Southern Velothi Mountains




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This release file contains the Southern Velothi Mountains, for inclusion into the Dominion of Dust release.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines) You're fine without for now; no dialogue is in this file yet.
Do not edit the edges of the file without loading the section files adjacent to it, and cut the cells from them that you edit back into the adjacent sections when finished. For the western edge, you need to load the Orcish Switzerland Heightmap instead of a normal section file.

Development Plan

Exterior work is necessary, both to overhaul the existing cells and to add 6 more of the "border hole" with Cyrodiil.
After this is done, interior works will be necessary.

Merged Claims from the old forum:

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Grabbing and dropping, added

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Grabbing and dropping, added nine new cells and assigned their regions. I left the landscape edges in for editing convenience, I will cut them out and put them back in their file when they are no longer needed. (Run the Esp-QuickEditor commands DELETE FROM exteriorCells WHERE region='' and DELETE FROM exteriorCells WHERE region<>'' on two copies of the file to do this)

Grabbing this file. Not to

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Grabbing this file. Not to mow down large swaths of land and redo but to find a troubled area, fix with my suggested ideas and present visuals for discussion.

Dropping this file for now. I

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Dropping this file for now. I've reworked some of the mountain areas, reducing the static usage and relying more on terrain. It's a snowy area so it's what's looks best to be honest. The snow statics doesn't really look good when cluttered all over the place so that can be taken into consideration for any future work. The pathway I started working on needs to be finished in the three upper cells, was thinking it connects to the dwemer ruin somehow. It's still a small, barely known path so no fancy wide stretches with lights.