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This is the compiled addon for Tamriel_Data. It is not Tamriel_Data itself, but the files and assets that will be merged with it during its next release cycle.


When fixing bugs, adding assets, etc. Take the latest linked file, merge your assets to the esp, add your assets, then upload a new version.
Do not include an edited Tamriel_Data.esm/esp! This is strictly for merging our changes!
Please add new merged books into the book index.

To be Done

There are several deprecated assets in here that need to be cleaned out after merging this ESP with Tamriel_Data.ESM.
In general, they all have the descriptor "<Deprecated>".

  • Old Books
  • The container Amanita Muscaria, its levelled list and ingredient
  • T_Orc_Drink_LiquorUngorth_01. deleted outright

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I suppose this is probably

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I suppose this is probably the best place to list (my) goals for the next TR_Data and stuff to be added.

stuff that can be added
-fix for Aanthirin bulb tree collisions.
-the T_Mw_Light_AanthirinMushroom light, currently in the Hlaalu-Thirr file, which is intended to replace the BC blue mushroom glow lights.

stuff I'd like to see added
-adjusted UV map for Aanthirin trees, possibly new leaf textures
-possible adjustment to Aanthirin ground textures to tile less obviously
-sound shrines
-collision adjustments for cliff, ridge and peak assets

I'll update this list as more comes to mind.

Also: copy over the changes

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Also: copy over the changes to TR's Brown Book from Rot's Guild Unification/TR_Factions.

I already included them (and

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I already included them (and the lowres one which snuck in) and uploaded a hotfix to the Tamriel_Data file on Nexus.

I'm wondering whether some of

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I'm wondering whether some of the Saltstrap models, the ones with the flower/berries, should be made a Container instead of a Static object, so that an ingredient could be added later. Also thinking we should have a scripted variant of the lightrays that are only visible when it's day outside.

Some of the models seem to be either missing or otherwise not working: the new Preyseeker helmet, the new unique cutlass and the Dwemer lighthouse interior. 

The "T_De_UNI_RenaldLute" (what is this btw?) tries to stream non-existent music.

Definitely agree on scripting

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Definitely agree on scripting the lightrays.

The dwemer lighthouse interior is in the linked archive (i/tr_in_dwe_lh_01.nif), but seems to have gone missing in MinerMan's file.

The artifacts for TR_i4-517 seem to have vanished completely (including the music file associated with T_De_UNI_RenaldLute), I'm not sure how that happened since they're not present in any of the linked archives. Luckily, we can just retrieve them from their asset page.

In any case, I'm checking this out to fix everything.

It looks like that wasn't in

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It looks like that wasn't in the previous 11/05 file Atrayonis uploaded, so it didn't get to mine.

Dropping; in addition to the

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Dropping; in addition to the above, included in the file are fixed UVs for the tr_terr_rr_cliff_s set and a fixed version of the tr_de_rm chest (which was missing some faces).

The Spiked Iron Pauldrons

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The Spiked Iron Pauldrons seem to be using the steel ones' meshes in the new version.

Added the Indal-ruhn sign and

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Added the Indal-ruhn sign and some minor adjustments to the tanna plant. Dropping.

Updated the AT bulb tree leaf

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Updated the AT bulb tree leaf textures and added in some Imperial sign meshes and textures. I haven't marked the latter asset as merged, as more combinations/signs are possible. TR's current orange sign textures are replaced by new textures, and additional signs have been created to use in Old Ebonheart. No change to the add-on .esp.
The naming scheme on the signs isn't as tidy as it could be (specifically the meshes, the textures should be fine); I preserved the pre-existing mesh IDs to avoid the need of replacing signs in TR_Mainland and other files. With new meshes, I generally tried to mirror the texture IDs. The naming scheme should at least be functional in its current state, and easy to improve later (aside from changing the IDs of pre-existing sign meshes). If someone has a good naming scheme in mind and is willing to apply it last-minute by all means, but otherwise I think it should be fine to merge as-is.

As far as I'm concerned work on this add-on is done.

A few fixes: corrected

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A few fixes: corrected texture path on Spartium Bealei, shortened two sign IDs, removed one superfluous sign (of the newly added ones, that is), added another sign in its place.