Lake Andaram North Section


Dropping. Moved Lake Andaram

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Dropping. Moved Lake Andaram #7 and two cells from Lake Andaram #1 into here, and then merged the interiors for Aimrah, Nav Andaram shacks, farmhouse, LA2 Tomb and Velothi Tower, and LA1+5 grotto 3.

Not sure whether it's best

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Not sure whether it's best posted as a bug or in a comment as I did, but there are a few issues with one of the merged interiors, this farmhouse.

Edit: also, only one of the table legs in this interior is actually touching the ground. Not very noticable, though.

Edit2: and in this tomb, the Chuzei helmet is floating by quite a bit, and the left pauldron isn't resting properly.

Topic dialogue changes:

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v006 uploaded
Topic dialogue changes:
Aimrah: Myself and the crew only interact with the dock-workers -> "The crew and I only interact with the dockworkers"
Horrav Fillipian: offence -> offense
latest rumors: trouble with sleeping -> trouble sleeping
specific place: Just by the docks -> Near the docks (flow, contexual as the next sentence is 'at the docks')
my trade: fixed endless loop with the sailor

Capitalizing Ja'Jabba in some topics/journals
dock-workers -> dockworkers

cleaned, tested, quests look good to go.

there is an unfiltered sailor response in "my trade" in mainland that's blocks some of the dialogue.

my pub script errors on nothing, the door id is there it just constantly errors for me saying it can't find the door (so that's the one thing I couldn't test).
e: check to make sure the door has persistent refs enabled

Which quest are you talking

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Which quest are you talking about, here? Not this one, I guess, since it's still marked as "ready to merge", not "merged"... I haven't downloaded this section file yet, so I'm not familiar with the area and related quests. Asking so that I can start to get a better picture of what's going on in and around Aimrah.

Mort is talking about misc

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Mort is talking about misc quests -- or rather small errands and world encounters -- I made in the section file.

Thank you mort for fixing the things that needed fixing!