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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files or InDev.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one TR_Preview uses.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at TR_Preview doesn't make clear what is required.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

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Grabbed and dropped. merged

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Grabbed and dropped.

  • merged the Thieves' Guild questline
  • merged the Summerset Isles dialogue fix ("Auridon" -> "Moridunon")
  • gave Hormidac Farralie a wooden heater shield for extra chivalry
  • added Disposition 30 requirements to some responses of Elsweyr and Summerset Isles ambassadors
  • conditioned topic "Caecalia Victrix" better: previously virtually everyone had something to say about her

New Mainland up. [07-26-2018

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New Mainland up[07-26-2018 Google Drive]

  • fixed "Unable to find referenced object "TR_m3_RaathimTorch02" in script TR_m3-591_sconce_script." by giving the torch (and the second torch affected by the script) references persist.
  • changed Niben Wind to Niben's Wind in "A Criminal Lawyer" Journal entries
  • capitalized the L in "Lord Caros Cocceius" in Caros Cocceius' Greeting
  • fixed Duke Phyrios Mattimus' Greetings where he said his own name wrong 

Taking the file

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Dropping 2018-07-26b



Dropped 2018-07-27  

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Dropped 2018-07-27



Taking the file

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Dropped 2018-07-28, 3 old script IDs edited



Fixed bugs (caspering stuff,

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Fixed bugs (caspering stuff, unique items being used, put the helmet in the Ules Ancestral Tomb back, all bowls can be used in "Illicit Gains").