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This release file contains for the cities of Kartur and Verarchen with their exteriors, and interiors.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

Interiors need to be overhauled. NPC planning in Kartur can commence, Verarchen already has dialogue, but that should be verified and built upon. The cliffs derived from the Mortrag Glacier need to be replaced.

Merged Claims from the old forum:

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I've added a lot of missing vertex paint to Kartur and its surrounding area (the parts that seemed completed of Nemon's rework).

Mergeable interiors:https:/

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Dropping. Changelog: Merged

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Merged those interiors
fixed minor placement errors (caspering objects)
added doors to the shipwreck exterior
added bc_mushroom lights around the now merged cave under the shack where absent
altered the interior of the mine to fit with the current exterior
added a hut next to said mine for its interior

Someone please delete these:

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Someone please delete these:

  CONT: tr_m4_498_chest
  ACTI: t_glb_sound_waterfallsml
  ACTI: t_glb_sound_waterfalllarge
  ACTI: t_glb_sound_water_stream
  ACTI: t_glb_sound_water_stream2
  ACTI: t_glb_sound_water_lake

They are shared with Roryn's Bluff, but unlike the latter, this section never uses them.

Dropping. Changelog: - in_r_s

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Dropping. Changelog:

- in_r_s_door_01    TR_i4-15    3776    3792    15936    Snapped the doorjamb to grid.

- in_r_s_doorjamb_01    TR_i4-18    3712    4480    14912   Player couldn't pass here (apparently, in_r_s_int_stairs_06 can only lead into an open space at the bottom, never into a wall-tile). Now a teleport door.

- Removed CONT: tr_m4_498_chest and ACTI: t_glb_sound_water* as well as an activator with empty ID (WTF).

- Terrain_rocks_GL_01    Roth Roryn (-13,-13)    -100130    -104823    3033 caspering fixed, vertex shading improved; detailing still needs to be done.

- Terrain_rocks_GL_02    Roth Roryn (-13,-13)    -106403    -99899    760    Lots of caspering and floating fixed, as well as landscape peaks; needs detailing too.

- Fixed both doormarkers and northmarkers in cell TR_i4-58_Lounge.

- Fixed abuses of special items found by abot ( https://www.tamriel-rebuilt.org/bugtracker/references-standard-objects-m... ).

- Cleaned.

To-do: 1) Add one cave

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1) Add one cave dwelling entrance near the Redoran village
2) Relocate the kwama mine to the other side of the hill, near the Redoran village
3) Add a velothi tower at the old location of the kwama mine
4) Add four cave dwellings near the velothi tower. They form a secluded cult in the hills.
5) Connect the two roads with a new one
6) Add a new ancestral tomb somewhere north of Kartur

- Swapped old GL stuff with

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- Swapped old GL stuff with new RR stuff
- Replaced countless rock clusters with new assets
- Detailed and added RR flora
- 1-6 on Jani's to-do list done.

Left to do:
- Guar herd
- Saltrice farm

Dropping now due to other stuff to do. Download latest file from my Google Drive v0014.

MinerMan says: Double check

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MinerMan says: Double check that these have a <BR> at the end, otherwise text will be lost.

Whoever does be careful of

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Whoever does be careful of the version linked from "Lab of Abyll" at the bottom as it has Mainland (the esm version) as a master.

"Forum sigantures suck"

Dropping. TR_i4-300-Red: made

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TR_i4-300-Red: made the exterior entrance a bc rock entrance.
TR_i4-366-Red: set all doors into doorframes, added a hall piece to the exit, and deleted the shrine.
Moved the entrance of Velothi Tower 4 to better fit the interior.

Dropping. I also cleaned this

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Dropping. I also cleaned this file, brought back the cliffs that disappeared, and replaced the remaining GL grass.