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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files or RestExterior.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one TR_Preview uses.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at TR_Preview doesn't make clear what is required.

Various works of touching up existing content, such as moving the Ruinous Keep, giving the IAS members their faction assignment, and the like, should be kept an eye on.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

Link to previous Mainland release

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Dropped 2018-08-05 ( https:/

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Dropped 2018-08-05 ( ).

- Fixed .

- Fixed . He offers training to Blades now. If you think this makes it too easy to train Long Blade up to 96, debuff him or change this otherwise.

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Fixed a few of .

- Fixed both bugs in . Bug #1 required some changes in "Death Mask of Empress Katariah" topic result scripts. Bug #2 required replacing a "PayFine" by a "PayFineThief".

- Refactored script TR_m3_OE_TG_MaskGuard_SCP, fixing a bug reported by Arkasas, which prevented the guards near the Raathim tomb from getting disabled properly when they are no longer needed. (They kept getting disabled and enabled again.) Same for script TR_m3_OE_RaathimUndead_SCP, which caused a similar behavior for the undead in the tomb. Slightly optimized script TR_m3_OE_TG_Undead_SCP too.


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- Added ownerships ("a shady smuggler" to avoid accidental merchandise) in "Gorne, Rendays Manor" as well as in 3 inhabited Bisandryon cells. (Fix for .)

- Quest TR_m3_OE_DeadlyTreasure: The crystal can now be taken again after dropping.

- Merged rot's . This fixes a cursed daedric stuff in the OE mages guild ( TR_m3_OE_MG_DaedricStaff_script ) as well as bugs in quests TR_m3_Do_Velk, TR_m3_OE_DeadlyTreasure (that one was of my making), and TR_m3_OE_CriminalLawyer.

- Quest TR_m3_OE_CriminalLawyer: Reynant Alciente now offers his bounty-solving service as soon as Stabby has been dealt with, even if Stabby has been misled rather than killed.

- Greeting 7 by NPC "TR_m2_Dilavesa Indalen" slightly rewritten ("Outlander, in case you are looking for work:" -> "Outlander, you are looking for work, aren't you?"). Hard to believe, but I was an even worse writer 4 years ago.

- NPC TR_m2_Fevras_Beran in Alt Bosara now sells paper, inkwells and quills (for the "gewpp eee" quest).

- Quest TR_m3_OE_GhoulArgonian: finished journal entry 20 (fixing ).

- Quest TR_m3_OE_Freedom: fixed a script bug ("else if") in script TR_m3_OE_fiendchest_scr that broke the quest on OpenMW.

- NPC "TR_m3_Valacca Prontia" now has a "no further duties" response to the "errand" quest after her IL quests are done. Previously she was default to an outdated response talking about a quest that was already done.


changelog: -fixed grammar in

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-fixed grammar in armistice theft dialogue. Vanilla arrest dialogue capitalizes ever major word and ends with a period. it is now:
Choice "Surrender the Armistice and Go to Jail." 37 "Resist Arrest." 38
-fixed two wordings here
-Swapped a mine and an ancestral tomb in map1. Originally I wanted to remove all of the scaffolding because it lead to a tiny tomb, but swapping its location with an adjacent diamond mine makes me think that was originally its intent. Pic here: post change
-removed a giant bridge and another smaller bridge that led to a single bandit and a bedroll. Kept the bandit, put a rising force potion next to him. (see pic above, bridge was originally on bottom of picture)
-rotated secondary tower on dwemer ruin near Bosmora (towers were perfectly aligned, looked strange)
-fixed Tel Oren's weirdly tall tower growth, pic here post change
-landscaped tel oren slightly, the path to the tower was blockaded by sponge
-Alendu Plantation, Mansion -> Alendu Plantation, House (it's tiny)
-replaced hlaalu stairs with velothi stairs in ranyon-ruhn
-fixed FG floating helmet
-fixed FG quest confusion by requiring previous quests to be beaten
-clarified FG locations and reworded some of the descriptions to be easier to understand
-fixed Necrom Causeway (still needs some detailing but its traversable)

I intend to work on the FG more and link the bugfixes but I'm going to drop it for now in case someone wants to work on it

Dropped. Changelog: - Script

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Dropped. Changelog:

- Script T_ScBank_Bri_CurrentBank modified to temporarily fix . This is only a stopgap; the fix needs to be done in Tamriel_Data, after which the edit in TR_Mainland should be retracted. DO NOT CLOSE THE TICKET!

- Cell "Ebon Tower, Imperial Census Office": various corrections to the (unmarked) "fix the mess" quest. Activator TR_m3_OE_act_ETCensus_rail01/02 is now called "Safety Stanchion" rather than "Safety Railing". Script TR_m3_OE_ETCensusRepair8 no longer increments the TR_m3_OE_ETCensus_RepairState variable (this used to break the quest if the rubble near the door was cleared first).

- The first OE FG quest (tr_m3_fg_oe_cursing) has become a bit easier, since you can now ask about "Git" in the OE FG, in Dondril, in Serynthul and at the camp of the velk herders. Note that it's still tricky to find the way, and no one tells you the easy route from OE. This is intentional. This fixes .

- A few floaters and dialogue Æ's fixed.

- NPCs TR_m2_Slave-Drowned and TR_m2_Slave-Drowned2 now have animation tr_death_a.nif, so they are dead on arrival rather than awkwardly dying.

- NPC "TR_m2_Seris Athyon" in Tel Mothrivra now sells paper, quill, ink.


-fixed owned mushrooms in the

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-fixed owned mushrooms in the sewers
-applied ownership to briricca bank items
-applied ownership to FG helmet
-locked doors in vhul are now owned
-restored tel oren tower height (I didn't expect so many people to like its weirdness)
-fixed northmarkers in map1 dungeons I moved previously
-fixed broken crank script in OE sewers waste pit
-fixed vols valdri (IL npc) not disappearing post quest
-added additional line to Port Telvannis guards' greetings instructing you where the Hospitality Paper building is (The Avenue is on the south end of the city, near the docks.)
-changed some awkward map1/2 dialogue, mostly minor things that came up when I was investigating the next issue
-standardized some dashes and ellipses in text (ellipses should always have three dots, dashes should always have two --, or be replaced with a comma or semicolon. Most old dialogue uses ellipses and dashes much too commonly)

this was the only line of dialogue with significant changes:
Ah, my amulet! Now, that is soo very much better! %PCName, you can't possibly know what you've done... Oh, freed from these bonds, my powers return already! Yes, thank you, %PCRace, for restoring me... Are you surprised? I am a mabrigash, a witch-warrior of an ancient clan! Ha; and now that I am freed from my restraints, I shall make a swift end of you, who has witnessed my indignity!

Ah, my amulet! Now, that feels much better. %PCName, you can't possibly know what you've done... I feel my power return already! Thank you, %PCRace, for restoring me. Are you surprised? I am a mabrigash, a witch-warrior of an ancient clan. Now that I am freed from my restraints, I shall make a swift end of you, who has witnessed my indignity!


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Dropping 2018-08-28
fixed TR_m3_q_OE_MG_ManielScript summoning more dremora if the first one not killed yet
fixed TR_m3_q_OE_MG_GemScript not disabled if first loaded during quest, never placing any gems
TR_m1_q_IC_2_Elmonder now considers him healed only if a restore health effect is detected and checks health%
TR_m3-591_pitcrank removed extra PlaySound3D arguments

Dropped again. Changelog: -

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Dropped again. Changelog:

- Sleeping is now illegal in cell "Ebon Tower, Palace: Treasure Chamber". Conversely, sleeping is now legal in (bandit-inhabited) "Sassur-Dari Iron Mine".

- Added ownership to items in "Old Ebonheart, Bridge Towers".

- Quest TR_m3_Sa_Inquiry: Script TR_m3_q_A9_IdrosoMenas now resurrects creature TR_m3_q_A9_Daedroth if it was killed prematurely. Script TR_m3_q_A9_witchhuntermove hardened (AITravel now has reset flag and there is a failsafe).

- Scripts TR_m1_q50_GO4_gritnol, TR_m1_q_MashugShowTrap, TR_m1_Q_NPC_Uneleas, TR_m2_Barmena_Lletrith_sc, TR_m2_q_21_GuardScript, TR_m2_q_21_MeetingScript, TR_m2_q_38_s_Favfollow, TR_m2_q_38_s_Favstorm, TR_m2_q_38_s_Gilasmove, TR_m2_q_38_s_ritbless, TR_m2_q_9_MithasScript, TR_m2_q_9_NilenoScript, TR_m2_q_9_VilynScript, TR_m3_IL_AldrianusSc, TR_m3_IL_MartenSc, TR_m3_IL_OlfvurSc, TR_m3_IL_ScarathaSc, TR_m3_q_3_Burglar_sc, TR_m3_q_3_Captain_sc, TR_m3_q_3_VaultClerk, added reset flags to various AI instructions.

- Improved some of my old dialogue for NPC TR_m2_q_27_heelkur (Akamora FG). Still won't win me any Nobels, but a certain improvement should be visible.

Taken & Dropped Fixed some OE

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Taken & Dropped

  • Fixed some OE embassy grammar mistakes
  • Removed some references to the removed Bal Oyra Silt Strider

Fixed merxia not teleporting

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  • Fixed merxia not teleporting
  • Merged sewer fix
  • Adding missing customs lines
  • Added a line of dialogue referencing a rolled up scroll for the last FG quest
  • Changed the slave from bosmer to Nord
  • Added the suggested fix for the "Task" topic
  • Fiddled with the part of Verulas Pass int that gave me trouble, its fine now
  • Fixed landscape west of ruinous keep

all blocking bugs are done, this could theoretically be released as a bugfix now

Dropped. - Fixed a bug in TR

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- Fixed a bug in TR_m3_EbonT_SewerGuard's greetings which would repeatedly give the "I'm going to give you another chance" response if one keeps insulting him. The reason is that the random100 variable needs to be manually reset; otherwise it stays the same throughout the conversation.

- Morag Tong "little secret" "Specialize in multiple ways of killing. This will always give you an alternative when you find yourself in a tight spot." replaced by "The Morag Tong does not play favorites. Family ties may join us to any of the Houses, but we serve the Tong first and foremost, and we are bound to fulfill our writs.". (The rest of Kevaar's new dialogue is great.)

- Cleaned out empty ext cells as well as the LAND (4, -17) that had no matching CELL (and clashes with Hlaalu-Thirr).

-Fixed Yggulf the mute's

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-Fixed Yggulf the mute's dialogue
-Fixed the IL merchant dispute response and added a response to Vedam Dren
-Fixed placeholders in OE including some not listed
-Removed flying dwemer monstrosities from Nchazdrumn. TR_Data's leveled lists still has them in them.
-Removed Two Activator shrines from Sevenas Ancestral Tomb, Three from Bethrimo Ancestral Tomb (still has one), Five from Thelaro Chapel (still has one), One from Tomaril Manor (still has one), Two from Denaven Manor (still has one), One from Endrovel Ancestral Tomb

Dropped. Changelog for the

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Dropped. Changelog for the smallest changeset ever:

- Sleeping is no longer illegal in cell Hadrumnibibi (6, -25).

- Use "my training" instead of "training" as a topic for flavor dialogue.

- Fixed some placement bugs in Hadrumnibibi, revealing an axe, a dagger, an anvil and some bones. Fixes .

- Also added a chest with a few soul gems and some alchemy to Hadrumnibibi.

dropped. - gave Armistice key

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- gave Armistice key daggers enchantments so the player can't break the mechanism
- fixed Parandil's erroneous dialogue where he referred to the Imperial Treasury Vaults having been broken into
- changed the inscription on the stone plaque by the Armistice a little to make the clue clearer
- fixed this bug: Old Ebonheart - Legion Quest - Give orders
- Caecalia Victrix now has Idles 2 and 3

Taking the file

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Dropping 2018-09-13b


fixed everybody is yggulf the mute because of an unfiltered entry in "Gentleman Jim Stacey"
fixed missing nolore in: latest rumors, secret, advice, other generic entries for Mothrivra, Surimintu, Hla Bulor, many others everywhere old and new
added conditions to Queen Morgiah topic, added little secret to TR_m3_Fjalma the Urchin
unlinked OE guild guide TR_m3_Elvilde linked to Akamora only, travels plugin overwrites with its own links
reverted id changed from 1807 CELL: alendu plantation, mansion