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This is the file used to make edits to the Armun Ashlands region, for inclusion into the Dominions of Dust release. It contains most of the region, up to but not including the Velothi Mountains border with Skyrim.

Section discussion thread (missing link)


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Armun Ashlands should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! See: Editing guidelines
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Armun Ashlands

Last updated: 2021-11-24
Assets: The Baluath crossbow artifact still needs to be made. Unique environmental assets would be nice to differentiate it from vanilla ashlands like ashland flora, termite mounds, ash larvae (Dune ref: sandtrout); whatever works.
Exteriors: Improvements could be made to more barren areas.
Interiors: Done.
Quests: Any quests that rely only on this section should be merged. Several, including Lost in Transit and the Baluath questline, traverse multiple sections and have to wait for a DoD section file merge.

Merged Bugfixes: 

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Some names I came up with if

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Some names I came up with if you are trying to come up with names for claims in AA:

Ahmusi (ashlander tent)
Alencheth (dwemer ruin)
Anais Egg Mine
Ashalmur (Velothi Tower)
Dusura (cave)
Ibinai (Cave)
Malamali (cave)
Mana (cave)
Nan-Iban (cave)
Nchardard (dwemer ruin)
Nchul-Ark (dwemer ruin)
Puman (cave)
Sha (cave)
Turkhemu (Cavern)
You won't win
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And your spirits so low

A WIP file uploaded. Changes:

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A WIP file uploaded. Do remember to load it with the Data Addon.


  • Almost all interiors should have pathgrids now, and many have NPCs too. See interior changes here.
  • Added two new rooms in Ushu-Kur Iron Mine: the workers' quarters and an Ashlander burial behind a rock wall.
  • named exterior cell -10,-29 "Ald Balaal"
  • added a half-buried Dwarven statue by the Dwemer ruin entrance at -9,-27 
  • added "skyburials" in cells -13,-24; -7,-28; -7,-26; -10,-25; and -12,-25

Still working on the file. Next up will be some dialogue.

One of the dialog

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One of the dialog placeholders is unfiltered in this file, which affects all NPCs using the default greeting.
My bad, it's in the Ishanuran NPCing claim. I'll move this comment there.

TR_i4-59_01, TR_i4-108-Hla,

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TR_i4-59_01, TR_i4-108-Hla, TR_i4-416-hla, and TR_i4-417-Hla can all be deleted from this section as they are slated for merging elsewhere here.

A very rough WIP file up,

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A very rough WIP file up, work continues. The interiors in Minerman's above post are still in. More in-depth change log coming up later.

A WIP up. added some dialogue

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A WIP up.

  • added some dialogue for the Tirigan camp
  • Arvud NPCed, publican has a script, generic dialogue started
  • added a silver treasure buried in the ground southwest of Arvud
  • most work done on the "Sehutu" interiors, home of the master enchanter Bel-Betu

Work continues. File is not clean.

WIP file Work continues.

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WIP file
Work continues.

Major updates:
- more interaction with Bel-Betu (still WIP)
- misc quests in Arvud (one still being worked on)
- merged Ishanuran NPCs + dialogue

Dropping for now, so adding

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Dropping for now, so adding new exterior cells may commence.

Added generic dialogue, NPCs and creatures in the wilderness, pathgrids should now be everywhere. Major things since last file:

- merged Volenfaryon NPCs and dialogue

- expanded the penal iron mine west of Arvud - in anticipation of the FG quests

- implemented the dice game for Arvud

- nine misc quests finished
four in the wildnerness:
TR_m4_wil_ArmunRoadblock "An Armun Roadblock" - a group of smugglers need your help to clear the road; it may be a trap
TR_m4_wil_BelBetu1 "Getting Rid of Vildaryn Terano" - Master Bel-Betu wants the player to get rid of an annoying Telvanni Dust Adept
TR_m4_wil_GaNahiru "Ga'Nahiru, or the Great Beast" - two Ashlander hunters want you to join their hunt of a legendary Kagouti
TR_m4_wil_Joscus "Find Joscus' Body" - find out what happened to a miner in the flooded tunnel of the Ushu-Kur Iron Mine

five in Arvud:
TR_m4_Arv_BuriedSilver "Buried Hlaalu Silver" - a beggar in Arvud claims to know the location of a hidden treasure
TR_m4_Arv_SlaveMistake "Of Cats and Wood Elves" - a Bosmer slave needs help to escape
TR_m4_Arv_StolenCargo "Stolen Cargo in Issarbaddon" - The Hlaalu want you to return a slave that some bandits have stolen/freed
TR_m4_Arv_VampireFather "Serjo Olmas Uvayn's Fate" - a nobleman's daughter needs your help to find out what happened to her lost father
TR_m4_Arv_VendelVisit "The Visitor Known as Vendel Othreleth" - a young nobleman is visiting the Uvayn Manor -- but no one has heard of him or knows what he wants

uploaded a backup incase

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uploaded a backup incase something goes wrong and I lose everything (Warning! lots of stuff is heavily WIP).

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Another backup

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Another backup

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Dropping for now, will wait

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Dropping for now, will wait for when it passes the TD8 testing. And also not to hog the file. One thing to note is the border with OW in the south is very very verrrrry WIP, and I want to finish it up later. Was just working on the border that got messed up when the cells got merged in, and trying to make the region not be so flat. Some things are like I say WIP, here is everything that I have done since I got the file signed out:

- border matching
- fixed the typo for Atriban Deras' banner
- some detailing/decluttering of certain parts of the western side of the ashlands
- making the terrain more interesting where I can
- made the streets of arvud terrain
- started work on OW cells (used for showcasing one day hopefully)
- added the new dwemer outpost in the south (the not named yet Bazak, Dwemer Checkpoint)
- cleaned all T Data dirty edits in the file

in the future I hope to finish the border, complete the OW cells as more assets come in, continue with detailing, or removing some detail, make terrain less flat, add a few more dungeons, add more fauna and flora, add some more volcanic activity, bug fixing and fix something about a note in the ancestral tomb someone told me about.

You won't win
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And your spirits so low

"1 duplicate references were

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"1 duplicate references were removed."
Updated to TD8 Beta 1 with Wrye
Tes3CMD cleaned with Wrye
Cleaned duplicate object instance (misc_com_bottle_12 FRMR: 64961) from CELL: balmora, hlaalu council manor
Cleaned redundant AMBI,WHGT from CELL: balmora, hlaalu council manor
Cleaned duplicate object instance (misc_de_pot_redware_01 FRMR: 384361) from CELL: balmora, western guard tower south
Cleaned duplicate object instance (silver claymore FRMR: 384406) from CELL: balmora, western guard tower south
Cleaned redundant AMBI,WHGT from CELL: balmora, western guard tower south

dropped for now - NPC'ed the

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dropped for now
- NPC'ed the Armun Pass Outpost
- added Journal entries (TR_m4_Arv_Dravil & TR_m4_wil_UrnuridunGuar) for two small encounters (effectively making them quests)
- added a mechanic where you can bring stray caravan guar to Arvud or Armun Pass Outpost to earn money
- added one minor bounty quest in the Armun Pass Oupost (TR_m4_wil_BanditDuo)

done. - added the guarskin

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- added the guarskin covers in Arvud (and one covering in the Armun Pass Outpost)
- when asked about "little advice" Taara Voronethri, an Arvud local, will tell the player to get inside becaue an ash storm is coming
- gave the publican and the one Nord a unique greeting when there's an ash storm raging
- updated the Arvud pathgrid a little
- changed a "little advice" that response in Arvud that previously told the player that Nassuran Omoril doesn't offer them any work (he does)


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-Added T_De_SetHla_X_Well_01
-Added T_De_FurnM_Bed_S_01 to Arvud, Atriban Deras: Alchemist
-Added T_De_FurnM_Bar to Arvud, Atriban Deras: Alchemist
-Changed main entrance stairs to T_De_SetHla_X_Steps_03
-Moved the guars a bit and flattened the ground under them so that they don't float
-Moved TR_m4_Arvud_Banner_Bazaar because a Y axis rotated banner is weird
-Fixed missing ownership ext locked doors and containers
-Fixed missing ownership Arvud, Atriban Deras: Alchemist
-Fixed missing ownership Arvud, Uvayn Manor

That last update borked quite

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That last update borked quite a few things in arvud that need fixing. Also not a fan of the well placement.
T_Mw_Fau_GuarHrn_0100000003    Arvud (-4,-26)    -28351    -210099    488    "guar in wall"    
T_De_Set_BannerTownArvud    Arvud (-4,-26)    -29286    -209485    637    "banners are doubled? on both sides of entrance"    
ex_hlaalu_win_01    Arvud (-4,-26)    -24817    -209485    1167    "house missing"    
terrain_rock_rm_19    Arvud (-4,-26)    -25169    -212002    713    "move this rock a bit that is isn't bleeding the arvud side of the wall, or bleed it more."

Scratch that. It was my save game. Just not a fan of the added well.

Find me on:
ArtStation 》Tumblr 》Sketchfab

- removed the well (there's

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- removed the well (there's no water underneath but ruins)
- merged Metamorpohis
- moved most of the Greeting 0 to Greeting 1
- changed instances of "goddamn" to either "damn", "godsdamn" or "gods damn"

- Merged Baluath latest

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- Merged Baluath latest rumors and scout/scholar vampire lore shared between Baluath and Orlukh.
- Reorganized Arvud rumors due to how many there are now. One of them I made specifically for Halfbert because he was only ever giving the vanilla Nerevarine rumor. A few rumors were unlocked to non-Dunmer, and everyone has a slight chance of giving vanilla rumors like most other towns.
- Gave custom IDs to the ladder in Malawius Camp, Addun's Yurt and the small chest at the caravan camp ruins nearby.
- Redid levels and IDs for some Baluath vampires and added them to the clan faction.
- Fixed all but 4 reports from

Going to check out

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Going to check out indefinitely until someone needs the section or I finish with Baluath. Let me know and I'll drop it.

Dropping so others can edit.

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Dropping so others can edit. Didn't do much except add two dialogue lines and remove a duplicate from mainland.

Checking out

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Checking out

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Dropping for the time being -

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Dropping for the time being

- Remove all rock groups (ashlands don't do this)
- Removed terrace rocks
- Terrain edits and adding detail when I can
- Replacing some rock arches with rope bridges
- Slowly trying to phase out the Molag Amur stuff (hoping to replace it will ashlands equivalent assets)
- Started adding Volcanoes
- Edited Ald Balaal exterior. It was very messy before.
- Started editing the exterior for that dwemer ruin with the long bridge. Looked old and used the ghastly cliff meshes
- Better vertex 
- Straightened out a lot of the tilted skinny rocks. They looked really bad.

Things to do at a later date

- Replace the Shalks with Brown Beetles
- Finish the Dwemer ruin
- Finish the Volcano ranges
- Hopefully replace all the Molag Amur assets
- Add more roads and more rope bridges
- Add more creature spawns
- Continue making the landscape more varied in heightmap
- Continue detailed the very barren sections (there are a lot)

You won't win
With your standards so high
And your spirits so low

Dropped. Added five small

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Dropped. Added five small Ashlander firepit camps in the following exterior cells:

Mount Ammu (empty)
[-15,-22] (3 occupants: TR_m4_Malinu_Ashi-Iddan, TR_m4_Ilu_Ashumalli, TR_m4_Tinti_Elarrapal)
[-11,-25] (2 occupants: TR_m4_Ziddak_Assalatamm, TR_m4_Benundi)
[-9,-23] (1 occupant: TR_m4_Galmas_Nerendus)
[-13,-27] (1 occupant: TR_m4_Salanit_Gilu)

I am saving the Mount Ammu one for the Baluath questline. There will be two Ashlanders who are enabled there when the cattle herding quest is started, to ensure that it can be minimally completed for murder hobos. Please leave it empty (occupants are hunting, etc. on other occasions).

Dropped. - Fixed IDs with

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- Fixed IDs with hidden characters for Ald Balaal Daedra triumvirate.
- Added missing scripts to Ashlander outcasts (replaced by Baluath claim, but this is better in the meantime).
- Gave unique IDs to three Ald Balaal doors for Baluath.

Had to make a few more

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Had to make a few more changes to Ald Balaal. I also merged a few lines in Arvud directing people to Balvene Uvayn.

I'm going to check this out

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I'm going to check this out until someone needs it since I keep coming back to tweak things. Will still drop a backup with every Baluath update.

8-16, keeping file - Added

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8-16, keeping file
- Added ashwalker piles that appear during the daytime (requires latest add-on)
- Script and dialogue edits throughout

8-18 - Ownership added and

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- Ownership added and revised throughout section
- Fixed deprecated items
- Added 4 more ashwalker spawners/piles each: 2 doubled up on existing ones in the west, 2 in the eastern mountains
- Made guard at Volenfaryon forcegreet you at a distance. New special greeting for vampires that summons 3 people for help in a group fight.
- Volenfaryon dialogue moved so they are no longer friendly with vampires
- Partial implementation for Olmas Uvayn's vampire version of his dialogue to avoid weird dialogue before Baluath is merged
- Various dialogue edits
- A few hidden creatures moved and objects deleted
- Custom ID for Arvs-Shadan cell door

To do:
- Some Greeting 1 lines that need to go to Greeting 5 to disallow vampires

- Added more items to

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- Added more items to Ashlander outcasts and their camps.
- Changed shalk to brown beetles to the extent possible within the section file. Requires Data edit to complete.
-- Added a few more diseased spawns in the eastern hills.
- Fixed pathgrid around Ald Balaal.
- Minor placement fixes in Ald Balaal and from bug report.
- Removed deprecated roots in Sarmabael. Removed since there aren't any trees above the cave anyway.
- Greetings 0 and 1 sorted out.
- Finished scripting for Venatria and Agadistrius so they get impatient of following you after five minutes and attack (possibly with backup weapons). They also forcegreet you if the other dies with pre-existing dialogue that was usually not heard before.
- Misc. dialogue changes.