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This release file contains the new exterior claims, covering part of Aanthirin and much of Thirr Valley.


This is the file where dialogue, quests, and claims should be merged. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it without also loading TR_Mainland.esm! (see editing guidelines) You're fine without for now; no dialogue is in this file yet.

This file must be loaded with the latest Data Addon.

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2020-02-24 - chef Dropping

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2020-02-24 - chef

Overhaul and border matching complete, load with addon.

2020-02-26 - Cicero

  • Bandits in Planamet are now hostile (removed the orange moss in the BC scum on the bottom level)
  • Andrannipal and Varashimmus have the TR namings removed for real cell names now
  • Made some fixes to Andrannipal Inner Shrine
  • Replaced the Nordic bridge in Thirr Valley Region 1, -38 with a dunmeri one
  • Replaced the Nordic Trelis with Dunmer ones
  • Move a mountainpeak rock over that looked a bit awkward being too close to a draw bridge in Aanthirin Region 3,-33
  • Fixed bleeders, replaced some style mixng objects in Othmura
  •  Smoothed some terrain and lifted some grass when I happened across these issues

Cell (Vandirelyon, underground) Wrong Door Marker.

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The door marker in "Vandirelyon, Underground" from "Vandirelyon, Lower Keep" leads to a door undernieth of the correct door in the chapel. It can be seen out of place in the CS. Tag me on Discord Interiors with any questions.

Need these things removed

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Need these things removed due to duplicate items showing up during the creation of the quest file:
These Items were originally created in the INT claim but scripts were added in the QUEST file. This created Duplicates.
If you could move the incorrect door marker, it is in Vandirelyon, Underground as well.

Vandirelyon, Upper Keep
Vandirelyon, Underground

Changelog (2020-03-02): -

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Changelog (2020-03-02):

- Removed T_Vandirelyon_Wall_01, T_Vandirelyon_Button, T_SearingRobe, T_bk_Vandirelyon_Sacr_01, T_in_strong_vaultdoor00_Sealed. These will be re-added (with changes) in .

- Fixed: The door marker in "Vandirelyon, Underground" from "Vandirelyon, Lower Keep" leads to a door undernieth of the correct door in the chapel. It can be seen out of place in the CS. --> Please check!

- Fixed: terrain_rock_ai_12    Aanthirin Region (3,-33)    24949    -267327    519    "c (look from the river)".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockTV_CliffS_01b    Thirr Valley Region (0,-38)    6043    -304577    1568    "caspers if you look from the northeast".

- Fixed: T_Mw_TerrRockTV_CliffS_01c    Naemunbatashpi (1,-37)    15801    -300328    1652    "caspers when you walk the tunnel road north to south and look up".

- Sadrathim Bridge across the

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- Sadrathim Bridge across the river is now the new Hlaalu version instead of the Velothi one
- Merged Thirr Valley #4 Grotto
- Merged Thirr Valley #2 Cave #2
- Populated Cave #2 with Swamp Trolls and Rats
- Merged Thirr Valley #4 Daedric Ruin
- Added a second section to Thirr Valley #4 Daedric Ruin ( a shrine interior to Azura)
- Populated Thirr Valley #4 Daedric Ruin
- Named the cells Alta Vathor and Alta Vathor, Shrine
- Added dreugh trap script to chest by shipwreck

Merged 2 buildings, swapped

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Merged 2 buildings, swapped tanna to the remake, clustered a bit of flora and raised a few hills


Dropping. Merged ints, did

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Dropping. Merged ints, did the hlan oek tunnel flattening discussed in the exteriors meeting, added a sewer entrance. No TV5 work today.


dropping: - Added map6 and

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- Added map6 and map7 scripts to the bandits that are currently in the file.
- Replaced the Velk with Hirv as per discord (Velk will remain as strictly an indoril region creature).
- Added a path off the road to Sadras Ancestral Tomb as this is a maintained tomb visited by the near by family members in Sadrathim.

another quick edit  made the

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another quick edit 

made the tents ground flat so that the interiors are easier to make (and also for logic as a tent would fold over on a tilt)

Dropping. All object IDs are

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All object IDs are now in the format TR_mX_. For some, I added more specifics of where it was for along with other tweaks for consistency.
Hlan Oek 13 was moved from Omaynis but didn't have the object IDs changed to reflect that.
Replaced TR_m7_Othrano_Rat_Poison with the nearly identical vanilla item poison_goop00. The only difference was the former is called "Rat Poison"
Replaced the foundation with landscape behind Hlan Oek 17's exterior and made the buttresses there not float.
Made Thirr Valley #3 Cave #2 fit the exterior with a few slope pieces at the entrance.


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-Othmura: Added service provider, temple and mages guild banners and a couple of overhangs
-Othmura: Added preliminary guards and gave them ownership of all items
-Othmura: Fixed gaps in walls and bridges
-Othmura: Improved streetlight placement
-TR_Othmura_07_Temple: Fixed gridlock, added T_D temple banners and bone pieces
-TR_Othmura_07_Temple: Fixed front window to correspond with the exterior
-TR_Othmura_06: Fixed door being in the wrong location
-TR_Othmura_06: Added missing window


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-Merged Thirr Valley #3 Tent
-Merged Thirr Valley #2 Plantation #3
-Merged Thirr Valley #3 House #2
-Merged Othmura #14
-Merged Othmura #13
-Merged Hlan Oek #23
-Merged Hlan Oek #14

Dropping, requires November

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Dropping, requires November 12th TD addon or later
TV5 peninsula overhauled
Some cobbled buildings replaced with meshes
Sadrathim manor replaced with mesh
Some water statics removed


Checking out. Will do some

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Checking out.

Will do some merging and some finishing up of river floor edits I started last year.