Northern Aanthirin


Uploaded the cut from Indoril

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Uploaded the cut from Indoril-Thirr Section. Needs testing but looks good.
Dialogue was broken before the cut so it's still broken, and will need to be fixed by pasting dialogue from the older section from before it broke. Cleaning that won't be hard; the entries that need to be removed will be exactly all those without an Actor or Cell condition.
no: only the topic "backgrounds" seems broken fixed

Objects in common between the files:


Errors during cut:



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Dropping 2017-12-05


Taking file

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Dropping 2017-12-05 v.03


Vhul betacomments:   T_De

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Vhul betacomments:


See also: found dialogue for Vhul at this link

Merchant voices, some could be useful for the swindlers:


Vhul, Brewers' Hall
Witch's Cave

Guarskin banners: right, the

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Guarskin banners: right, the guarskins need to be replaced with a proper Vhul banner; I don't think we have one yet.
Bleeding houses: I see your point on the bleeding buildings; I'll see what I can do there.
Stairs: same here, I can try some stuff out, but I'm not sure if I'll find a better alternative.
Other stairs: these, conversely, seem really easy to fix.
ex_vivec_w_e_01 : I don't really see what you're talking about on this one; could you elaborate/post a screenshot?
Tree: huh, I could swear I'd already fixed the tree's rotation. But either way, this is an easy fix.
Stair archway: hm, I'll see what I can do with this one. Really, I just want an arch here.
T_De_SetVeloth_X_Stairs_01: I can probably find a better alternative here.
Rocks: they're there to hide a texture seam, but I'll widen the space as much as possible.
Riltse: easy fix
Candles: Ginur Dolvi is a very bad drunk, the house isn't abandoned. I can switch out the candles with unlit equivalents, though.
Hetman: hm, actually, it's the other way around: in Gnisis, the hetman's house is called "Gnisis, Abelmawia Hut" and the NPC "Hetman Abelmawia". As the village hetman will have a more prominent role in Indoril lands, it might be worth considering having a more explicit cell name, but it's probably fine to keep to Bethesda's precedent here for consistency; the hetman is chosen by the village from among their numbers, and I think finding out who the hetman is by asking about 'someone in particular' or poking around the village could potentially add to the small town flavour Velothi villages should strive for.
Onvos: he's the focus of the Cleansing of the Temple quest, but that said, there's generally nothing wrong with merchants in temple enclosures; Gnisis again provides the example. The priest in that quest may rather be concerned with the Syvvit Tong's dubious reputation, the merchant being a member of the tong.
Imeni: hah, old dialogue from when the 'Vhul, Bakers' Hall' used to be a bakery in Othrensis, I think. Good catch. Also with the AI wander package.

Dondril betacomments:  

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Dondril betacomments:


Aesthetics of the orange landscape:


Another problem inherited from dirty dialogue: fixed


Focusing on the Dondril

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Focusing on the Dondril comments:

urinals: I can try stuff out, but frankly don't care too much about what they look like. cheeky
steps: I can raise them, sure.
gracelessly bleeding steps: I'm a great fan of graceful bleeding.
palisade: would be nice to see, I'm not eager to do this myself, especially as I'm still in the 'kill the palisade' camp. Edit: to clarify, I'm not saying that the palisade should be removed anymore, as as far as I'm concerned the decision has already been made to keep it, but I'd rather leave the palisade to folks enthusiastic about the idea.
rock texture: yup, part of my ongoing rock rework is fixing old Vertex shading and other such issues that can be seen here.

As far as the palette is concerned, the main problem is that the final AT assets were tossed together fairly at random from whatever seemed as though it mgiht fit; some were designed for the region, others not so much. I intend to make things more harmonious, assuming nobody else does, but this pertains more to Tamriel_Data rather than the landmass, and so I see it as lower priority; while it would be much preferable to have the region assets look polished in time for the March release, they can also be fixed later in the worst case without editing TR_Mainland. They are not a bottleneck like the other stuff.

The land texture issue is a

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The land texture issue nevermind that about white textures, it turns out it's some sort of graphics card issue on my end


Taking file

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Dropping 2017-12-27



Claimed and dropped for 2017

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Claimed and dropped for 2017-12-28:

  • Remove the center structure of Dondril, the one with 1 merchant and 4 stalls
  • Windows are no longer urinals (int & ext)
  • Moved the smith next to the Craftmer's Hall, moved another hut around to make space
  • Gave Craftmer's Hall and hetman's house final names

And again. Found the two

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And again.

  • Found the two missing Felms Ithul interiors, and the corresponding NPCs and remerged them.
  • Dondril stairs raised.
  • Found out the fate of the Under Nest Inn - it was actually scrapped and replaced with the Craftmer's Hall and the Hetman's house. No action taken yet, might want to salvage that interior.

Checking out

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Dropping 2018-01-03



minor bugs

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1/5/2018 (00:20)    TR_AanthirinNorth_v.06.ESP    1/3/2018 (07:19)    skraeling    TR_m3-782_crate_01    Dondril, Craftsmer's Hall    4603    4504    15456    "nothing here is owned"    

1/5/2018 (00:24)    TR_AanthirinNorth_v.06.ESP    1/3/2018 (07:19)    skraeling    ex_de_railing_03    Dondril (9,-22)    77742    -178556    2080    "navmesh might be unaware of this -- NPCs run against this"    

Changelog: Removed a TR

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Removed a TR_Mainland.esm dependency
Went on a detailing rampage of the seam pictured below. Killed some of the fern assets that are no longer used in Aanthirin, replaced the WG cliffs with AI rocks to look like the surrounding area, and generally improved the detailing around the area.

Key: Red = fixed areas Yellow = areas than need to be fixed after this file is merged with OE. (note: I didn't do anything on the border of TR_Mainland or TR_Indev)


Dropping 2018-01-20  

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Dropping 2018-01-20



Fixed bugs:   ex_vivec_h

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Fixed bugs:


ex_vivec_h_01    Vhul (10,-24)    86676    -192633    530    "these buildings bleed so hard it can only be intentional but very moddy, maybe try downscaling this one a bit so the misaligned cornices stand out less"
ex_vivec_h_04    Vhul (10,-24)    87706    -196157    408    "sloped land makes the bleeding impression worse, maybe a crate or urn to divert the attention" 
Ex_De_Railing_06    Vhul (10,-24)    88722    -192791    978    "tree needs to be rotated, currently you have to walk through the leaves"    
Terrain_rocks_AI_03    Vhul (10,-24)    88250    -196592    234    "rocks could be at least a bit further from the door, pos x 88250"  
TR_m3_Riltse Helandil00000000    Vhul (10,-24)    89107    -194482    1526    "stands on basket"
ex_v_dock_01    Dondril (9,-22)    78686    -177151    1970    "base of bridge could bleed into land more gracefully"
ex_de_docks_steps_01    Dondril (9,-22)    79024    -177428    1944    "could bleed into land more gracefully"    
ex_de_docks_steps_01    Dondril (9,-22)    76504    -179524    1740    "could bleed into land more gracefully"  
T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTableO_06    Aanthirin Region (9,-24)    76197    -189655    251    "no vertex shading around some stumps and big plants"  
T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom01    TR_i3-758-Ind    9230    8370    363    "some of these mushrooms are at odd angles or..."    
T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom02    TR_i3-758-Ind    8758    8853    408    "or bleed into each other..."    
T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom02    TR_i3-758-Ind    7754    6806    123    "or bleed into the rock - or are generally in positions that don't look intended, were they batch swapped from something else?"
T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom02    TR_i3-758-Ind    1208    9296    -401    "the mushrooms look fine in some places..."    
T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom01    TR_i3-758-Ind    1771    10850    -385    "... but not fine in others, all bent different"    

What still needs fixing:


T_De_Var_Guarskin_01    Aanthirin Region (10,-25)    87328    -196991    400    "static guarskin, blowing sign activator here?"    
T_De_Var_Guarskin_01    Vhul (10,-24)    85497    -195644    570    "static guarskin, blowing sign activator here?"    - now in Data Aanthirin town banners

T_De_SetVeloth_X_Stairs_02    Vhul (10,-24)    88262    -193330    359    "are there no shorter or sharper stairs? or a version without railings, or separate railings? very awkward at the top"

T_De_SetVeloth_X_Stairs_03    Vhul (10,-24)    89178    -193437    931    "same with the top of these stairs, managed to pass but way too narrow"  

ex_vivec_w_e_01    Vhul (10,-24)    89043    -193002    232    "any element that can better hide the makeshifting here? this has a darker texture than the rest and highlights the rim of the building instead of hiding it"

T_Mw_FloraAT_TreeG_03    Vhul (10,-24)    89525    -192583    1141    "foliage up close is also usually not good. this one is less blurry than most faced up front but way worse otherwise, and it's usually otherwise. at this angle the invisible outline of the leaves becomes visible and hides what's behind it with sky texture - not limited to here, is a general problem with them and noticeable everywhere, is it due to the alpha layer?"
 ---- Taken care of with Gnomey's new textures???
T_De_SetVeloth_X_Stairs_01    Vhul (10,-24)    88170    -194710    222    "stairs railing awkwardly large and narrow passage with overhang"  
 ---- Use dock stairs?
light_com_candle_04_64    Vhul, Ginur Dolvi's House    5356    3895    15542    "why lit candles in an empty interior? locked, trashed and abandoned-looking"   
 ---- Does this even need changing?
TR_m3_Vanis Nithri00000000    Vhul, Hetman Vanis Nithri's House    3731    3959    15554    "no titles in NPC names by convention, inversely the interior should probably just be called 'hetman's house'" 
TR_m3_Onvos Dovyn_ST00000000    Vhul (10,-24)    86761    -196234    154    "barter NPC inside the temple enclosure doesnt sell anything"    
TR_m3_Imeni Volor00000000    Vhul, Golyn Volor's House    4130    3340    15298    "says 'Ah, player, you look hungry! I'm sure you'll want one of my delicious breads, and maybe a pastry too.' - why? doesn't sell anything or have any bread around, it's just a house, and too small a house for her to have ai wander, she walks against chairs"  
furn_de_tapestry_01    Dondril (9,-22)    78650    -176251    2501    "both tapestries should to be pushed backwards as much as possible so you're not made to walk through them" 
 ---- Already pushed back as far as possible, needs another solution
Could you move "TR_m3_Narvs Sodryn" and "TR_m3_Ginur Dolvi" closer inside the cell? They don't get their local dialogue for some reason.
 ---- From Discord
Ex_De_Docks_Piling_01    Dondril (9,-22)    77200    -175560    1919    "if any improvements to exterior of palissade, now would be a good time"  - see new asset Ex_Palisade_  
 ---- Needs Data Update

T_Note_IndorilPropagandaTR    Dondril (9,-22)    78257    -176918    2390    "''Indoril Propaganda Leaflet'' needs a proper name"  -  in Data

TR_m3_An-Tel    Dondril, An-Tel's Shack    3853    4133    15118    "refers to DE as 'dark-skins', is that consistent? usually dryskins, and there could be argonians with dark scales, could use 'ashskins' to combine the ideas though"    

TR_m3_Galoro Sevlor    Dondril, Galoro Sevlor's Shack    3793    4227    14790    "reminder for the dialogue/NPCing update..."    
Gold_001    Dondril, Hall of Craftsmer (TR_i3-781-Imp)    4099    4273    15452    "this interior needs NPCing and ownership"    
TR_m3-781_w_scorner    Dondril, Hetman _'s House (TR_i3-781-Imp)    4117    4012    15128    "this interior needs NPCing and ownership

TR_m3-781_bk_taxrecord    Dondril, Hetman _'s House (TR_i3-781-Imp)    3812    4247    15094    "needs appropriate text or paraphrasis"    
T_Note_IndorilCallArmsTR    Dondril, Hetman _'s House (TR_i3-781-Imp)    3909    3983    15082    "note unfinished, 'signed?'"   - in Data
ex_vivec_h_04    Aanthirin Region (7,-22)    59293    -175241    957    "velothi buildings pressed against each other at a strange angle, probably not a plausible construction but also just looks bad"    
 ---- Gnomey's doing Felms Ithul Detailing anyway
T_Imp_Silver_Saber_01    TR_i3-759-Ind    2341    2541    -613    "silver saber is that a native weapon? good place for an enchanted weapon otherwise, rest of loot is 3-6 gems across the tomb, not too bad in total value, just nothing unique" 
the file still uses blue bc mushroom lights and temple domes in caves have no light sources. The blue lights need to be changed to:
t_mw_light_aanthirinmushroom (in Data add-on)
 ---- Needs data Update 
contain_corpse_water00000000    TR_i3-758-Ind    463    8293    -1217    "the usual dead body with water breathing potion on it. does this semi-secret area have any good loot?"    
T_MwCom_Furn_Ch2WizEvil00000000    TR_i3-758-Ind    482    8437    -1153    "that's the loot, evil wizard chest with books and a few ingredients... looting books underwater..."
 ---- Don't know how to respond to these. Potion was already gone though.
de_p_desk_01_pos2    TR_i3-758-Ind    5979    9747    529    "cool crystal cave but who goes here?"    
door_cavern_doors00    TR_i3-758-Ind    6040    9311    568    "needs NPCing. whatever this is has a slave pen and a single bed"    - interior claim notes: " shy outcast that formerly lived in Old Ebonheart.a natural water supply to the west of the cave and a good amount of edible mushrooms for him to live by (beside collecting stuff from outside)"
TR_m3-758_a_tadrils_temper    TR_i3-758-Ind    1781    7453    -205    "needs undead guard"   
ex_dwrv_ruin60    TR_i3-758-Ind    10356    12285    649    "hints at the dwemer ruin nearby too, nice, but no dwemer constructs needed here"   
 ---- Also don't know how to go about fixing this.

Arvisrend's picture <-- this is MinerMan's file from Jan 31, with the following crap cells removed:

PS D:\games\Morrowind> .\tes3cmd delete  -match "\(13, -26\)" '.\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10.esp'
DELETED: CELL wilderness (13, -26)
DELETED: LAND (13, -26)
Output saved in: ".\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10.esp"
Original backed up to: ".\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10~1.esp"
PS D:\games\Morrowind> .\tes3cmd delete  -match "\(14, -24\)" '.\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10.esp'
DELETED: CELL wilderness (14, -24)
DELETED: LAND (14, -24)
Output saved in: ".\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10.esp"
Original backed up to: ".\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10~2.esp"
PS D:\games\Morrowind> .\tes3cmd delete  -match "\(8, -20\)" '.\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10.esp'
DELETED: CELL wilderness (8, -20)
DELETED: LAND (8, -20)
Output saved in: ".\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10.esp"
Original backed up to: ".\Data Files\TR_AanthirinNorth_v.10~3.esp"

Grabbing the file to do a bit

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Grabbing the file to do a bit of work. I don't think I'll get much done today, but want to get back into the swing of things. Stuff I'm planning to work on:

-perhaps add NPCs to the velk camp and add the camp interior
-sort out NPCs and dialogue in Felms Ithul
-do further detailing work in Vhul, Felms Ithul
-break up some of the cobbled-together rock cliffs and bad vertex shading work
-fix issues rot found

Dropped the file. Fixes: ex

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Dropped the file.

ex_vivec_w_e_01    Vhul (10,-24)    89043    -193002    232    "any element that can better hide the makeshifting here? this has a darker texture than the rest and highlights the rim of the building instead of hiding it"
- I just moved the stairs to cover the gap
Could you move "TR_m3_Narvs Sodryn" and "TR_m3_Ginur Dolvi" closer inside the cell? They don't get their local dialogue for some reason.
- I moved Narvs Sodryn a bit for what it is worth, I doubt it changes anything. Ginur Dolvi can't be moved further back without becoming part of the wall behind him.
TR_m3_Onvos Dovyn_ST00000000    Vhul (10,-24)    86761    -196234    154    "barter NPC inside the temple enclosure doesnt sell anything"
- added stuff for him to sell
 ex_vivec_h_04    Aanthirin Region (7,-22)    59293    -175241    957    "velothi buildings pressed against each other at a strange angle, probably not a plausible construction but also just looks bad"
- I aligned two of the buildings for what it's worth, that was a quick tweak. Beyond that, looking bad is subjective, and there's no reason the construction wouldn't be plausible I can think of.

Made some additional fixes:
-removed a bit of grass that was floating high, high above the pond south of Dondril
-added a few strewn objects to Vhul in the space created by moving back the building next to the tradehouse, and fixed the vertex shading

Dropping. Vhul dialogue

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  • Vhul dialogue merged after editing it a bit
  • Felms Ithul edited a bit (palisade)
  • Dondril dialogue merged (and palisade replaced), further edits are necessary

Checked out so Jani can fix

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Checked out so Jani can fix the Vhul dialogue triggers.

Also changed:

  • Under Nest Inn dialogue merged (thanks Mort)
  • Replace Id Vano's scripts with ones that simply disable everything.

Temple Domes

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I'd like to grab this for a bit to fix as many of the Temple Dome placement issues as possible.

Sure, go ahead. As senior dev

Atrayonis's picture

Sure, go ahead.
As senior dev, you should be able to claim it yourself by editing the node and if it isn't checked out by someone else it's fair game.


Ragox's picture

Oh OK, sweet, I didn't know that I had these rights now laugh

Anyways, dropping the file again and here's the changelog:

  • Placement of all Temple Domes is improved
  • Shroomtables use many more different variants
  • TR_m3-758 renamed Nebulud and NPCed
  • Fixed the path grid in Dondril; NPCs kept getting stuck in some places
  • Fixed ownership inside the Dondril Craftmer's Hall
  • Dondril Hetman looks older and has his unique items in his inventory
  • Dondril smith has more items for sale



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I just did a real quick update fixing some shrooms that I missed the first time around.
Edit: And again, plus I've added a hunter north-west of Dondril.

Claiming the file for the day

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Claiming the file for the day to add three exteriors for new dungeon claims, relink a shack interior and maybe take care of one or two other things listed out above.

Dropped the file. Added the

Gnomey's picture

Dropped the file. Added the three entrances (the Daedric ruin ended up less flattened than I'd planned), with roads and pathgrids as applicable, fixed some nearby vertex shading, re-linked the shack, fixed one or two other minor errors.
Screenshots and tidier documentation will have to wait for tomorrow.

I've updated the three claim

Gnomey's picture

I've updated the three claim descriptions with more precise coordinates, but neglected to take a lot of screenshots. Ikinammassu's exterior will need a slight edit to make the pathgrid work properly; there's one place where a bit of debris is in the way of the pathgrid, and while the angry kwama forager chasing my character could clear it the angry guar could not.


Ragox's picture

Dropping a new version with the following changes:

The two new caves are merged and fully done (pathgrid, NPCs, ownership etc.), some unique dialogue could still be added for the egg miners though. I also slightly moved the cave entry for the new natural cave (to allow it to be a bit more spacious).

v16 uploaded: Dialogue fixed

Atrayonis's picture

v16 uploaded:

  • Dialogue fixed
  • Dondril has a well now (finally)
  • Dondril palisade equalized
  • Feral Guar worldspace implementation removed, pending Felms Ithul dialogue merger