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This is the compiled addon for Tamriel_Data v06. It is not Tamriel_Data itself, but the files and assets that will be merged with it during its next release cycle.


When fixing bugs, adding assets, etc., take the latest linked file (if one exists), load it together with the current Tamriel_Data.esm, merge your assets to the esp, edit whatever necessary, remove the Tamriel_Data.esm dependency, then upload a new version.
Do not include an edited Tamriel_Data.esm/esp! This is strictly for merging our changes!
Please add new merged books into the book index.

Unofficially Merged

  • Curved Dock by MelchiorDahrk
  • Indoril generic texts by Gnomey
  • Hlaalu House Bank by Texafornian

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Merged Assets: 


2018-07-09   fixed

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fixed missing nocol tr_furn_com_rug_o04.nif

fixed floating ground meshes, does not affect old instances

merged Empty LEVC fix

The Tanna plants have SS in

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The Tanna plants have SS in their IDs, but are intended for Shipal-shin which has the abbreviation SH.

Merged Nav Andaram Meshes.

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Merged Nav Andaram Meshes. The textures are probably unecessary, can someone see if that's true so that they can be deleted from here if they really are?

Merged assorted fixes,

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Merged assorted fixes, unmerged the Nav Andaram meshes pending a soul-searching.

We will, but not really for

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We will, but not really for the next release, as the only crossroads that will probably have the sign is just outside of the release area. (Come to think of it, there should also be a sign right next to Gol Mok itself, though).

I think the sign you're

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I think the sign you're talking about is in Hlaalu-Thirr :)

Outside of Gol Mok there is already a banner, so that's not an issue.

Dropped. Merged the floating

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Merged the floating lanterns, some interior mesh fixes by Stripes and Cicero's Ebony Blade. Also added fixed mono versions of old TR sounds that were previously in stereo which caused issues. 

Right now there are many

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Right now there are many Artifacts ready to merge to TR-Data. Just wanted to specify which BSA which one goes to. I see that there is a folder in the TR-Data Addon "to go to PC".

PT_data.bsa artifacts.

-conjurers ring
-dragoneye helm

TR-Data.bsa artifacts

-ring of st. Seryn
-Ring of eidolons edge
-belt of st. Olms
-white robe of st. Meris
-sanguines rose
-Ebony Blade
-Soul Anchor

The Reason I say this is that it might be best if there are changes to the PC artifacs to reflect that (such as giving it PC ID naming in esp, and for the assets meshes, textures, icons path).

For example:

tr_a_dragoneye.nif  ----->  pc_a_dragoneye.nif

Chillrend already has this naming in place, but the conjurer's ring and dragoneye helm do not.

Hope this makes sence.

Dropped. THis is the first

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Dropped. THis is the first version to include dialogue - Greeting 1 for the Orgnum's Coffer artifact and the script-handling class-dependant Bank topics.

I'm quickly claiming this to

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I'm quickly claiming this to add some Indoril generic texts (scrolls and paper rolls). They're for my work on Roa Dyr, but will also be useful for other chapels, which is why I'm adding them here.

Here's the list with ID "Name" [and text body]. I'd generally go the standard route through the asset browser, but need these short-term and I've already given folks time to provide feedback on Discord.


Dropped again. The texts are

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Dropped again. The texts are added. Quite a lot of them, but I think it drives home the point of Indoril having an advanced bureaucracy.

Grabbed and dropped real

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Grabbed and dropped real quick.

Merged Dunmer heads and hairstyles.

Merged some more stuff

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Merged some more stuff (hlaalu bank, bonemold armor, mirror, the collision fixes for Hlaalu staircases).