exterior cells (the ones with no corresponding landscape in TESAME) and the TR_i4-122-Hla interiors.