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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Roth-Roryn and the Ascadian Bluffs should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The Roth-Roryn Queue  and the Ascadian Bluffs Queue contain links to the development meetings where the future of the section was hashed out.

Considerably most pressing are exteriors for the interior claims which have been finished (for Roth-Roryn a map and details can be found here), and replacing the dirt road that crosses through the Ascadian Bluffs with a main road texture. The Ascadian Bluffs are - sparse as they are - by and large finished.

Of secondary interests are working on implementing the Orc vampire clan in Roth-Roryn and reviewing and fixing some caspering from the landscape overhaul.

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Grabbing and dropping, fixed

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Grabbing and dropping, fixed some issues with the propylons. This still has a dirty cell which should be cleaned out.

Dropping after creating a

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Dropping after creating a more suitable border with the SVM region. Future work for this file should involve some additional rock clusters -> newer assets replacement, as well as road detailing (smaller rocks, grass etc).

Posting an update with

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Posting an update with Omaynis for the int claims, will do some flora work before dropping.


Dropping. Remade the hill on

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Dropping. Remade the hill on the north side of Omaynis, did a little bit of flora and fixed 2 book typos.


Changelog (2020-02-20): -

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Changelog (2020-02-20):

- Adapted Greetings 5 to the regional separators in the new Mainland (DO NOT EDIT THIS SECTION WITHOUT THE NEW MAINLAND!).

- Cleaned the file both with tes3cmd clean and tes3cmd common. Note that script tr_i4-385-hlasummon and enchantment tr_m4_olmsen_i4-261-hla must remain in TR_Mainland, even if they are currently only used in TR_Roryn (but they are generally useful).

- Fixed: in_strong_doorjam00    TR_i4-414-Hla_Romayon, Vault    1919    3132    11456    "gap with wall".

- Fixed: terrain_rock_rm_19    Armun Ashlands Region (-13,-22)    -101269    -172918    1806    "casper a lot".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockRR_RockGrp_01    Roth Roryn (-1,-21)    -6662    -165137    905    "c".

- Fixed: hlaalu_loaddoor_ 02    Menaan (-3,-20)    -20917    -160785    309    "own".

- Fixed: in_hlaalu_door    Menaan, Orzuk gro-Gum: Smith    -345    22    736    "own".

- Fixed: Ex_De_Shack_Door    Teyn, Lighthouse    197    52    -224    "doormarker (when entering this building from the top) leaves me stuck".

- Fixed: flora_hackle-lo_02    Roth Roryn (-11,-15)    -88023    -116435    1447    "ff".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockRR_Rock_10    Roth Roryn (-11,-15)    -86972    -115858    1508    "f".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockRR_Rock_28    Armun Ashlands Region (-2,-22)    -14382    -172678    2373    "ff".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockRR_CliffS_04b    Roth Roryn (-7,-21)    -56113    -168184    4659    "caspers if you look from south".

- Fixed: com_chest_Daed_ruin_01    Roth Roryn (-3,-17)    -19197    -131334    3228    "unlevel?". (Now TR_m4_AB_veranz_chest1, with some gold, a restore willpower potion and various crap. The chest is too easily found and too close to noobland.)

- Fixed: in_velothismall_ndoor_01    TR_RR_Monastery    -4009    6305    611    "door misplaced".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockRR_Rock_15    Roth Roryn (-1,-18)    -1460    -145861    1655    "cc".

- Fixed: terrain_rock_rm_21    Armun Ashlands Region (-3,-22)    -23963    -176778    3457    "c".

- Fixed: Terrain_rocks_AI_02    Ascadian Bluffs Region (-5,-14)    -35341    -113539    863    "c".

- Fixed: Terrain_rocks_AI_02    Roth Roryn (-5,-15)    -34595    -116264    1292    "c".

- Removed TR_Map scripts from TR_i4-251_Dead_* NPCs. (These are dead, as the IDs suggest.)

- The two TR_AB_Llaram Farm ints and Omaynis 2 and 5 now have pathgrids.

- Fixed: Ex_redoran_hut_01_a    Bodrem (-12,-18)    -92799    -143611    1512    "this and other doors nearby: unown if unlocked".

- Int "Bodrem Mine, Storage": items now owned.

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockRR_RockGrp_02    Roth Roryn (-4,-18)    -26551    -142554    2289    "c".

- Tried to fix land texture seam near T_Mw_TerrRockRR_RockGrp_02    Roth Roryn (0,-23)    6756    -185139    3764. Not all of this survived after cleaning out the (1, -23) cell, but it looks less abrupt now.