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When fixing bugs, adding assets, etc., take the latest linked file (if one exists), load it together with the current Tamriel_Data.esm, merge your assets to the esp, edit whatever necessary, remove the Tamriel_Data.esm dependency, then upload a new version.
Do not include an edited Tamriel_Data.esm/esp! This is strictly for merging our changes!
Please add new merged books into the book index.

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T_Dwe_Cre_CentArcSh_01 fixed

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T_Dwe_Cre_CentArcSh_01 fixed the AI package follow a centurion instead of AI wander
T_ScObj_DeleteAfter1700ms generic script edited to avoid instantly cleaning the object when entering a cell if someone wants to use it like that
T_ScGlobal_PassTime script edited to follow the calendar fixed by MCP or openMW, instead of the original engine calendar that skipped Morning Star
merged linked weapon improvements
_For PT fixed disappearing head of Sload creature

updated leveled creature

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  • updated leveled creature lists for the Armun Ashlands
  • removed the AI package from the rising mummy (the AI package was making it wander instead of sitting still)

I should be listed in the

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I should be listed in the credits for tamriel_data so im just posting this here so that it doesnt get buried in the discord

Just a reminder that tr_rr

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Just a reminder that tr_rr_scrub_01 is called tr_rr_scrub_01_0.dds
so this means that it is not being recognized by the game

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