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This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims for Roth-Roryn and the Ascadian Bluffs should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines)

Development Plan

The Roth-Roryn Queue  and the Ascadian Bluffs Queue contain links to the development meetings where the future of the section was hashed out.

Considerably most pressing are exteriors for the interior claims which have been finished (for Roth-Roryn a map and details can be found here), and replacing the dirt road that crosses through the Ascadian Bluffs with a main road texture. The Ascadian Bluffs are - sparse as they are - by and large finished.

Of secondary interests are working on implementing the Orc vampire clan in Roth-Roryn and reviewing and fixing some caspering from the landscape overhaul.

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Small typo to fix, by

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Small typo to fix, by whomever grabs this next: in Menaan, Nadra Arvel's House should actually be Nadras Arvel's House.

EDIT: Also, I would consider linking the road that exits Omaynis northward (and quickly ends at an ancestral tomb) to the main coastal road going through the Ascadian Bluffs, just north of the town. Currently, travellers staying on the road and coming from Teyn have to make a lengthy detour along the Pryai to reach the town, even though the lay of the land begs for at least some kind of smaller trail/path.

Please let me know if such things should be handled through the bug/suggestion tracker, rather than through section file comments.

Grabbed and Dropped

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Grabbed and Dropped, fixing the typo above and adding a forge to the exterior of the blacksmith in Omaynis


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- Fixed jaggy terrain and texture seams in the cells around Omaynis
- Swapped Velothi_Cave_01 with Velothi_Cave_04 and added a trader banner
- Reworked -5, -15 (area around the pond) and added a cave entrance
- Added more clutter and lights to Omaynis
- Added complete pathgrid to Omaynis

- Fixed the missing khalaan

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- Fixed the missing khalaan propylon conduit in Romayon and the dropped MAP4 dialogue (due to mainland not being loaded since Feb 2020)
- Did the remove the hyphen from Roth-Roryn in dialogue bug fix again, and renamed an instance of Roryn Bluff in Menaan dialogue to Roth Roryn
- Replaced the de_p_closet_02_elegnan (closet) in TR_i4_414-Hla_Romayon_Vault with a regular closet. Elegnan is the clothier in Tel Mora, so this should not be here
- Remerged my dear friend Arvena
- Optimized the waterfall sound effects near St. Aralor Monastary.
- Fix some floating  rocks around the region
- Renamed TR_i4-414-Hla_Romayon, Vault to Romayon, Vault
- Renamed TR_Anbursad_Forge and TR_Anbursad_Shrine to Anbursad, Forge and Anbursad, Shrine

Grabbing and Dropping, merged

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Grabbing and Dropping, merged the Veranzaris interior and swapped cell -3,-15 from Roth Roryn to Ascadian Bluffs since it is more that 50% that region. In addition the road from Teyn to Fort Ancylis goes through that cell and it used to switch to Roth Roryn as you were walking along the road when all you can see is AB.

snatching this for some

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snatching this for some exterior work (problems pointed out by Minerman) and some preliminary NPCing

uploaded a WIP file work

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uploaded a WIP file

work continues

major changes:

  • all interiors now have proper names (see here) some have NPCs and dialogue.
  • some Omaynis dialogue implemented
  • a number of bandit encounters implemented ("not-quite-quests")
  • merged Tribunal Thrill-Seeking and Troupe in Trouble
  • made the Bodrem bridge less rickety and added a Shrine to the Battle of Bodrem
  • added a number of simple misc quest hooks (which I plan on finishing)

updated another wip. fixed a

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updated another wip. fixed a problem with Tribunal Thrill-Seeking (I had accidentally deleted both the ghost and the amulet!)

I looked through about half

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I looked through about half of the dialogue in the section to fix obvious errors.


- Fix reference to Dragonstar being on the border of High Rock rather than Skyrim.
- Bodrem: trouble-makers -> troublemakers
- TR_m4_wil_SkeletonWizardB: buy a one -> buy one
- TR_m4_wil_Troupe_Trouble: posess -> possess
- TR_m4_wil_Troupe_Trouble: logical quotation x2
- TR_m4_wil_DrownEnslaverB: Clever Girl -> Clever-Girl
- TR_m4_wil_VanishBandits: that they we're -> that they were
- TR_m4_wil_KoboldFisher: orc(s) -> Orc(s)
- TR_m4_wil_KoboldFisher: just need learn -> just need to learn
- TR_m4_wil_TribunalTS: remove double space
- TR_m4_wil_TribunalTS: beacuse -> because, add space
- TR_m4_MN_Assassin: member of Morag Tong -> member of the Morag Tong
- guide through the ancestral tomb: stilll -> still
- Monastery of Saint Aralor: scoundlers -> scoundrels
- Beds: punctuation for Bodrem entry
- pub quiz: remove double spaces
- pub quiz: famous mage and a scholar -> famous mage and scholar
- pub quiz: can be usually -> can usually be x2
- pub quiz: it's seems -> it seems x2
- new book: is is -> is
- Services: is a barterer, she buys -> is a barterer who buys x2
- carriage has broken down: Our escort, Malius Travon says -> Our escort, Malius Travon, says x3
- carriage has broken down: dont -> don't
- pickled slaughterfish: barreful -> barrelful
- illusion experiment: appreaciate -> appreciate
- Replaced a few spellings with more common ones.
- Roth-Roryn -> Roth Roryn, all instances

grabbing. going to merge

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going to merge Iliath Monastery and fix one quest issue that was pointed out on Discord