Imperial Telvannis Overhaul




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Section file for keeping track of the Imperial Telvannis Overhaul and everything to do with it, for inclusion into the Embers of Empire release.

Credits to Gnomey for the Helnim sketch. Credits to Khvostik for the other two sketches.

Section discussion thread (link missing)


The exterior work is saved as an independent .esp, and has been transposed 100 cells to the east, so that it can be loaded alongside TR_Mainland.esp.
This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for ITO should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! See: Editing guidelines
Always use the newest Tamriel Data and the latest Data Addon from GitHub with release files.

Development Plan

Relevant queues: Firewatch, Helnim

Last updated: 2021-11-22
Assets: The retextures for the chapel windows still need to be finished. The college and ZBC hall merge will still need to be made. Rats is working on the minimum necessary Pyandonean Isles assets for the missions and Orgnum’s Coffer.
Exteriors: Mostly done; the finishing touches can be carried out after merging into Mainland.
Interiors: About 6-8 interior refits still need to go up. 4 ITO interiors are still in development.
Quests: Firewatch NPCing is a work in progress. Helnim and Althoa (northern island) are pending NPCing. Quest claims need to be opened up.

Merged Claims: 


Uploaded Why's moved version

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Uploaded Why's moved version and the first round of post-move edits (including Nivalis rename).

Doors work in Nivalis, but are still broken in FW, Helnim, Bal Oyra, and Tel Narrusa.

Uploaded new version with

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Uploaded new version with substantial work done on the FW college, bank, and palace. Cleared out the peninsula by Helnim and have begun a tiny bit of landscaping starting at the northern end. Most doors in Nivalis, Helnim, and Tel Narrusa should now be linked, but a few are still tied to the old locations. No doors are linked in Firewatch, except inside the Palace and College.

Merged the Northern Wind and Helnim MG, though I haven't linked their doors yet.

Uploaded new version. Eager

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Uploaded new version. Eager for feedback on the College, which is now nearly done. Lots of work to other ints - check the spreadsheet for details.

Update. No spreadsheet this

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No spreadsheet this time because I've been lax in updating it. I'll do so for the next upload.

New version. Firewatch ext

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New version. Firewatch ext layout is now finalized, more or less. Includes new chapel ext shell by Hemaris. Most doors are now linked, and everything marked finished or merged in the spreadsheet has a proper northmarker and pathgrid as well.

A lot of updates to several

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A lot of updates to several more touchup ints, and (probably) finalized Firewatch fort/palace complex. Dropping so chef can do some exterior work on the Firewatch area.

Dropping Firewatch: Cleaned

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Cleaned up a bunch of shit that was under terrain or buildings
Many terrain fixes and edits
Texture seams covered or painted out
Fixed many floaters
Removed blocks from the entrances of the prison tower
Removed house in the middle of the yard of the block with the FG
Removed highway markers from the chapel, felt weird and you can hardly see them in game anyways
Vertex shaded the city
ACified the city and some of the surroundings
Bull dozed the grazelands directly surrouinding the city
Removed inner facing arrow holes from the palace courtyard
Added waterjets to the fountain
Removed ugly blocky door frames

To do:
Finish making the AC area once the file is merged
Fill the merchant stalls near the college and docks with stuff
Add back the missing sign to that store by the palace. Probably want to do a general sign check in the city as well
Get somebody to retexture that gallows with the imperial weathered wood

New version. Several ints

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New version. Several ints merged, more non-claim touchups done, and ext work on Balvvarden and Helnim.

droppers Island: Replaced

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Replaced tile snow object with terrain
Tel Rivus added
doors added to Andvaryon (probably missed because they use an int door)
I don't think the bm dirtsnow works for a path so I replaced it with AC dirt (darkgravel could work too. (maybe we can get a nice snowy darkgravel or ac dirt))
Road between Nivalis and shacktown sunk
Swapped Sand to Sand_02
Detailed and winterized the bottom third of the island

Spike fence cut, I don't really think the wood fence I replaced it with is all that either
Replaced dunmer flag hangers with com/imp
Cleaned up texture seams
Cleaned up objects beneath terrain
Added missing doors
Added wood to walk over the wall gap
Grounded crates and barrels

To do:
Winterize the rest of the island
Detail the Winterized north
Add an egg mine?????????????

Update. Lots of progress on

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Update. Lots of progress on the FW palace and Icebreaker Keep in Nivalis. Added Steve's Daedric ruin Enmenluat to Balvvarden, and a velothi entrance for his Tadare Ancestral Tomb. Adjusted Tel Rivus ext to match Mark's preference for the int.

Dropping so chef can do some

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Dropping so chef can do some ext work. Merged several more ints and partially NPC'd Ember Keep. Did a lot more touchups too and work on other claims in-file.

Helnim: -Changed the too

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-Changed the too bright roundstone road texture to the firewatch stones
-Terrain smoothing
-Underground object deletion
-Floating object deletion
-Moved table in the mages guild so you can reach the trap door
-Surrounding wilderness work
-Trackless "path" made to cave

-Moved 2 banners that were stuck in the palace (easier to see for deletion if that was the intent)

-Fixed unconnected telvanni tower pieces

Update - merged a few ints and did

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Update - merged a few ints and did a bunch more int work in Firewatch. Moved the former Helnim diamond mine to a new location north of Firewatch.

Lots and lots of int work

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Lots and lots of int work done - see spreadsheet. Removed outdoor marketplace in Firewatch and reworked the city ext a bit.

New version. Lots of int work

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New version. Lots of int work done in Firewatch and on the Helnim IAS and FG. Several locations NPC'd or partially NPC'd.

Dropping so chef can do some more ext work.

drop +  Helnim: moved

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drop + 
moved randomly placed barrels in the middle of town to the well

wilderness detailing
added curves to road and raised hills around it to make Nivalis feel more isolated
slight coastline shape altering, won't make much difference on the map but should be a bit more interesting to walk through in game
made daedric ruin less cubic
moved muck to coast
reduced wickwheat in farm
added 2nd farm plot
removed bright orange vertex shading by a shack (wtf)
added netch to the farms
removed infinite armour chest from daedric ruin
ext finished?

Merged several ints, did a

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Merged several ints, did a lot more NPC work, more touchups completed. New assets also implemented where relevant, including door gates.

Final update before int- and

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Final update before int- and NPC-complete ITO. Uploading to get a jumpstart on development of new standalone quests.