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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Roth-Roryn and the Ascadian Bluffs should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The Roth-Roryn Queue  and the Ascadian Bluffs Queue contain links to the development meetings where the future of the section was hashed out.

Considerably most pressing are exteriors for the interior claims which have been finished (for Roth-Roryn a map and details can be found here), and replacing the dirt road that crosses through the Ascadian Bluffs with a main road texture. The Ascadian Bluffs are - sparse as they are - by and large finished.

Of secondary interests are working on implementing the Orc vampire clan in Roth-Roryn and reviewing and fixing some caspering from the landscape overhaul.

Link to previous release

Merged Claims from the old forum:

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TODO: Interiors to be merged:

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Interiors to be merged:


Junk doors to be deleted:
Record: CELL "roth roryn region (-12, -16)" Flags:0x0000 ()
  NAME: Name:door_dwrv_load00
  DATA: X:-91284.234  Y:-125838.625  Z:3870.702  X_Angle:0.0000  Y_Angle:0.0000  Z_Angle:0.1921

Unlinked second doors to merged interiors:
Record: CELL "roth roryn region (-10, -18)" Flags:0x0000 ()
  NAME: Name:Ex_De_Shack_Door
  DATA: X:-75421.727  Y:-141657.250  Z:1402.377  X_Angle:0.0000  Y_Angle:0.0000  Z_Angle:0.7854
Record: CELL "roth roryn region (-13, -18)" Flags:0x0000 ()
  NAME: Name:ex_r_trapdoor_01
  DATA: X:-99762.922  Y:-145169.703  Z:4501.381  X_Angle:0.0000  Y_Angle:0.0000  Z_Angle:2.0800

Dropping. I took care of the

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Dropping. I took care of the three Jani found plus a door I missed in Llaram Farm, Manor that Dillon pointed out.

Dropping, more cells done:

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Dropping, more cells done:

will come back to this if nobody else finishes it, however if anybody wants to do some flora work check out the "TR_RR_Flora" cell for ez copy pasting heres the file, cicero will put it in the correct spot when he's available.


Merged in the Orlukh lair.

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Merged in the Orlukh lair. After much head banging, I made it fit the exterior as it was floating above the Armun Ashlands before. The northmarkers for the ints, including for TR_i4-414-Hla are incorrect, but as both my brain and the PT bot are dead, I'm not fixing it yet.

Icebergs melted away,

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Icebergs melted away, replaced with more sensible statics. Minor road detailing performed, checking in to avoid hogging stuff for too long.

Changelog Nov 14th 2019 -

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Changelog Nov 14th 2019

- Deleted edited wilderness cells that border Armun Ashlands
- Removed remaining Iceberg meshesfrom Armun Ashlands
- Deleted TRNemonTestCellGL
- Deleted TR_RR_Flora
- Slightly lowered the loot in Vynbant
- Added Daedric face of Consolation to Veranzaris, Manic Library (made a new platform to hide it on)
- Remove Wings on the side of Leftunch tower (Added map marker as this is a documented Dwemer ruin in the in-game books)
- Named cell Rorth Roryn -7, -16 to Omaynis (easier to find the cell now for it's village redo come DoD)
- Replaced Greater Bonewalkers in TR_RR_Ancestral_Tomb_03 with ninja monkey version so they respawn
- Cleaned up Saint Aralor Monestary exterior
- Fixed floating flora_bc_grass_01 in Ascadian Bluffs Region -2, -14 (was floating on top of corkbulb plant)
- Fixed floating flora_bc_grass_01 in Ascadian Bluffs Region -2, -14 (was floating on top of AI tree)
- Replace TR_m4_Propylon_Khalaan with TR_m3_Propylon_Khalaan
- Remove all Sedge from Ascadian Bluffs (Lan\Alt Otheran plant)
- Remove all Sedge from Roth Roryn (Lan\Alt Otheran plant)
- Removed Saltrice from Ascadian Bluffs
- Removed Meadow Rye from Roth Roryn (there was only 5 instances of it in the whole section file, 2 were under the geometry)
- Add lots of table shrooms to the region
- Remove Nordic Railings from Teyn
- Replaced some ashlands logs with bc logs (Will need to replace the rest another time)
- Hid a restore health potion in a log in -7, -14
- Hid a Gold 100 sack amounst roots and shrooms in -6, -14
- Smoothed some jagged terrain in places where it was seen + Added some needed/removed some not needed vertex paint (multiple cells)
- Remove any west gash vegetation from Ascadian Bluffs (and fix bleeding grass) for the following cells:
  3, -15
 -2, -12
 -2, -13
 -2, -14
 -2, -15
 -3, -12
 -3, -14
 -4, -12
 -4, -13
 -5. -12
 -5, -13
 -5, -14
 -6, -12
 -6, -13
 -6, -14
 -7. -12
 -7, -13
 -7, -14
 -8, -12
 -8, -13
 -8, -14
 -2, -16
 Fort Ancylis

Checked back in. Some road

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Checked back in. Some road detailing done northwest and west of Menaan, adding flora, rocks and railings.

Dropping: - Filepatched -

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- Filepatched
- Fixed some bleeders in TR_RR_Ancestral_Tomb_03
- Changed the boss and loot in the treasure room in TR_RR_Ancestral_Tomb_03
- Removed unique golden saint (Issmi) from TR_RR_Ancestral_Tomb_03.
- Renamed TR_RR_Ancestral_Tomb_03 to Dorem Ancestral Tomb
- Replaced golden saint in Veranzaris Manic Library with Issmi
- Added lights to Bluefoot mushrooms in Sebarmul
- Replaced Adamantium Ores in Sebarmul with Emerald Ores
- Replaced all Roryn Bluff's T_Com_SetFarm_VinyardTrellis_02 with T_De_Set_X_Trellis_01
- Removed all the SFX craziness by the pond in Roth Roryn, -7, -20 (it was nasty in-game)
- Smoothed roads and fixed bleeders whenever I happen upon them
- Fixed some LTEX issues