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This release file contains the new exterior claims, covering part of Aanthirin and much of Thirr Valley.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines) You're fine without for now; no dialogue is in this file yet.

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Dropping. Couldn't do the

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Dropping. Couldn't do the seafloor editing. Only started it. Will finish later.

Other than that:

Did a small edit to smoothen one of the original claim borders. Will continue on this later.
Added two pairs of slave bracers near an interior entrance that required it.

Grabbing the file to make

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Grabbing the file to make some edits to settlements as discussed on Discord. These are:
1. Othmura - this will get expanded at the edges as it currently looks more like a Tier IV than the intended Tier III. Most notably it will be getting a temple. All the doors will be placed within cell borders. (Note that the wall at the bottom will also be moved to fit the changes)

2. Ald Iuval - I will be changing a few building shells, most notably replacing the barracks with TR's as-yet unused mini skar structure to function as the Waters March's ancient council seat. I'll also make edits to the docks, especially adding a crane from which cargo can be brought to the top of the cliff without bringing it up the steps, and will add some detailing.

New file up top. I've only

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New file up top. I've only worked on Othmura so far, and it's not entirely done; needs some detailing and polish, especially to improve some of the more cobble-y bits. The main work is done on it though.

Another update. Ald Iuval

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Another update. Ald Iuval work is pretty much finished up, though roadsigns and other markers will need to be added later via Tamriel_Data and I need to set up a new interior overview. That said, there's a bit of feature creep meaning that there's still work to do: the idea of adding ruins of the old harbour was discussed, as well as adding a temple, as Ald Iuval would reasonably have had one (it used to be a Tier II city) and it probably would not have become ruined through neglect.

There are some minor issues that need to be sorted out; a piece of railing slightly bleeding through a ruined hut, a lamp post I added to Ald Marak that should be moved as it messes up the visuals of the approach, and perhaps some spots of detailing I missed.

Beyond that, in terms of change-log, I've reworked the docks to a degree most people seem satisfied with, have added some more variety to the buildings and more ruined buildings, added quite a bit of detailing including lighting and fixed a few issues (mostly Redoran buildings not bled enough into the ground) I found. I gave some of the non-ruined buildings fairly subtle tilts which IMO do not need to be taken into account by the interior developer unless they want to work with a tilt. The tower interior will probably need a tilt though, as its exterior not being level is more noticeable.

New file. Includes some

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New file. Includes some earlier work on Ald Iuval such as fixing the issues I mentioned, adding the temple and some squatter tents and stuff. The additions since the last file still need to be polished up and expanded on; specifically the old dock ruins are still missing.

The more recent changes are to Othmura, including removing the outhouse, adding doorsteps to the houses, and switching out two of the buildings which were a bit too visibly cobbled for a hopefully more elegant solution. WIP CS screen grabs to give a general impression:

Still needs polish and clutter (and lights), but I'm pretty happy with it now. I might fiddle around with the manor a bit to make some of its cobbling more subtle.

Somewhat belated dropping

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Somewhat belated dropping message.

I gave Othmura a (perhaps more thorough than necessary) detailing pass, added steps to all the doors as requested, fixed some issues I found in in-game tests, eventually remembered to update the pathgrid, and generally got it how I want it. I did also make some edits to the manor I should have asked about first, taking away some room from the platform to make way for a larger manor shell and steps to the top of the manor where there's a seating area. I still need to update the claim map and claims.

For Ald Iuval, I added some detailing to the field west of it, added the temple and some tents and ruins to the plateau that used to overlook the old entrance to the city, added the ruins of the old harbour, polished and fixed up the citadel some more, and belatedly remembered to update the pathgrid. As with Othmura, I still need to make a new overhead map and update the claims. (And add new ones for the tents).

I made some slight tweaks to Ald Marak, most notably adding an eating area accessible via the tunnel that runs through the tavern, as it seemed a bit odd to me for that tunnel to be without a function. The pathgrid was updated accordingly.

I also merged and linked up all of the Vandirelyon interiors as well as a mine and a shack which were ready for merging. Chef kindly took care of cleaning the file.

- Bandits in Planamet are now

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- Bandits in Planamet are now hostile (removed the orange moss in the BC scum on the bottom level)
- Andrannipal and Varashimmus have the TR namings removed for real cell names now
- Made some fixes to Andrannipal Inner Shrine
- Replaced the Nordic bridge in Thirr Valley Region 1, -38 with a dunmeri one
- Replaced the Nordic Trelis with Dunmer ones
- Move a mountainpeak rock over that looked a bit awkward being too close to a draw bridge in Aanthirin Region 3,-33
- Fixed bleeders, replaced some style mixng objects in Othmura
- Smoothed some terrain and lifted some grass when I happened across these issues