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This release file contains the new exterior claims, covering part of Aanthirin and much of Thirr Valley.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines) You're fine without for now; no dialogue is in this file yet.

Section Discussion Thread

Merged Claims: 


Ha, a whole 14 months of

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Ha, a whole 14 months of inactivity on this section. Until now.

Moving the Deshaan claim heightmaps to RestExterior, merging in the 3 claim files that can be, merging interiors, doing bordermatching

Moved the 3 deshaan claims

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Moved the 3 deshaan claims into TR_RestExterior, merged in claims 1 and 5, 6, and 7.
Esp-QuickEditor commands:


Delete everything but claims 2-4
DELETE from exteriorCells WHERE
(gridX >= 4 AND gridX <= 9) OR
(gridY <= -38) OR
(gridX >= 14 AND gridY <= -33) OR
(name = 'Idathren') OR
(name = 'Dres Horak') OR
(name = 'Nav Andaram')

Delete everything but deshaan claims
DELETE from exteriorCells WHERE
(gridX <= 13 AND gridY >= -37) OR
(gridX <= 8) OR
(gridY >= -32) OR
name = 'Hlan Oek' OR
name = 'Aimrah' OR
name = 'Idathren' OR
name = 'Dres Horak' OR
name = 'Nav Andaram'

I had to delete the city cells specified in TESAME

Hlan Oek shouldn't take much

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Hlan Oek shouldn't take much work to get merged, just figure out what IDs the rocks should have and then filepatch it and the file with the rocks to reflect that, then merge that with data addon. May be more convenient to wait until the texture is finished

Merged in 8/11 Idathren

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Merged in 8/11 Idathren houses
Deleted a T_Aid_Character_01 I accidentally placed in Nythrend's claim area
Removed all names attached to cells due to their claims, i.e. "Lake Andaram #5 TV" with the Esp-QuickEditor:


UPDATE exteriorCells SET name = '' WHERE
name = 'Lake Andaram' OR
name = 'TR_Lake Andaram';
(This isn't the exact command I used, but it should theoretically work)

Grabbing and Dropping. Merged

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Grabbing and Dropping. Merged two more Idathren interiors, moved the exterior trapdoor of the guard tower

I'm taking the file for

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I'm taking the file for making the ocean cells of claim #5, border matching and small edits.

Changelog v.0009 - Did some

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Changelog v.0009

- Did some ocean cluttering on the central lake.

To do list:
- Cluttering the claim #5's ocean cells.
- Cluttering the remaining ocean cells.


Changelog v.0010 - Deleted

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Changelog v.0010
Deleted the Lake Andaram #2 and #3 heightmap.

I couldn't find time to work on this due to #2 and #3, so dropping the file for now. I'll continue cluttering the ocean cells after I'm done with #2 and #3. 

Dropping. Made the 04-05

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Dropping. Made the 04-05 border match better, removed some waterless Mangrove Mushrooms.

Dodo: Let the adjacent two TV claims grab cells from here to bring the assets up to standards and bordermatch.

checked out for Furst Thal:

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checked out for Furst Thal:
"Would like to rename the cells in Nemon's claim and detail some areas left undetailed in Nemon's Nav Andaram claim."

Forgot to say. I am also

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Forgot to say. I am also smothing some landscape in Nemon's Hlan Oak claim and I am also bordermatching and detailing the border between the aformentioned claim and Minerman's claim.

Dropping the claim. There is

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Dropping the claim. There is no file due to no changes made.

I've decided to redo LA6 a couple of weeks ago due to heavy use of unnatural cliffs. I've pretty much finished the half of it but there are empty areas left still. Left side of the ocean cells could use more cluttering and my same ocean rules applies here as well. Also the ocean cells between LA6 and LA1 has nothing in them as well.

Because I left putting flora to the last green and orange areas lack container/static flora like the rest. Again, check the region template for the flora.

I still didn't move to thirr-ifying the MM's cells to the west, so it still needs some work. There are AI exclusive rocks there that needs to be removed and replaced with TV variants, there needs to be more texture variety.

Also the ocean cells is empty as well.
The last one is the most empty area in the claim. Before I started to work on here I actually didn't know what to do so I asked other people to give me advice.

This is Gnomey's suggestion: Hm, while you can make it forest if you like, in general I think AT ended up more forested than it should have been, so would encourage going a different route. As an alternative, how about a broken, rocky landscape with low cliffs and a lot of nooks and crannies.Some of the nooks could have a lot of mosses and stuff growing in them, another might have a cave or a tomb, and ideally you can fit one or two Hlaalu structures; small farms or guar ranches or the like.(edited)
But of course, you are free to do what you want.
Ah, almost forgot the ferry. Ferry is mostly done on my standarts, it might need some more crates, furniture etc. but it's not required.
Ah, there might be some interiors in the design that its exteriors don't exist anymore. I haven't cut on the number, just moved them elsewhere.

Uploaded the newest version.

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Uploaded the newest version.


Detailed the north-western part of the Nav Andaram claim. 
Smothed the land everywhere.
Bordermatched and detailed the border between the Hlan Oak claim and Minerman's claim a bit more.

Plus what Meryal did.

New House

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I just added a house to Idathren with mojo187's showcase interior.

Grabbing to revert Ragox's

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Grabbing to revert Ragox's change, add some interior entrances to LA_04, and remove some from TV_05.

Grabbing to merge Lake

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Grabbing to merge Lake Andaram #3, fix some region weirdness with it, and merge a couple of interiors.

Grabbing to merge two

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Grabbing to merge two exteriors, bordermatch them, merge some ints, and maybe bordermatch with RestExterior.

TR_LA4_Tomb_1 - added an

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TR_LA4_Tomb_1 - added an extra hallway to the entrance so it would better fit the exterior static, inset all of the doors, added in_lava_blacksquares, and deleted the shrine.
TR_LA6_Hlaalu Ferry_House_1 - added a couple more in_lava_blacksquares
TR_TV5_Hlaalu_Tower_1 - reopened claim, this really did not fit the exterior.
TR_TV5_Hlaalu_Tower_2 - added in_hlaalu_hall_rail next to the trapdoor

Dropping. This file now

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Dropping. This file now requires the data addon.

Did some very minor flora placement in TV01.
Fixed a few floaters and a cave gap in the nemon ruin.
Added bug sfx and photodragons throughout the TV.
Added some small puddles to TV05.
Added some roots to the swamps.
Added more static and container flora to TV02.
Covered a few texture seams throughout the section.
Further detailed TV05 with flora.
Removed stoneflower and bc grass from TV05.


Grabbing and dropping.

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Grabbing and dropping. Filepatched the Tanna plants to their new IDs. Don't edit this until the next Data Addon version is uploaded.