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This is the section file for the Spring Release 2018. The TR Data Addon must be loaded when modding it, as well as TR_Mainland (of course)!

It contains a merged section of Old Ebonheart and Northern Aanthirin.

Merged Bugfixes: 

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Merged Assets: 


For OE, reminder to use this

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For OE, reminder to use this translation file to patch WIP claim files

Records pending edits


see older comments in OE and NA
see bugtracker/concerns TR_Preview


OE “A Criminal Lawyer”
Slavehunters in OE file
- Malarunubi narrow passage collision issues
- collection of bugs in Thirr /OE

– some NPCs may still be unintended trainers
Guild of Fighters should be ok now

in_impsmall_r_center_01    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Navy Command Post: Tower    5888    4416    16128    "something causing dying dwem spider sound when enter cell, missing ref persist"    centurion_spider_dead00000000    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Navy Command Post: Tower    6089    4622    15746    "  - no need to make a data object? this is the only one that needs to persist, those in ruins can make sounds and be disposable

TR_sc_m3-278_placeholder    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Archaeological Society: Top Floor   missing assets have been named "blank scrolls" for now
TR_m3_Izon    Old Ebonheart, Hostel of Stendarr's Mercy    "is this where freed slaves go? should dialogue indicate that?"
TR_m3_Potemus Marolus    Old Ebonheart, Imperial Navy Command Post    "might need nolore"   

TR_m3_Leius Corsus00000000    Ebon Tower, Arkay's Tower: Undercroft Mortuary    890    1145    133    "Arkay tower needs a special entry on the 'necromancy' topic, has the default neutral one"

TR_m3_EbonT_SewerGuard    "needs different dialogue options if PC is high rank legion" - has one for highest rank only, but all the doors show legal access to rank 'knight of the garland'

T_Com_Var_DoorVault_01    Ebon Tower, Sewers: Upper    8278    23071    8    "only lock 50 on that huge vault door?"    
potion_skooma_01    Ebon Tower, Coastguard Keep    3634    8334    17653    "also there's 4000 of contraband behind it, lock 50 is weak"  

TR_m3_Ioseptha Auriil00000000    Old Ebonheart (7,-19)    57480    -151676    841    "latest rumors need an alternative to the generic 'At first, it seemed the fuss about the Nerevarine prophecy'... comes up a lot and they shouldn't know about it that much in OE"    
TR_imp_guard00000000    Old Ebonheart (6,-19)    53694    -150259    1183    "latest rumors: all guards give the default Nerevarine rumor too"    
TR_m3_Ioseptha Auriil00000000    Old Ebonheart (7,-19)    57480    -151676    841    "latest rumors: 'A number of distinguished knights'... about the tourney could be made less misleading, since there isn't an actual tourney (yet?)"    

* Quest tr_m3_oe_deadlytreasure is broken if I start it the "wrong way". If I enter the treasury from the sewers and take the lightning crystal, then talk to Lloras, then I get the following pointless dialogue and no quest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/656qgb6dpgx2wix/bug-oe-23mar2018.png?dl=0

1/6/2018 (02:40)    Clean_TR_OldEbonheart_v.0212.ESP    1/4/2018 (17:58)    skraeling    in_impsmall_door_jail_01    Ebon Tower, Legion: Dungeons    502    8342    1322    "some shit caspers visibly if you go into this cell and then look back"    
1/6/2018 (02:40)    Clean_TR_OldEbonheart_v.0212.ESP    1/4/2018 (17:58)    skraeling    in_impbig_wall_01    Ebon Tower, Legion: Dungeons    894    8754    1740    "and this is the shit in question"    

Remove spaces or - at the end of IDs
 CONT: tr_i3-726-imp_crate_20_ (Crate)
 CONT: tr_m3_sotha-urn_i3-423- (Urn labeled "Mistress L. Sotha")
 NPC_: tr_m3_fedura ovav  (Fedura Ovav )




Ex_DE_ship_cabindoor    Old Ebonheart, Docks (7,-18)    64061    -144292    264    "small gap between door and frame on the right"
in_c_plain_room_side    Old Ebonheart, The Moth and Tiger    -256    512    0    "bad flicker on floor"   
TR_m3_Cheeya00000000    Nebulud    6133    9403    473    "the slave found here is dead"    

TR_m3_Bilen_Sevlor00000000    Nebulud    5870    8766    516    "hostile scout warrior with mixed armor. who was supposed to live here? meant for some sort of scholar?"    
T_Mw_Flora_TempleDom02    Nebulud    4411    9046    250    "do domes need light here"   
furn_velothi_altar_01    Nebulud    1758    7450    -288    "needs undead guards here"    
In_BM_DAEplatform    Ikinammassu (12,-23)    102776    -182435    2027    "ext still a named cell"    
light_dae_censer    Ikinammassu (12,-23)    101045    -183316    1366    "ext still has active censer"    
T_Mw_Flora_ShroomTableO_04    Ikinammassu (12,-23)    101401    -186027    1040    "there's a column of orange smoke here, but not centered on the shroom. was the smoke already scripted according to weather?"   
in_c_pillar_wood    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages    4352    3966    15232    "flickers, setpos y 3966"    
in_c_pillar_wood    Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages    4608    3966    15232    "flickers, setpos y 3966 too"    

OE plaza sellers shouldn't have autocalc (trade everything)
TR_m3_Sallus Pepander

TR_m3_Olres Iladri (double-check after edited by legion quests)

Greeting 0 "Talk to Dalvor. He's the boss." ... "Nothing to see here. These gentlemen were just leaving."
remove or move to greeting 1?

dialogue error warnings found in v.0039:
Line 1 function reference object "TR_m3_Stabby-Jak_Scene" not found.
NPC/Creature TR_m3_Stabby-Jak_Scene was not found on line 2. in Topic "business matter"
   "You fool! You led him right to me! Guards! Guards! Help, I'm being murdered!"

ModDispostion -30
Script command "SetFight100" not found on line 3.


Can someone add Cell=Vhul

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Can someone add Cell=Vhul conditions to all the entries in the "swindling dark elves" topic that don't already have an ID or cell filter? All the choice responses show up in the CS when filtering for NPCs that don't have anything to do with the quest. done (T_Mw_SyvvitTong condition instead because not sure about cell borders)

Claiming to fix the landscape

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Claiming to fix the landscape border between what were the Old Ebonheart and Northern Aanthirin Section files.

And dropping. I made the landscape between the two feel more organic, by smoothing out sharp transitions, making the textures align between the files, fixing the vertex shading, and adding detailing at the border so it doesn't look empty on a map.


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dropping 2018-04-01 v.0004


fixed OE headquarters legion map marker nails, made script TR_m3_act_OE_LegHQnails_scpt for them but forgot to add it on the objects and test
applied OE script revisions
updated T_Mw_ factions in NPCs and dialogue
"swindling dark elves" added conditions
fixed some errors on "business matter" and "Greeting 0" for A Criminal Lawyer but did not review the rest, issues remain
changed some merchant ownerships
IAS library now owned
switched some lines that edited vanilla data around "I'm an officer of the Imperial Coast Guard."
cleaned other vanilla dialogue nord 12581268941145729234 greeting 7 636913111012028406 unrest in cyrodiil city 165843760212649393
cleaned tr_m1_vermai_pt tr_ancestor_necrom tr_imp_guard_s tr_m2_d_b1 tr_m3_gih-ja

Grabbing to do some work.

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Grabbing to do some work. Aside from stuff already noted here/in the former section file threads, such as doing some more work on the C&E offices and finally adding that Dunmer tent interior, I'll be merging in Talos' Tower and the bank interior and adding some ash statues and slaves to the Hlaalu merchant ship Pride of Nerusia, and ash statues to TR_M3_Cirtiel's display table.

New file up top, edits still

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New file up top, edits still underway.

Current changelog:
-added the Tamriel Rebuilt mosaic to the census offices
-added and fixed a few pathgrids
-added ash statues to the vendor by the docks and the Pride of Nerusia, and slaves and a few illegal goods to the latter
-added punavit and llotham around Vhul
-added the tree in Ebon Tower's courtyard back

Tossing up another in

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Tossing up another in progress file as it's been a while. Merged in the two OE interiors and detailed the census tower among other things. (Not quite finished on the latter, as I still want to do something with the two small vaults there).

New file. Gave Vhul its

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New file. Gave Vhul its banners, gave its resident mage some wares at his stand, merged in three dialogue claims and the Daedric shrine interior (though I forgot to check for/add pathgrids), fixed most instances of caspering and bad collisions around stairs in OE, (one or two cases will still need testing in-game), and have possibly done other minor stuff that's not coming to mind.

Dropping the file for a

Gnomey's picture

Dropping the file for a moment as folks have been poking me to do so on Discord. If nobody grabs it/expresses interest in doing so when I'm back from work tomorrow I intend to nab it again. Change-log:

-implemented Elsweyr embassy dialogue fixes
-fixed lady bleeding into floor in the grand chapel
-replaced instances of deprecated book
-fixed some carpet placements in the OE Fighters Guild. There are a lot of issues left, with the shell in particular.
-added 'Velk Camp' interior with three NPCs, TR_m3_Gevar, TR_m3_Guls and TR_m3_Ieran, all houseless Velothi, though one is an Indoril retainer. I intend to give them a unique line or maybe two.

Checked out and dropped in

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Checked out and dropped in one post

  • Fixed various ownership issues, mainly faction related and in Ebon Tower
  • Deprecated bread has been fixed throughout SRS using the file patcher
  • Placed a roadsign in Dondril for Vhul (this needs updating once it enters Tamriel Data properly)
  • Made the beds in the Legion Boarding House (in the city) usable for players who are a member of the Legion

Checking out. I'll try and do

Gnomey's picture

Checking out. I'll try and do some bug-fixing, with Vhul+Felms Ithul detailing, rock tidying and those lines of dialogue for the NPCs I added sprinkled in to keep me interested.

New file. I finished my

Gnomey's picture

New file. I finished my primary objectives with the rock tidying, namely eliminating egregiously bad vertex shading and tidying up some of the rock clumps. I haven't touched the canyons or ashlands in the north east, though I would like to work on them as well; I'll focus on getting the other edits to the file done first, and only edit those if there's time left. I also gave the file a quick clean, removing some Tamriel_Data references that were dirtied by it. That said, through my edits, it's quite possible that there are dirty cells that need to be cleaned out, which I haven't done yet.

It seems I uploaded the wrong

Gnomey's picture

It seems I uploaded the wrong file last time. Should be right this time. Changelog (additional to what I wrote above):

-replaced instances of hamum root with the new spartium bellae
-added new shop sign models around Old Ebonheart
-sorted the tapestries in the Curia
-fixed windows and placement issues in the Grand Chapel
-added a few lines of dialogue to the NPCs at the velk camp and the peddler Ginur Dolvi in Vhul.
-added ownership where it was missing in Vhul
-did a pass of detailing in Felms Ithul's exterior

Dropping after fixing two

Gnomey's picture

Dropping after fixing two minor oversights: a banner in the curia and adjusting the pathgrid in Felms Ithul. As before, there are probably dirty cells that need cleaning.

Dropped after Rats took

Atrayonis's picture

Dropped after Rats took already care about most of the issues I wanted to fix. Merged some stuff, though.

Grabbing to fix some issues I

Gnomey's picture

Grabbing to fix some issues I found in a test run and make whatever other fixes/adjustments that come to mind.

Screenshots from the test run can be found here, by the way, (the two sound shrines are in the Indoril-Thirr file):

Dropping so that Atra can do

Gnomey's picture

Dropping so that Atra can do some work on this. I'll resume my edits after that. Changes:

- gave Sodeen two new lines to overwrite references to 'our lord' and such. Filtered some of those lines to Dunmer.
- replaced a saltrice field with hamum and some comberry, as saltrice can't grow outside the Deshaan and Vvardenfell Districts.
- fixed some placement issues I'd noticed.
- added some pods of netches here and there, mostly in the east and north of Aanthirin.
- started doing a bit of detailing in the empty fields on the eastern edge of the file.
- cleaned out (hopefully all) the dirty cells.

Grabbing to populate the

Gnomey's picture

Grabbing to populate the landscape with more critters, including Ornada queens on beaches, detail empty landscapes and continue to work on resolving the long list of issues people have posted over the months.

It seems there were still a

Atrayonis's picture

It seems there were still a couple instances where the non-existant feral guars were used in dialogue and they create errors on starting a game. Not sure why I didn't catch that yesterday. When you're done, I'll need to fix that.

WIP file for the night:

Gnomey's picture

WIP file for the night:

-adjusted dialogue in Felms Ithul for lore, edited some NPCs, moved some around, set exterior ownership
-added rot's script to make Ullev react to attacking the velk in the pen
-added mushroom lights
-added more creature spawns; ornada on coasts, netch pods and so on
-added flora to the fields around Ikinammassu
-adjusted some 'merchants' in Dondril to be more in line with Velothi offering barter
-removed an instance of Vampires of Vvardenfell II in the normal section of the OE library
-gave five NPCs their shoes back
-started reworking the canyons east of OE.

Dropping for others to work

Gnomey's picture

Dropping for others to work on. I plan to do a test run tomorrow to check and take screenshots of my changes, but or now the text will have to do:

-overhauled the canyon and surrounding underdetailed areas
-merged Tarhiel is missing, Sticky Situation, Missing corpses and Don't Touch My Gems!
-gave Caros Cocceius his shoes back again
-removed Thargus Caerio, to be re-added later via quest plugin
-fixed a scripted container placement in Felms Ithul
-removed a chest for one of Mort's quests
-raised the errant velk off the ground to play nicer with OpenMW

Edit: here's an album of my test run:

I really like your rework of

Ragox's picture

I really like your rework of the canyon and placement of additional flora. The terrain could still be improved to line up more naturally with the cliffs, it's a bit jaggy in some places, but it's completely fine for now.
Regarding the mushroom lights, won't we subsequently have to place these lights in all caves that have Temple Domes?

I don't use the lights for

Gnomey's picture

I don't use the lights for every instance of the temple domes in the exterior, same as BC mushrooms don't always have the lights. I did add mushroom lights here and there to the interiors, but there were cases where I felt doing so would mess with the lighting set-up, and so I left off it in those cases.

Grabbing to do some work

Gnomey's picture

Grabbing to do some work again. Some stuff I plan to do:
-merge anything that's ready
-maybe decrease wander distance of velk in pen, so they don't weirdly congregate on the same nodes
-add a Coastguard patrol in the Thirr Delta for Belated Justice
-I think the new plaza resources haven't been swapped in instead of the vanilla pieces, now that I think of it
-I might also do some more work on some of the vaults in OE

New file. I must admit I've

Gnomey's picture

New file. I must admit I've done relatively little the last few days:

-merged a missing C&E offices NPC in
-replaced vanilla Imperial plaza meshes with the new ones where relevant
-decreased wander distance of velk in Felms Ithul pen in the hopes it would stop them from congregating
-added patrol boat for Belated Justice. Will replace current objects with unique scripted versions after quest is merged
-replaced obvious Boethiah statue in Ikinammassu, Shrine
-added oblivion plants and generally fancied up Subfuscous Cupola

New file: -changed names and

Gnomey's picture

New file:
-changed names and outfits of Imperial Marines, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen (just the loadout for the latter).
-altered entrance around Serynthul
-fancified Briricca vault
-changed Ilvi's name as discussed on Discord. Retainers tend to call him 'the Indoril Ilvi of the Thrice-Blessed House', other Dunmer 'the Indoril Ilvi', and very humble Velothi 'Muther-sil Roa Dyr'
-merged 'Ambassador Trouble' file and implemented 'Don't Touch my Gems!' fixes.

New file, just a few fixes

Gnomey's picture

New file, just a few fixes and some merging:
-addressed old bugs and suggestions (for Vhul and Dondril), mostly minor stuff like shifting around stairs and adding a Velothi well.
-spruced up the Imperial Census Offices mini-vaults a little.
-merged Imperial Voices, Imperial Cult part 1 and Ikinammassu dialogue.
-maybe some other minor thing because I didn't keep notes properly this time. Bad Gnomey.

I also took a look at the roadsign situation; I will need a few signs to be added to Tamriel_Data before i can properly implement it, though.

New file. -added preliminary

Gnomey's picture

New file.

-added preliminary road signs; Felms Ithul and Serynthul signs need to be added, and Dondril and Vhul signs at OE changed to metal-rimmed, as soon as they are added to Tamriel_Data.
-added more lanterns along the roads, including the road to Serynthul.
-fixed some bugs, including tidying up some rocks on the road east of Dondril and various small placement and dialogue fixes around OE.
-fixed the dreaded OE Fighters Guild shell. Still looks a bit rough in places, but general seams and caspering have been removed.

Dropping. This file is

Gnomey's picture

Dropping. This file is getting merged now, so I'll be closing this. Changes:

-added remaining road signs
-merged Don't Touch My Gems changes and EEC quests and dialogue