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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files or RestExterior.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one TR_Preview uses.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at TR_Preview doesn't make clear what is required.

Various works of touching up existing content, such as moving the Ruinous Keep, giving the IAS members their faction assignment, and the like, should be kept an eye on.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

Link to previous Mainland release

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Taking the file

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Dropping 2018-10-27


merged Dialogue Corrections

fixed issues with TR_m3_OE_CourtWizard stuck in journal: add Finished to journal entry from hearing the rumor then restart, add Finished when declining to help
altered travel coordinates for first challenge

Indal-Ruhn topic is now Indal-ruhn. Remember to use tes3cmd and not the CS when the only change to topic names is capital letters.

removed TR_m3_Parandil latest rumors they're already greetings

removed leftover travel links from hostile smuggler in Nalmunabi

tweaked script failsafes to avoid double greetings in TR_m3_IL_AdrianusSc TR_m3_IL_MartenSc TR_m3_IL_OlfvurSc TR_m3_IL_ScarathaSc

Grabbing for: Assorted

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Grabbing for:

  • Assorted bugfixes
  • Sinking the peninsula north-west of Nassudan
  • Moving Ruinous Keep to the east coast (will require Data Addon)
  • Moving the Briricca bank topics ("withdraw funds", "take out loan", "repay loan", "deposit funds") out of this ESM in favor of T_D
  • Replace some of the artifacts with the versions in T_D (will keep the old IDs in for now, but with updated graphics too)

Done everything except for

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Done everything except for the bank topics. There is also currently no Ruinous Keep interior which auto-relocates players to the Wavebreaker interiors.

Note: this includes a Tamriel_Data.esm. This is the current version 6.1 merged with the current (2018-11-12) up-to-date data addon, for merging additional esps into TR_Mainland.

Done some trivial cleaning-up

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Done some trivial cleaning-up. Precise changelog:

- Fixed a couple floaters north of Firewatch left behind by Atra's remodeling of the region.

- Merged and deleted the original.

- Removed book TR_m3_q_FathisNote2 (unused and useless, from ).

- Vhul, Vanis Nithris's House now has 2 beds instead of 1. This matters for the "Hetman, Hlaalu and Scrib Pie" quest. Also, the house no longer has ornada and molecrab eggs.

- NPC "TR_m3_Fedura Ovav" no longer has a whitespace in her name.

- Terrain_rocks_AI_03    Hadrumnibibi (6,-25)    52939    -198447    1166    "c"

- The blocked doors in the Wavebreaker Keep no longer say "This door is blocked for your safety" (I find this paternalism inappropriate in that forsaken place) -- I've replaced their script by TR_m3_i589_BlockedDoor_Script.

- Exterior gates in Wavebreaker Keep are now locked and trapped (including some scripted fuckery).

- Removed unused script TR_m1_q_Jalian.

- Some items outside of Ikinammassu have been given ownership (they clearly belong to the Indoril expedition).

Changelog: - Orelu Plantation

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- Orelu Plantation: Everything is owned now.

- Created two new globals TR_Thirr_Conflict_Score and TR_Thirr_Conflict_Heat (both short), as decided in .

- Terrain_rocks_AI_02    Aanthirin Region (13,-24)    108414    -195944    2252    "c"    

The below are bugs from .

- NOTABUG: 8/6/2018 (02:28)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_08    Lan Orethan Region (27,-31)    227176    -246523    1536    "doorblock"    Not with vanilla meshes.

- 8/6/2018 (13:17)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    In_OM_wallruin06    Zanammu (28,-21)    234594    -167599    1967    "fly"    

- 8/6/2018 (16:10)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_green_lichen_02    Nedothril Region (38,-20)    317846    -162849    733    "fly"    Now placed on tree.

- NOTABUG: 8/10/2018 (13:31)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_tree_gl_09    Sacred Lands Region (38,-17)    312816    -133072    1516    "fly"    Not with vanilla meshes.

- ???: 8/10/2018 (13:40)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_02    Nedothril Region (36,-21)    299946    -170895    2017    "where"    Not sure what's wrong.

- ???: 8/10/2018 (14:18)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    In_OM_waterfall    Mephalan Vales Region (31,-15)    257546    -115381    438    "waterfall"    Not sure what's wrong.

- NOTABUG: 8/10/2018 (16:14)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    T_De_SetInd_X_Platform_05    Tomaril Manor (32,-15)    267247    -118652    6842    "blocked"    Ingame I indeed can't come too close to the door, but the door is still easy to activate. So not a bug to me.

- ???: 8/10/2018 (16:17)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_tree_wg_01    Tomaril Manor, Manor House    589    -911    -4    "from"    Not sure what's wrong. There is no floor further down, so it could have an extensive root system.

- 8/13/2018 (18:32)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_bittergreen_03    Alt Bosara (36,-5)    296252    -40119    741    "wherebittergreenroot"    Floated; sunk.

- NOTABUG: 8/15/2018 (20:36)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    TR_m1_Marcel_Artaud00000000    Firewatch Library, Second Floor    4162    3743    14797    "trader"    What's wrong about that?

- 8/18/2018 (15:26)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_stoneflower_02    Boethiah's Spine Region (23,9)    195916    73985    1710    "fly"    

- NOTFIXED: 8/18/2018 (19:52)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    TR_m2_BugdulgroGulfis00000000    Bthangthamuzand, Entrance Hall    3966    4119    15234    "heisdeadqueststillhave"     Yeah, that quest is a mess. Not today.

- ???: 8/18/2018 (20:28)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    T_Glb_TerrWater_Circle1024_01    Akamora (30,-11)    247412    -86829    4701    "notwater"    Not sure what's wrong.

- NOTFIXED: 8/18/2018 (20:30)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    T_De_SetInd_X_Platform_05    Akamora (30,-12)    250588    -90541    2794    "stoppingplatform"    Akamora is full of these :( Not critical, since one can jump. Maybe someone better than me at exts can fix it.

- 8/19/2018 (01:35)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    ex_t_door_01    Kemel-Ze (22,-2)    186145    -12537    5574    "badDoormarker"    Fixed. Though, to be honest, we ought to run through all Telvanni exit doors and try exit them with levitation; I suspect every other half this issue.

- NOTABUG: 8/20/2018 (14:06)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_tree_wg_01    Boethiah's Spine Region (32,1)    264031    11991    1015    "fly"    Again, not with vanilla meshes.

- NOTABUG: 8/20/2018 (18:25)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_red_lichen_01    Telvanni Isles (38,18)    312648    153837    727    "fly"     Not for me.

- ???: 8/21/2018 (00:04)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    T_Mw_TerrRockWG_Cliff_02    Helnim Fields Region (23,2)    190304    20843    -2050    "wrong_stack"    Not sure what's wrong here.

- NOTFIXED: 8/21/2018 (00:25)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    ex_de_docks_corner_01    Galseah, Deep Caverns    2692    2310    -2170    "its_blocked_walk_on_quest_"    known issue with NPC follower collisions, may need follower scripts --> Looking at pathgrid, is this even supposed to be walked?

- NOTFIXED: 8/21/2018 (00:42)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    Flora_BC_Lilypad    Tel Muthada (27,-5)    222428    -35718    4059    "square_in_water"     Not sure how to fix this.

- NOTABUG: 8/21/2018 (13:41)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_tree_wg_05    Boethiah's Spine Region (33,-4)    271951    -27997    591    "tree_in_rock"    IMHO, this is acceptable; the stem is just smaller at that point. Trees adapt to anything.

- 8/21/2018 (13:43)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_18    Boethiah's Spine Region (32,-2)    269775    -9306    3959    "fly".

- 8/21/2018 (13:43)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_05    Boethiah's Spine Region (32,-2)    268926    -9053    3768    "more_wrong".

- 8/21/2018 (13:58)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_chokeweed_02    Boethiah's Spine Region (36,1)    300677    14771    536    "fly"    

- NOTFIXED: 8/22/2018 (15:55)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_chokeweed_02    Boethiah's Spine Region (32,4)    269974    36244    2867    "grow_from_stone"    

- 8/22/2018 (16:11)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_14    Boethiah's Spine Region (37,-1)    309963    -5075    710    "fly"

- 8/22/2018 (16:14)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_08    Boethiah's Spine Region (38,-5)    313162    -40651    2558    "need_coloring"    

- NOTABUG: 8/22/2018 (16:48)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    ex_dwrv_bridge00    Sacred Lands Region (46,-15)    381271    -118217    2432    "fly"    Not for me.

- 8/22/2018 (17:19)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    Terrain_rocks_WG_02    Sacred Lands Region (40,-14)    332088    -110024    404    "broke_earth_and_tree_in_stone"    I *think* I've improved it.

Four more ignored since I ran out of time, sorry.


Changelog: - Merged in https:

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- Merged in (TR_i3-743-Ind_adamantum_3_reviewed.esp from ) as requested by MinerMan60101 on Sat, 2018-12-22 19:24. The OM ruin is now called Veremmu. Added not-too-difficult key puzzle (2 keys needed) in Veremmu to exit the sewers.

- Veremmu and the Sarbiri river NPCed with rats and two skeleta. Also, rudimentary pathgrids added. Seems to work.

- Updated the Tamriel_Data.esm merge.

- terrain_rock_ai_12    Sundered Scar Region (22,-20)    184123    -160206    1091    "several ltx mismatches nearby".

- Kisrashallat: Replaced a daedroth and a scamp by their respawning (static levlist, T_Mw_Cr_*) counterparts.

- Removed "Tribunal" from the name of the quest "Tribunal Temple: Dead Shores".

Note: this includes a Tamriel_Data.esm. This is the current version 6.1 merged with the current (2019-01-18) up-to-date data addon ESP, for merging additional esps into TR_Mainland.


OK, dropped. The big changes

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OK, dropped.

  • Bugfixes (see linked bugs)
  • Added the suggested new NPCs to Firewatch, after editing some names and inventory
  • Cookie transition:
    • Changed "cookie" topic to "biscuit" topic (filtered to Bakers)
    • Changed "cookie recipe", Hurgun gro-Martag's greeting, and references to him to mention biscuits
    • Changed TR_m1_Silniel to refer to now-edible biscuits instead of cookies
    • TR_m1_Q51_bk_notefromolfina,TR_m1_Q51_bk_notefromolfina, and TR_m3_OE_notefromson now refer to biscuits
  • Changed one reply for "Llothanis" to no longer mention a boat travel to Tel Ouada
  • Removed "Vivec and Mephala" and "Ancestors of the Dunmer" from some interiors
  • Changed the outdated "wine" topics of TR_m1_Alasha_Kori. Sutch, Skingrad, Kvatch, and Nibenese Temple wines are now Surilie Brothers, Tamika's Cellar, Wolfsblood, Plallo's Vineyard, and Twin Moons.
  • Replaced most instances of the Book of Life and Service and the Book of Rest and Endings (a last few in Necrom need to wait for the Sermon of Veloth to be finished):
    • Sailen, Bradyn Household (replaced with T_Bk_SaintRilmsLessonTR)
    • Seitur, Elmeni Udani's House (replaced with T_Bk_SaintRilmsLessonTR)
    • Sailen, Rurvyn Manor (replaced with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintNerevarTR)
    • Sailen, Pilgrim Hostel (removed)
    • Ranyon-ruhn, Catacombs (replaced with T_Bk_RuhnAniaAlmsiviTR)
    • Nethril Plantation (replaced with T_Bk_MediationsDeterminedLawTR)
    • Necrom, Pallbearers and Sweeps (removed)
    • Necrom, Northern Watchtower (replaced with bk_OnMorrowind)
    • Necrom, Disvur Bereth's House (replaced with bk_LivesOfTheSaints and T_Bk_OnTheEvilsOfHeresyTR)
    • Necrom, Lesser Bonewalker Smithy (replaced with TR_bk_i2-25_Temple-corpse-prep)
    • Necrom, Greater Bonewalker Smithy (replaced with T_Bk_GospelOfSaintNerevarTR)
    • Necrom, Chamber of Artifects
    • Ildrim, Golos Merevu's Shack (replaced with T_Bk_FourthBookOfDustTR)
    • Firewatch Library, Second Floor (replaced with 1xT_Bk_OnPurityTR, deleted the rest)
    • Bal Oyra, Lighthouse (replaced with T_Bk_OelandersHammerTR)


Changed tr_m1_Alasha_Kori's

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  • Changed tr_m1_Alasha_Kori's dialogue again
  • Redid the Cookie transition
  • old dialogue has been filtered to a shady smuggler in order to not screw up saved games anymore
  • Changed TR_m3_Dar_Mistake and dialogue for topic "Spoiled Wine": Sutch Wine -> Plallo Vineyard Wine