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The section file containing the east bank of the Thirr. Mainly focused around the Indoril.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for the eastern Thirr should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

This file needs to continue being worked on as it did before: remaining issues need to be fixed, more dialogue and quests needs to be added, and Roa Dyr needs to finish its overhaul.
There is also an activator (more info here) that needs a script made for it.

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New progress file. Change log

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New progress file.

Change log:
- did a bit of general patching up here and there, though I haven't resolved all the issues people have pointed out
- tidied up the council island some more
- added the hanging lamps back in
- added two interior shells to the 'Roa Dyr Safekeeping' interior; the Glass Hall where Indoril hold council and ritually consume punavit, and the Crossing of Lamps, a central building that will act as a hub for side quests. Here's how the floors of the Crossing of Lamps are arranged, from top to bottom:

Hall of Invocation - for the rare cases where negotiations with Daedra or powerful spirits are in order
Steward's quarters, shrines, audience room - where more complex or sensitive issues can be addressed away from the openness of the...
Foyer - this is where the steward questgiver will be located, acting as a literal interface between the Indoril and non-Indoril. (In the sense of the actual family/clan, not the organization as a whole). Also contains seating for waiting and discussing stuff and decoration.
Ancestor Hall, with a de-activated waiting door - this is where Indoril dead were interred before Ghostfence was constructed, along with foes and servants in the vein of Hanin's Wake.

I will probably put the Glass Hall up as an interior for claiming, though it's just two rooms and will be a bit awkward to properly arrange without a complete punavit drinking set. I got carried away implementing the shell of the Crossing of Lamps, so I'll be tackling that myself.

I thought I'd updated this

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I thought I'd updated this earlier, but apparantly not. The new interiors are merged and linked (except the Whispered Tenet, which I only just saw is ready for merging and should be merged in the next upload). I did some exterior work mostly around the back of the harbour offices, but mostly focused on interior work in the "Roa Dyr Safekeeping" cell, which is currently very cluttered as I've started copying over content from old Roa Dyr interiors so that I can delete the cells.
So far, I've deleted seven of the old cells; three Ilvi Manor cells and four Roa Dyr cells. (The Ilvi Manor used to be where Vhul is, so was separate from Roa Dyr).

Ok, dropping the file now.

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Ok, dropping the file now. The exterior of Roa Dyr is done, (barring door markers and updated NPCs), a few more interiors are mostly done, but I probably won't be able to set them up as claims before I get back. I didn't get around to doing anything with the rest of the file, eg. Almas Thirr fixes. It would be good to go over the exterior and spot the errors I undoubtedly left. What I'd like especially is for people to check the stairs next to the Crossing of the Lamps that go under an arch. I've flitted through with Orcs and Altmer without an issue, but apparently some still get stuck on it. Ideally, I'd want some pretty specific information from people who do have issues with it: were you playing OpenMW or vanilla, which race, were you running or jumping, going up or down?

Grabbing because some idiot

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Grabbing because some idiot forgot to fix the waterfall so that it falls to the water.

Edit: Dropping again, as I don't feel like reuploading the file for such a minor fix. I can always do so in two weeks if nobody has bothered implementing this change in the meanwhile.

Grabbing to fix the above

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Grabbing to fix the above issue and advance work on the remaining interiors. I also intend to do some basic NPCing (just placing the actors and setting their stats to start with).

New file up top. Given my

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New file up top. Given my inactivity on this file I was planning to drop it, as it's due some fixes anyway, but then I made a bunch of headway on it today, and don't want to lose that momentum now that it's finally come again.

I've merged the Glass Hall, added Ilvi's steward and Roa Dyr's main questgiver -- TR_m3_Diranya -- to the Crossing of Lamps and did some general fixing and detailing. I've gone over the existing dialogue and NPCs, have deleted those I don't think fit with current Roa Dyr, and have started editing the rest to work. Hopefully I'll get far enough tomorrow before the meeting to post a proper changelog for the NPCs and dialogue.

Finally dropping this so that

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Finally dropping this so that bug-fixing and other non-Roa Dyr work can be done. The dialogue and NPCing is very much in progress; I got rid of NPCs and dialogue who didn't fit and had no strings attached, so to speak, moved relevant NPCs from Roa Dyr interiors and who have Roa Dyr dialogue into the safekeeping cell, and started making edits to some of the NPCs and dialogue. I'm afraid it's not terribly organized yet, but I intend to return to it with a proper spreadsheet approach. In the interests of documentation, though, here are the messy notes I kept while making my changes:


Deleted interiors:
Roa Dyr, Idruvi Naryon's House
Roa Dyr, Terminus Atrus: Wizard

NPCs with dialogue:
TR_m3_Aaneth Felovil - Indoril Kinsman, turn into retainer (background, Draler Ilvi)
TR_m3_Adosi Biran - servant
TR_m3_Caro - has Dondril dialogue
TR_m3_Danvas_Ilvi - youngest son
TR_m3_Draler Ilvi
TR_m3_Doves Silvin - Indoril kinsman, apothecary, edit background
TR_m3_Drothyl Sevol - head priest, should be of Vhul now, double-check
TR_m3_Elenora - philosopher, nab dialogue for Diranya?
TR_m3_Eveshi Drilor - harbourmaster, edit background
TR_m3_Favlea Drothril - daughter. Deleted
TR_m3_Galor Naves - brewer, deleted
TR_m3_Gnaws-the-Ground - slave, rename
TR_m3_Golvor_Ilvi - eldest son, xenophobe
TR_m3_Iverea Drothril - wife. Deleted
TR_m3_Jeanette Cobden - ??
TR_m3_Kaisus - Cyrodiilic tourist alchemist, deleted
TR_m3_Larola Naves - brewer, deleted
TR_m3_Llanas Tharoth - publican, deleted
TR_m3_Llaren Ilvi - middle son
TR_m3_Mabelien - smith, deleted
TR_m3_Marlene - rowdy prisoner
TR_m3_Meduni Silvin - Indoril servant, edit background
TR_m3_Methal Fals - publican, deleted
TR_m3_Minasi Indala - servant, edit background
TR_m3_Relan_Teneran - publician, deleted
TR_m3_Sela_Delvencii - ??
TR_m3_Tavylu Ilvi - wife
TR_m3_Terminus Atrus - outlander wizard, sort of replaced by the one in Vhul. Deleted.
TR_m3_Tilmari Ovelas - Indoril Oathman, itinerant retainer
TR_m3_Tirnen Felovil - hetman, deleted as Roa Dyr doesn't need one
TR_m3_Tivor Varyos - travelling vendor, edit background
TR_m3_Uvo Drethl - was moved to Vhul

NPC placement plans:
-2 Guards
-Clerk Siln Tharoth
-1/1 Ilvi son 1
-1/1 Priest
Council Garden
Outcasts' Yard
-Retainer overseer
-1 Tollmer
-2/2 Velothi dockworker
-1 Velothi washerwoman
-2/3 Labour slaves
-1/1 itinerant merchant

Roa Dyr, Spire
-Ilvi's wife
-Ilvi son 2
-Cleaning staff

Roa Dyr, Statemen's Hall
-Indoril ________, Lay Elder of a nearby Chapel
-2 servants
-Cleaning staff
-3 Guards

Roa Dyr, Craftmen's Hall
-Blacksmith, Dunmer, adept at enchantment, able to make Daedric weapons, etc.
-Breton slave, skilled armoursmith, excels at working silver and with fine decoration
-2 guards (one in smithy, one patrolling)

Roa Dyr, Servants' Hall
-Cleaning staff

Roa Dyr, Clerks' Hall
-3 clerks

Roa Dyr, Warriors' Hall
-Indoril Ilvi
-2+ Guards

Roa Dyr, Glass Hall
-Bosmer slave

Roa Dyr, Watchtower
-Guard Captain

Roa Dyr, Field Slaves
-4 slaves

Roa Dyr, Household Slaves

Roa Dyr, Crossing of Lamps
-1/1 Ilvi son 3
-1/1 Ilvi's Altmer steward, older end of middle-aged, served House Indoril in Almalexia long before coming into service in the Ilvi household. A skilled summoner.
-1/1 Retainer
-Various persons with grievances.
-2/3 Guard

Roa Dyr, Sanctum
-2 Priests
-2+ Guards

Roa Dyr, Black Hand Hall
-Morag Tong operative

Roa Dyr, Tollmen's Hall
-1 Tollmer
-2 Slaves
-Guard patrolling

Roa Dyr, Layover Post
-young itinerant Indoril noble
-2 itinerant guards

Roa Dyr, Whispering Tenet
-Indoril overseer
-Velothi crew
-2 slave labourers

5 Ilvi family
6/6 retainers
18+/15 guards
4/4 priests
6/6 clerks and tollmer
10/10 servants
6/6 household slaves
7/7 labour slaves
10/NA travellers and misc.


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Dropped. Changelog:

- abot's suggested replacements ( ) done for Indoril-Thirr.

- Int "Ulor Noryn's Shack" renamed as "Eravan, Ulor Noryn's Shack". (By the way, what is happening to "Eravan, Elenora's Shack"? Cut and move?)

- The Indoril Garrison building in Almas Thirr now has an ex_vivec_h_07 shell.

- Ex_De_Shack_Door    Aanthirin Region (10,-27)    83019    -219741    248    "own".

- com_sack_01_chpfood5    "Eravan, Talsi Envano's Shack"    4927    4358    15699    "own".

- T_De_Drink_BourbonGoya_01    Aanthirin Region (13,-27)    108152    -216931    1506    "own". (and the scroll too.)

- Various typo corrections in dialogue.

- in_mud_rock_05    Mirou Grotto    3509    1398    -542    "c".

- a_siltstrider    Almas Thirr (6,-27)    52072    -220168    -566    "unown".

- flora_tree_ai_03    Aanthirin Region (11,-28)    97153    -222652    1004    "f".

- Terrain_rocks_AI_01    Aanthirin Region (11,-28)    90465    -223459    101    "c".

- terrain_rock_ai_01    Aanthirin Region (11,-28)    95091    -224940    538    "f".

- Terrain_rocks_AI_01    Aanthirin Region (12,-28)    98586    -228212    573    "f".

- NPC "TR_m3_Pallatia Prentus" has been added to the EEC faction, at level Clerk.

- Topic "across the bridge" implemented to help confused players (the actual responses leave much to wish for, but I was aiming for "better than nothing"):

Record: DIAL "across the bridge" Flags:0x0000 ()
  NAME: ID:across the bridge
  DATA: Type:(Topic)

Record: INFO "24378208722347418788" (Topic:across the bridge) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:24378208722347418788
  PNAM: Prev_ID:
  NNAM: Next_ID:1165914833070918487
  DATA: Disposition:50  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ANAM: Cell:Almas Thirr, Canalworks
  NAME: Response:
Take the exit west for the marketplace and the western bank of the Thirr. Or, if you want to get to the eastern bank, go up to the Waistworks and further up until you reach the top level of the canton; then exit east to the high bridge.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Not_Local)  Function:(Variable_Compare)  Comparison:(=)  Name:NoLore
  INTV: Compare_Value:0

Record: INFO "1165914833070918487" (Topic:across the bridge) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:1165914833070918487
  PNAM: Prev_ID:24378208722347418788
  NNAM: Next_ID:2865432314941925230
  DATA: Disposition:50  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ANAM: Cell:Almas Thirr, Waistworks
  NAME: Response:
You are in the waistworks of the Almas Thirr canton. The upper floor here connects to the plaza and to the bridge east. From the lower floor you can get to the canalworks, where you can exit west to the market and the western shore.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Not_Local)  Function:(Variable_Compare)  Comparison:(=)  Name:NoLore
  INTV: Compare_Value:0

Record: INFO "2865432314941925230" (Topic:across the bridge) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:2865432314941925230
  PNAM: Prev_ID:1165914833070918487
  NNAM: Next_ID:1873527482269892355
  DATA: Disposition:50  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ANAM: Cell:Almas Thirr
  NAME: Response:
You are in the western part. If you are looking for the bridge east, you need to go through the canton. You can enter it at the level of Canalworks, then climb the stairs up to the top of the Waistworks and exit to the east.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Function)  Function:(Choice)  Comparison:(=)  Name:
  INTV: Compare_Value:11

Record: INFO "1873527482269892355" (Topic:across the bridge) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:1873527482269892355
  PNAM: Prev_ID:2865432314941925230
  NNAM: Next_ID:284293562907828239
  DATA: Disposition:50  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ANAM: Cell:Almas Thirr
  NAME: Response:
Right now, you are east of that bridge. If you have any business in Almas Thirr, you should go west, into the canton. If you're looking for the western quarters, you'll have to exit the canton through the Canalworks.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Function)  Function:(Choice)  Comparison:(=)  Name:
  INTV: Compare_Value:13

Record: INFO "284293562907828239" (Topic:across the bridge) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:284293562907828239
  PNAM: Prev_ID:1873527482269892355
  NNAM: Next_ID:12923242813201622883
  DATA: Disposition:50  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ANAM: Cell:Almas Thirr
  NAME: Response:
Almas Thirr consists of two parts. The western part is our market quarter, built atop a broad bridge. It connects directly to the lands of the Hlaalu. The eastern one is a canton, with a bridge to the eastern shore of the Thirr. Beyond that bridge is the Bloodstone Shrine.
 *SCVR: Index:0  Type:(Not_Local)  Function:(Variable_Compare)  Comparison:(=)  Name:NoLore
  INTV: Compare_Value:0
  BNAM: Result:    if ( getInterior == 0 )

            if ( getPos X < 48000 ) ; western part

                choice "Continue" 11

            elseif ( getPos X > 56000 ) ; east of the eastern bridge

                choice "Continue" 13



Record: INFO "12923242813201622883" (Topic:across the bridge) Flags:0x0000 ()
  INAM: ID:12923242813201622883
  PNAM: Prev_ID:284293562907828239
  NNAM: Next_ID:
  DATA: Disposition:0  Rank:None  Sex:None  PC_Rank:None
  ANAM: Cell:Almas Thirr
  NAME: Response: I am not your guide, outlander.


Grabbing this. I want to be

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Grabbing this. I want to be done with my Roa Dyr work at the end of this month, so I'll have to get to it. For the time being, though, my main priority is removing the outdated Roa Dyr interiors, as they seem to have been causing a lot of confusion.

New file. Nothing flashy, but

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New file. Nothing flashy, but I have finally cleared out all of the defunct Roa Dyr interiors and have added all the missing new cells. (The in development interior claims not included).

Interiors removed since the last update:


Here's a status update on the new interior list:


In Aanthirin Region 12, -26

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In Aanthirin Region 12, -26 near the farmsteads north of Vhul, there are some rock steps that are used to connect two paved roads which looks really bizarre, as seen from the screenshots I did a mockup of here:

I am the son and heir
Of nothing in particular


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Proposed Change:


I am the son and heir
Of nothing in particular