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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary. This means do not change the IDs of anything that was released in a TR_Mainland.esm unless strictly necessary.



TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Make sure to redate the .esp to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 with WryeMash so that it loads before other plugins that rely on it. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files.

This file must be loaded with the latest Data Addon.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one used west of Alt Orethan.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at those areas don't make clear what is required.

Various works of touching up existing content, such as exterior reworks, giving the IAS members their faction assignment, and the like, should be kept an eye on.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

Link to previous Mainland release

Make sure you have the newest Tamriel Data for hotfix 20.02 and the newest Data Addon from Github.

Merged Bugfixes: 

Merged Claims: 

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Changelog (2020-03-03a): -

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Changelog (2020-03-03a):

- Topic "services" now has separators. Also added some responses for Gol Mok and Indal-Ruhn (there were none).
Indal-Ruhn "services": Rolis Hlor is our merchant, over in the stone house at the west end of town. Other than that, you're more likely to find what you need in Almas Thirr.
or, if you ask Rolis: That's mostly me, if I say so myself.
or, if you ask Balyn (the shipmaster): Rolis Hlor over at the west end of town has a nice selection of everyday wares. For anything more specific, you'd want to go to Almas Thirr. Want a ride?
Gol Mok "services", non-Hlaalu response: If you aren't named Salvani, I'm afraid you won't find many here. Otherwise, of course, the whole town is at your service.

- Responses to "Romithren Monastery" topic are now limited to TR maps 2 and 3.


Changelog (2020-03-31a&b): -

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Changelog (2020-03-31a&b):

- Merged three fix ESPs by Evil Eye.

- Fixed Rats's report: "Devas Terano has responses calling tr_m1_q_molag_saber and tr_m1_q_molag_trident. Looks like when those got renamed T_Dae_UNI_SoulAnchorSaber and T_Dae_UNI_SoulAnchorTrident no one checked for those."

Someone needs to playtest the Soul Anchor quest.

Dropped. Changelog: - TR

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Dropped. Changelog:

- TR_Mainland: In dialogue "Firewatch", removed the Random100 condition from response "Firewatch is a symbol of Imperial strength. Its mighty fortress stands as a continuing challenge to any who might stand against the Empire." to fix a bug reported by slepana.

- Fixed .

- Fixed the ML part of .

- Fixed .

- Fixed (OUCH!).

I know, the bugtracker has more to offer, but that's all I've had time for today :/

Change log (april 19th 2020)

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Change log (april 19th 2020)

- Removed numidium plans from TR_m3-ET2_cont_blades
- Removed the dagoth cup fromTR_m3-ET2_cont_blades
- Fixed a bleeding stoneware plate in Necrom, Fane of the Ancestors
- Removed the fortify fatigue enchantment from Beru's Amulet enchantment (requested by slepana)
- Optimized khalaan terrain
- Removed the Valkynaz in khalaan
- Helped with some of the navigation in Khalaan through lights
- Changed it so that methats teleports you to Thuul Nadaa and not give you a key to backtrack
- Disabled the heart of the accursed until the quest is started
- Gave more dialogue to priestess in khlaan sewers when her quest is finished
- Replaced the door at the back of Vedas Manor with a trap door to the Khalaan sewers, the direct door didn't make sense
- Renamed Khalaan District Gallery to just Gallery
- Deleted the empty Methats Domain cell
- Replaced the mazzanines in blood ruin and desolate tower with new non-spiked versions
- Replaced Dremora Lords in khalaan with regular dremora
- Replaced all 3 versions of Hormidac Farralie's face with breton_05 face
- Replaced Serpen Ordo's face with HeadMaleTR_08
- Replaced Aurelia Ordo's face with HeadFemTR_02, and hair with imp_f_hair_01
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed

Dropped. Changelog: - Moved

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- Fixed https://www.tamriel

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- Fixed
- Fixed (had to modify where you get moved so that it was farther away from the fishermen)
- Mass replaced all vanilla bloatspores with the better Data version. Fixes these two bugs:
- Fixed (for all three houses in the area, two got platforms and one got a mushroom path which also catches you from the vertical drop above)
- Fixed
- Addressed (enchantment is now Shock Damage 2 pts for 6 secs and Fortify Athletics 500 to 1000 pts for 5 secs, this should make the boots more useful while remaining balanced and give you the appearance of getting shocked the whole time + a second of "aftershock")
- Partially fixed (bleeders and casperers)
- Changed Havfreija's class to Sailor so she doesn't say she offers transportation
- More fixes to bleeders/floaters/casperers/typos

- Merged https://www.tamriel

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- Merged
    Made two additional tweaks to the journal for grammar.
- Fixed
    Also removed the badly placed pillar.
- Fixed
    Seems like the whole Cyrodiil ending for this quest was blocked due to poor dialogue ordering. Removed a duplicate, unused response.
- Fixed
    A whole dialogue line somehow went missing between 18.09 and 19.12, essentially breaking this quest. I also tweaked a few awkward-sounding dialogue lines.
- Addressed
    "I watch over the stables here in Old Ebonheart, taking care of the guar while their owners, primarily merchants, are in town. There is the occasional other animal, even one of those awful horses recently."
- Fixed most of the easy things in (see page for what's left)
- Replaced several unique vanilla items on the mainland with the regular ones.
- Removed more traces of cookie in the biscuit recipe quest. Slightly rewrote some poorly written lines and made all of the biscuits the plain variety per dialogue (and to make the reasoning behind the quest more believable). Journal incorrectly stated they were for Caedan Jorval. Also fixed the dialogue entry for "biscuit" (line was cut off and badly filtered). Right now it is only added via the dialogue from this quest.

- Changed all instances of

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- Changed all instances of Roth-Roryn to Roth Roryn.
- Fixed
    Somehow it lost this piece between 18.09 and 19.12.
- Fixed
    Removed the door. Also gave him some proper painting materials.
- Renamed Dar'hejo to Dar'Hejo to match all other instances of his name.
- If you somehow got the topic "a new dealer" through a mod, it no longer shortcuts Neel Gymont's quest. Also added AddTopics to the quest.
- Fixed
    This dialogue went missing since Telvannis release: "So Redram Oran is dead? This constitutes a serious setback for my plans... I kindly ask you as a subordinate, that a further investigation of this matter be carried out. In exchange you will have my continued favor."
- Addressed
    Added this bit to the dialogue (had to split into a two-part response with Continue): "make sure no one has tampered with the sample beforehand"
- Fixed
- Did some cluttering to partially address (could still use a moving NPC)
- Fixed three instances of people referring to you as %Rank or %Class instead of %PCRank or %PCClass.
- Grammar check of TR_m3_OE_notefromson + gave it a unique name like all other letters.
- Fixed a few bugs in the quest Character Flaw: Ainab Guls was giving his angry responses at incorrect times, a journal entry was missing, etc.

Changelog: - Fixed https:/

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- Fixed (I hope the pathgrid change actually fixes it).

- Added various dialogue separators for Roryn-Bluff places into Greeting 9, local area, local economy, someone in particular, latest rumors.

- Fixed .

- Fixed ; please playtest!



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- Added lights to all Temple Dome mushrooms in the cells around Vathras Plantation and improved their placements
- Added exterior banners to the temples of Vhul and Bosmora


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- Added some more lights to Temple Dome mushrooms on the west side of the Thirr and improved their placements
- Added exterior banner for the "The Gentle Velk" tavern in Enamor Dayn

Changelog: - Topics "supply

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- Topics "supply chests" (for MG) and "equipment chest" (for FG) developed to replace the supply chest scripts . The script on the chests can afterwards be replaced by an addtopics in TR_Data.

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Fixed .


- Finished https://www

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- Finished
    Added more clutter, changed the setup of the two merchants to make some sense, and added a (non-moving) NPC. Tried a moving one then realized a quest NPC that gets enabled already moves around, so it's not too necessary.
- Fixed ownership in the nearby Imperial cult shrine, a bleeder, and a few betacomments in Helnim Fields.

I want to make the Mainland

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I want to make the Mainland editors aware of the merged Almas Thirr Bridge support for the cobbled pillars under that high bridge to the top level of the canton. It is added to the data addon.

Find me on:
ArtStation 》Tumblr 》Sketchfab

- Replaced the bridge

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- Replaced the bridge supports at almas thirr with the dedicated model in data
- Removed some junk assets in Almas Thirr that no one was seeing due to buildings being moved and Why's new stair butresses covering it (bottles, planks, webs, etc..)
- Replaced the Spellstone in Khalaan with Ebony or Adamantium Ore (given it is Ebonheart and the Daedra infesting a part of nirn)
- Fixed a bleeding T_Imp_Furn_Painting_02a in Old Ebonheart, Ioclania Manor
- Added Newtscale Helm to Ioclania Manor, Ruma Soanix's Manor, and Merxia Vendicci's Manor as per MK's family heirlooms concept
- Replaced the Glass Helm in Roa Dyr, Statemen's Hall with the new Closed Vairant to get some new asset usage
- Added two of those new awesome rings. One in Khalaan and one in Firewatch Palace
- Checked that Indoril Building 05 wasn't causing any issues
- Replaced the towers at Ebon Tower with the new models
- Changed some of the dialogue in Khalaan to say Resdayn instead of Morrowind (given the time and the people that are there)

- Replaced all static rope

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- Replaced all static rope coils with misc item rope coils.
- Replaced all static shackles with misc item shackles.
- Replaced the de_p_closet_02_elegnan in dulandos, main hall with de_p_closet_02.
- Did some more optimization in the OE area. This was mostly rock groups and static barrels.
- Replaced the exotic weapons in the old ebonheart shop with nordic, silver and glass weapons (making use of new entries to data addon, and removing the sixth house and yoku weapons as there is a yoku shop right next door).
- Fixed a bleeding T_Com_Wood_Crossbow_01 in OE Fighters Guild.
- Replaced the mudrocks with mold rocks to match the moldrock cave set in Darano Ancestral Tomb, Sunken Vault.
- Fixed a bleeding urn in Darano Ancestral Tomb, Sunken Vault.
- Sized all the ash urns to their correct 0.5 size in Darano Ancestral Tomb, Sunken Vaults.
- Fixed floating shelf in Iena Free-Bear's Exotic Weapons.
- Dialogue Fix for: Restore Willpower potion for Foedus Locutius  should have a better description of the potion.
- Deleted: Old Ebonheart/Fighters Guild/Main Hall, dinning room on the left, there is an unspecified potion on the table behind Hvederik. It has no icon and no effect.
- Fixed caspering dae_ruin_04 at Massulahibernanit 34,-27.
- Fixed a bleeding+floating daedric claw at Massulahibernanit 34,-27.
- Did some edits on the Tur Julan mountain path to make it look less jagged and not so reliant on rock meshes.
- Replaced the wooden butresses outside the Indal-ruhn with fences (something chef requested a while back).
- The cooking knife and cleaver from iena exotic weapons show up in her inventory (changed ownership to her husdband).
- Added reman armour pauldron and bracer to IAS exibit in OE.
- Fixed: Necrom, Tenandus' Rare Books    4197    4241    15554    "this woman has so many skill books for reading without buying, feels a bit like cheating with all the level ups."
- Fixed: flora_plant_0400000006    Nedothril Region (36,-20)    296910    -161698    1943    "small terrain glitch here next to this plant."
- Fixed: ex_dae_ruin_stair01_short    Massulahibernanit (34,-27)    285354    -215764    258    "caspering under water."
- Fixed: ex_dae_ruin_platform_01    Massulahibernanit (34,-27)    282555    -216275    735    "caspering under water."
- Fixed: T_Mw_Flora_TreeOak_02    Massulahibernanit (34,-27)    283552    -218796    655    "bleeding through ruin with branch."
- Fixed ex_dae_ruin_stair01_short    Massulahibernanit (34,-27)    281273    -216821    1725    "floating stair on platform 01."
- Fixed: in_dae_rubble_01a    Massulahibernanit (34,-27)    281476    -216353    1401    "floating."
- Fixed: T_Mw_Flora_TreeNDG_06    Massulahibernanit (34,-27)    284847    -218509    -4    "bleeding throught ruin with branch."
- Fixed: terrain_rock_wg_07    Nedothril Region (36,-26)    300032    -208064    896    "jagged terrain next to this rock."
- Deleted: flora_root_wg_05    Nedothril Region (36,-26)    299528    -211125    915    "greenish treeroot with a big greenish tree close by, would be smaller if from further away trees."
- Fixed: Terrain_rocks_WG_03    Nedothril Region (35,-27)    287718    -219385    810    "caspering."
- Fixed: EX_MH_building_09    Enamor Dayn (37,-28)    304622    -223221    735    "floating."
- Deleted roots: flora_bittergreen_07    Nedothril Region (36,-29)    302494    -229916    846    "missing bittergreen pod, only roots, not sure."
- Fixed: EX_MH_building_09    Enamor Dayn (37,-28)    306631    -223554    736    "caspering at the corner field side."
- Fixed: EX_MH_window_01    Enamor Dayn (37,-28)    304677    -223476    1306    "caspering."
- Fixed: EX_MH_window_01    Enamor Dayn (37,-28)    306375    -223594    1316    "caspering."
- Fixed:  light_de_lantern_14_static    Massulahibernanit Shrine    7422    4201    16682    "floating."
- Fixed: com_basket_01    Massulahibernanit Shrine    5560    370    16877    "the whole bunch of crates and baskets is floating. Corpses nearby also a little, but that can't be avoided maybe."
- Fixed (Removed): flora_grass_02    Lan Orethan Region (33,-28)    276599    -224561    2179    "There is a whole bunch of stuff under the terrain here. Some of it is for the moddy place verremu nearby, but not all is visible."
- Added some Rat spawns to: Balvel Ancestral Tomb    662    -388    263    "no creatures in this tomb" [This place has it's undead spawn for a quest].
- Fixed: Raal Grotto has no ownership in Dervenin’s hut.
- Fixed: Floating mushrooms Raal Grotto.
- Fixed: The lopsided Lost Room seems like people could get stuck there, if their acrobatics skill isn’t high enough and they have no spells or potions to teleport out or levitate up to the door. (I didn’t pick up the jumping spear the first time, I didn’t see it behind the door… if it was even there the first time. ) Room could use a fail-safe of sorts (you can end up there multiple times in a row, so the fail safe needs to persist). Made the enchanted spear easy to grab when in this room.
- Fixed:  Journal entry first OE FG quest says “past the mountains” when it should say “in the mountains.”
- Replaced the horse meat for OE ingredient with the new icon and mesh from PT. Also change the stats to be the same as PT data horse meat.
- Dealt with two mouse spawns in Aanthirin Region 2, -23 would be walking underwater.
- Temple Domes outside Oran Plantation were missing their lighting.
- Replaced some costal rock cave entrances with AI rock versions as they were not the same texture of the cliff they were placed alongside.
- Edited the pond in between Almas Thirr and Indal-ruhn (removed the strange grate and waterfall).
- Added vertex shading to some parts of Aanthirin that didn't have any around objects (such as rocks and trees) which was mostly on the road to Almas Thirr.
- Removing large rocks on flat surafces on the road sides (as per the meeting).
- Smoothing any terrain jagged-ness that is noticed when doing bugfixes/editing.
- Did some reworking for Almas Thirr road. Making the landscape less flat.
- Removed assets that are under the geometry.

Changelog: - Reverted the

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- Reverted the Greeting 1 changes from for memetic reasons. The "You violated the law, Qyntos Mor" line the player says now exactly mirrors the standard guard line. Drive-by typo correction ("shup up") in the same dialogue.

- Fixed a bug in "Temple: Calitia's Sanctuary" reported by c0da: Stage 200 of quest tr_m3_tt_lloris5f is no longer getting triggered without need. (At least it no longer gets set if the stage of TR_m3_TT_Lloris5 is >= 200. Not sure if this deals with all ways the bug can happen, but at least it deals with the way c0da got it.) Also, the unused script TR_m3_TT_Lloris5_Calitia_scp has been commented out just in case.

- Fixed .

- A few dialogue typos fixed.

- Fixed placements of two paintings:
RefID: t_imp_furn_painting_02a
Cell: Old Ebonheart, Ioclania Manor
Coordinates: 2995.48 2510.23 15018.8

RefID: t_imp_furn_painting_04a
Cell: Old Ebonheart, Ioclania Manor
Coordinates: 2443.27 3455.62 14869.9

- Fixed:
RefID: misc_com_bottle_15
Grid: 14 20
Coordinates: 115340 170196 1930.68
Model: meshes\m\Misc_Com_Bottle_15.NIF

- Fixed .

- Dialogue options in topic "Fluffles" made somewhat more user-friendly.

- Old Ebonheart, Guild of Fighters: All faction-owned items (minus the beds) are now owned at Defender rank. One chest has gotten its owner set to Ophelie for trading purposes.

- Topic "Mages Guild" now knows about the Old Ebonheart guildhall.

- All nonempty containers outside of "Dondril, Farm Storage Hut" are now owned. (Not the corkbulbs in the fields, though.)

- Added stairs (and roots) to Marog decks to fix .

- Fixed . The TR_m1_Bah_widow quest can now be started by finding the corpse (without having to then look for it again).

- Various books in "Serynthul, Infirmary" are now owned.

- Writing improved in book TR_m3_bk_IkinammassuLog (see ).

- Objects in Serer Dathren's farm in cell (13, -17) have received ownership. (Again, plants/crops not included.)

- A reply to topic "Old Ebonheart" was customized for Khajiit grammar (see ).

Thanks Dillon and Cicero for help with finding the right Data! I have now essentially ruled out problems coming from *this* particular edit, but my previous edits might have broken stuff.


Grabbing to implement some

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Grabbing to implement some changes based on new assets, like the OE fountain and the extended fountation MH building.

Dropping, fixed above as well

MinerMan60101's picture

Dropping, fixed above as well as many minor issues.
- Jagged terrain and missing vertex shading where I saw it, a couple of texture seams.
- Four underground meshes, three around Roa Dyr, one in Khananzr
- Incorrectly rotated door, doormarker, and northmarker in Khananzr
- Rock placement at the northern slope of Ebon Tower
- Rock placement where I reworked the Orethan river
- T_De_SetInd_PavillionGate placement errors caused by the new model
- Deleted the barrel rings around pillars in Roa Dyr although they were for boats to tie to, so this may need to be reverted or have another solution found

Dropping an update. Keeping

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Dropping an update. Keeping this checked out to do some more edits and to merge the Necrom Undercroft later.

- Removed all the nasty shed meshes from Mainland (should be good to deprecate now)
- Old Ebonheart Optimizations (rocks and non-lootable containers)
- Added an almsivi intervention ring to the Almas Thirr road pond to get out and breadcrumb to the temple in case one gets trapped in there
- Renamed TR_m4-423_ring_scamp "Ring Of Scamps" > Ring of Scamps
- Made changes to Lan Orethan Region 32, -29 (removed stacked dwemer tower and observatory)
- Aanthirin Region [13,-27] floating gazebo fixed
- Deleted two ordinators in morning in the Necrom Fane of Ancestors before merging the undercroft claim in the future
- Renamed Khalaan, Sedothran Ancestral Tomb to Khalaan, Rivaal Ancestral Tomb
- Replaced Tur Julan cracked pav assets with the new OM ones
- Did a slight overhaul of Khalaan. This includes decluttering, using new assets, making changes to daedra and added sigil amulets.

Dropping Was just smoothing

Cicero's picture


Was just smoothing terrain, de-rockgrouping places, some minor optimizations and fixing some placement issues of objects in Khalaan after the big edit I did and some performance increases there as well.

Dropping - Added the plaza

Cicero's picture


- Added the plaza grass in khalaan
- Replaced the fugly cliffs around Old Ebonheart
- Fixed a bleeding barrel in the OE streets 
- Fixed bleeding paper sheets in OE Mages Guild
- Removed refs under the geometry whenever I came across them
- General work in the region to help with performance and navigation
- Removed the Durzog spawns from sundered scar
- Edited the Briricca Bank greeting
- Removed the Daedric Dagger in Khalaan Earth Bowels
- Replaced the cobbled land bridge near Indal-Ruhn with dedicated asset
- Cut down the grazeland forests in mainland
- Populated Balhadarshad Den and Balhadarshad DenDeep Chambers
- Added sounds to Balhadarshad Den and Balhadarshad Den Deep Chambers
- Did some grid snap and bug fixes in Balhadarshad Den, Deep Chambers
- Added dialogue hinting where to find the Forsaken Betrayer Dremora
- Fixed Telvanni Library Gridsnap Error
- Fixed the janky water static at the Akamora saltrice shack
- Fixed Fake water too high up Akamora
- Fixed Fake Water at the entrance of Akamora
- Fixed Another fake water in Akamora
- Fixed Seam in Telvanni Library, Passageways
- Added Pathgrid to Balathren, Worker's Lodge
- Fixed the trebonius disease potion on TR_m3_Ivorna Telns
- Have the guard tell you the name of the Dremora he wants dead
- Have a journal update when you kill Kynreeve Myrahaz
- Merged Why's fountain of the whisps
- Gaveive Uridimmu a unique Ebony Warhammer (by request of Evil Eye)
- Almas Thirr pond can now be walked out of

Dropped (2020-09-06).

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Dropped (2020-09-06). Changelog:

- Fixed . The NPCs now get disabled a cell or two south of Bal Oyra, but the journal entry only appears once the player reaches Bal Oyra (exterior).

- Fixed (removed the offending part of the response to "Mephala").

- Fixed .

- Fixed (deleted the offending Potion_Cyro_Whiskey_01).

- Fixed .

- Fixed along Why's proposal. Thanks Why for doing most of the work!

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Fixed .

- Topic "Fedura": In the response "How unfortunate...", added ShowMap "Necrom" and addtopic "Necrom".

- Fixed .

- Added scout responses to "Necrom" topics (thanks Gnomey).

- Fixed (item 1 had already been fixed by Cicero).

- NPC TR_m1_Herdonia_Varan (Firewatch IL captain) is now called Herdonia Varian (not Brandt and not Varan as some dialogue previously suggested).

- Fixed .

- Fixed: The topic "someone in particular" filtered for Irele Nathryon (TR_m1_Irele_Nathryon) has a typo, "our hear" should be "our healer".

- Fixed: Thalen Thimalvel (TR_m1_Thalen_Thimalvel) should have a unique greeting. Now she is just using the generic Ashamul greetings, indicating that she would be happy to get a visitor, but given how she is responding to various topics, it is clear that the player is not at all welcome into her home.

- Fixed .

- Fixed: 6/21/2020 (22:14)    TR_Mainland.esm    1/6/2000 (02:00)    kevin    TR_m3_Eveshi Drilor00000000    Roa Dyr (8,-27)    70228    -218594    178    "delicate problem -So it was Talen-Ei all along? ...- remove either -still- or -first-"    

- Fixed: 6/21/2020 (22:15)    TR_Mainland.esm    1/6/2000 (02:00)    kevin    TR_m3_q_EP_sack00000000    Aanthirin Region (9,-25)    74331    -204750    66    "Continues to update journal despite having already updated. Presumably missing a check."    

- Fixed: 6/20/2020 (22:00)    TR_Mainland.esm    1/6/2000 (02:00)    kevin    TR_m3_RD_key_Vault    Roa Dyr, Spire    411    157    199    "unowned vault key"    

- Fixed: 6/23/2020 (23:46)    TR_Mainland.esm    1/6/2000 (02:00)    kevin    TR_m3_Rolvyn_Saldro00000000    Velonith, Rolvyn Saldro's Shack    3929    4303    16352    "topic Velms, srib > scrib"    

Dropped again (2020-09-06b).

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Dropped again (2020-09-06b). Changelog:

- The displayed iron arrows on the desk of Methrendes Garil in "Ammar, Entrance Hall" are no longer for sale. (They confused the barter menu.)

- Fixed a few more of (namely, everything starting at the Irele Nathryon bug is now fixed).

- Fixed . This was actually not a door marker problem; instead, the balcony had bad collision. I've put a collision box to support it.

Checking out Mainland to do a

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Checking out Mainland to do a bunch of dialogue touchups in Maps 1 and 2, and to merge the Bosmora relay facelift.

Dropping. Changleog: Fixed

Charger24's picture



  • Fixed bug
  • Replaced all instances of the deprecated T_Imp_SetMw_F_Fireplace_01 with in_imp_fireplace_grand
  • Replaced all instances of T_Glb_SetTeleportingDisabled with T_Glob_SetTeleportingDisabled
  • Adjusted a trap door on top of the Firewatch lighthouse to match the interior
  • Added a new cell, "Bosmora, Mages Guild Relay", based on the mockup I made. I'll claim TR_Travels and move the teleport markers over.
  • Went through every TR-added Greeting 7 and Background entry and edited for grammar, spelling, punctuation, style, and content.
    • My editing guidelines:
      • Make minimal changes to substance of dialogue entries whenever possible
      • No breaking quest topics
      • Replace "spoken" first-person names with %Name in all instances
      • Cleanly and unobtrusively add a %Name mention to all entries where no name is stated, except where the NPC is actively avoiding giving information on their background, has no name ("Hlaalu Guard") or if the name has already been given in a prior Background entry for the same NPC
      • Correct punctuation, spelling, and word choice errors, where relevant
      • Correct grammar, style, and sentence structure errors, with the exception of existing entries written intentionally in non-standard style to enhance characterization
      • Correct canon issues
    • A full changelog of my edits for each can be found at the following links:

Dropping. Changelog: Fixed a

Charger24's picture



  • Fixed a few typos Dillonn and MM helpfully spotted on discord.
  • Added a furn_c_t_ritual banner to the Akamora Guild of Mages teleport platform.
  • Added a topic "Travelers League".
  • Edited two entries in topic "Aimrah":
    • "Aimrah is a small Velothi town on the northern shore of Lake Andaram. Despite its humble size the town is an important trade hub for House Indoril, with goods being shipped across the lake to and from the Dres lands in the south.
      -> "Aimrah is a small Velothi town on the northern shore of Lake Andaram. Despite its humble size, the town is an important trade hub for House Indoril, handling goods shipped to and from the Dres lands in the south across the lake." (4x)
    • "Yes, you're in Aimrah now, on the shore of the great Lake Andaram. This is a small Velothi settlement, home to sailors, fishermen and dockworkers. If you're looking for someone in particular or some specific place, I can tell you more, but in the end we're all just humble subjects of the Indoril Ilvi of Roa Dyr."
      -> "Yes, you're in Aimrah now, on the shore of the great Lake Andaram. This is a small Velothi settlement, home to sailors, fishermen and dockworkers. If you're looking for someone in particular or some specific place, I can tell you more, but in the end we're all just humble subjects of the Indoril Beroth of Nanaav."

Picking up and dropping again

Charger24's picture

Picking up and dropping again.

Terribly sorry; I messed up the lighting on the new Bosmora cell when I was making the Travels edits. Now fixed.

15-11-2020 Mainland Edits

Wolli's picture

Automatical Deprecations:

  • T_IngMine_Alexandrite_01 replaced with T_IngMine_Peridot_01.
  • T_IngMine_AlexandriteDae_01 replaced with T_IngMine_PeridotDae_01.
  • T_De_PanScribPie_01 (misc) replaced with T_IngFood_ScribPie_01 (ingred). The former also uses old textures, while the latter has new textures.
  • T_IngFood_MeatRat_01 (cooked rat meat) replaced with ingred_rat_meat_01.
  • T_IngFood_MeatNixhoundRoast_01 (cooked nix hound meat) replaced with ingred_hound_meat_01.
  • T_IngFood_MeatDurzog_01 (cooked durzog meat) replaced with ingred_durzog_meat_01.
  • T_Mw_Flora_Bitterroot_0X (static) replaced with tramaroot_0X (container).
  • T_Mw_Flora_Bittershrub_0X replaced with flora_trama_shrub_05 (container) in Mephalan Vales Region (33,-18) (1 instance).
  • T_De_Set_Cistern_02 replaced with T_De_Set_Cistern_01 (identical mesh).
  • Replaced T_Mw_Stat_Dreughs with T_Mw_Lvl_Dreughs+0, as it contained the unwanted HD Dreugh.
  • Replaced T_Mw_Cr_Dreugh2 with T_Mw_Cr_Dreugh1, as it contained the unwanted HD Dreugh.
  • Replaced level lists containing HD dreugh with similar level lists that do not.


Manual Deprecations:

  • All (13) T_Mw_Flora_HornLily_01 (static) replaced with Flora_plant_01 (container)[horn lilly].
    All (11) T_Mw_Flora_HornLily_02 (static) replaced with Flora_plant_01 (container)[horn lilly].
  • T_Mw_FloraAJ_Shrub_01 replaced with flora_bush_01 in Old Ebonheart, Imperial Navy Command Post T_Mw_Flora_TreeNecrom_01 replaced with Flora_tree_MH_02 in Old Ebonheart, Guild of Mages: Greenhouse Dome.
  • T_Mw_Flora_Root_0Xx models from Soudi, Surimintu (1) and Manupillat (2), Abandoned Egg Mine (1).
  • T_Mw_Flora_Bittershrub_05 (static) deleted from Mephalan Vales Region (33,-18)(1).
  • Replaced T_Com_MetalPiece_0X (meta)l ingots with (gold, iron, silver) ingots at: Vhul, Adosl Drinith: Smith, Selyn, Gorz gro-Ungbuk's Shack, Old Ebonheart, Eurilon: Weaponsmith, Meralag, Nithri Marsur's House, Fort Umbermoth, Ebon Tower, Legion: Smithy, Ebon Tower, Kynareth's Tower, Dun Akafell, Ominous Manor, Dondril, Farm Storage Hut, Alt Bosara, Tel Vaerin, Almas Thirr, Jalor Indo's House, Almas Thirr, Indoril Garrison, Quarters, Abandoned Shack, Tahvel, Old Ebonheart, Hecath's House, Mansurabi, North Tunnels, Ebon Tower, Valenwood Mission, Dun Akafell, Deserted Armory, Akamora, Guild of Fighters, Roa Dyr, Tollmen's Hall, Oran Plantation, Oran Manor: Private Quarters, Ebon Tower, Legion: Smithy,Vys-Assanud, Tur Julan, Old Ebonheart, Arnulf: Smith, Mirou Grotto, Mephalan Vales Region (36, -19), Ebon Tower, Kynareth's Tower, Dun Akafell, Deserted Armory.
  • Replaced all instances of the T_Dwe_Scavenged_XXX set with items from the T_Dwe_Scrap_XXX and vanilla sets in all cells and NPCS.
  • Replaced all instance of T_IngFood_MeatBoar_01 (old TR version) with T_IngFood_MeatBoar_02 (new SHOTN version).
  • Replaced instances of T_Mw_TerrRockAJ_RockGrp_0X with AI rocks.
  • Deleted T_Mw_TerrRockGL_CliffHalf_06 (last of its kind) from Sacred Lands Region 36, -14.
  • Deleted T_Mw_TerrRockBC_Cliff_04 from Sundered Scar Region 16, -19. The only instance of this cliff set's use.
  • Replaced T_Mw_TerrRockWG_CaveEntr_04 with T_Mw_TerrRockWG_CaveEntr_01 in Boethiah's Spine Region 32, -2 and Molagreahd Region 33, 12.
  • Replaced T_Glb_Cre_Dreu_02 (1) and T_Glb_Cre_Dreu_03 (1) with the vanilla Dreugh creature in Idaverrano, Propylon Chamber.



  • Fixed a sunken T_Com_Var_Knife_02 in Ranis Arthyn's House.
  • Deleted ingred_hound_meat_01 from INSIDE a fire log model in Tomaril Manor, Reception Hall and Slave Quarters.

- Fixed https://www.tamriel

Dillonn241's picture

and dropped - fixed the wrong

Rats's picture

and dropped
- fixed the wrong journal entry for collecting Ja'Jabba's bounty
- changed the unique Dreugh in Aimrah to use the vanilla model
- moved the Thieves Guild "jobs" topic responses above the "What can I do for you, Master Thief" line, so that the player can receive quests even at the highest rank. The quest givers will comment on the player's rank, but give them the quests nonetheless.

- Fixed necrom high fane

Cicero's picture

- Fixed necrom high fane doormarker fall
- Fixed almas thirr darane navur trader doormarker fall
- Ilvi Mine is mold cave and has iron ores even though it is a glass mine (fixed). Road now connects to the mine exterior.
- Replaced aanthirin rock bridge with new asset
- Replaced the silt striders in sadras plantation with the activator versions 
- Adjusted claw of nafaalilargus placement because new model is merged
- Kynreeve myrahaz shows up in journal when you accept the quest in Khalaan from the guard ghost
- Did some more decluttering and nicer terrain usage (WIP)

Grabbing to do the following:

MinerMan60101's picture

Grabbing to do the following:
Merge a Necrom-related esp for Why "it's the new face for the Archmatron, armor, key and robe for her attendant, hairstyle and face changes for two NPCs that I'll need in the Necrom temple questline"
Add the bridge support from Almas Thirr to a similar bridge in Tel Mothvira
Replace all exterior mournhold windows in interiors with the interior version
Make all mournhold windows use the window lights, as they are scripted to disappear at night
Fix some bugs from the bugtracker

Dropping. I also fixed some

MinerMan60101's picture

Dropping. I also fixed some landscaping issues like jagged terrain around some of my fixes, as well as the road being too close to z=0 in 28,3 and in 24,5, and texture seams near those two.
In addition I did some region reassignments for Helnim Fields and Molagreahd as discussed on discord (plus I additionally swapped 21,0 back to Azura's Coast as TR also didn't change it).
I only added the window lights to some windows (Inn Between, Dreynim Spa Top Floor, Romitheran Monastery) the former two of which had the exterior window in the interior problem.

Dropping so that this can be

Cicero's picture

Dropping so that this can be tested with TD8 so no issues arise.
things that are done since last upload

- all Mephala statues are using the new mesh and have corrected positioning 
- new claw of nafaalilargus is repositioned (again, because of a fix)
- some more work done on decluttering certain areas (no work done on OE this time around)

Tur Julan is a little rough on the northern mountain road. That is because I am working on that area and need this file sorted out with Data first before continuing and something cocking up 

T_Test_Wolli cell cleaned out

Chef's picture

T_Test_Wolli cell cleaned out
Updated to TD8 Beta 1 with Wrye
Tes3CMD cleaned with Wrye
Cleaned duplicate record (STAT): t_de_furn_rugsmall_01
Cleaned duplicate record (INGR): t_ingmine_peridot_01
Cleaned duplicate record (WEAP): t_de_glass_warhammer_01
Cleaned duplicate record (STAT): t_mw_terrrockai_bridge_03
Cleaned duplicate record (STAT): t_dae_dngruin_i_mezzanine_01
Cleaned duplicate record (STAT): t_de_setom_x_wall_01
Cleaned duplicate record (STAT): t_de_setom_x_rubble_02
Cleaned duplicate record (MISC): t_com_compass_01
Cleaned duplicate record (ACTI): t_glb_sound_loop_oldones
Cleaned duplicate record (ACTI): t_glb_sound_loop_abyss
Cleaned duplicate record (INGR): t_ingdye_ultramarine_01
Cleaned duplicate record (INGR): t_ingdye_yellowochre_01
Cleaned duplicate record (INGR): t_ingmine_ametrine_01
Cleaned duplicate record (INGR): t_ingmine_peridotdae_01
Cleaned duplicate record (WEAP): t_dae_regular_throwingknife_01
Cleaned duplicate record (MISC): t_de_ebony_platter_01
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (21, 6)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (21, 5)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (20, 7)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (20, -9)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (19, 7)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (19, -10)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (18, 9)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (18, 8)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (18, 7)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (17, -11)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (16, 12)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (15, 12)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (15, -15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (14, 15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (14, 14)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (14, -15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (13, 18)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (12, 21)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (12, 19)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (12, 18)
Cleaned junk-CELL: azura's coast region (10, 20)
Cleaned junk-CELL: sheogorad (9, 22)
Cleaned junk-CELL: sheogorad (9, 21)
Cleaned junk-CELL: ascadian isles region (6, -15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: ascadian isles region (5, -15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-12, 3)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-12, 2)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-12, 1)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-13, 4)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-13, 3)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-13, 2)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-13, 1)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-14, 5)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-14, 4)
Cleaned junk-CELL: bitter coast region (-14, 2)
Cleaned junk-CELL: west gash region (-15, 7)
Cleaned junk-CELL: wilderness (-15, -8)
Cleaned junk-CELL: west gash region (-16, 8)
Cleaned junk-CELL: west gash region (-16, 7)
Cleaned junk-CELL: wilderness (-19, 15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: wilderness (-19, 14)
Cleaned junk-CELL: wilderness (-20, 15)
Cleaned junk-CELL: wilderness (-28, 24)
Cleaned junk-CELL: wilderness (-29, 23)


Change Log: - Aanthirin

Cicero's picture

Change Log:

- Aanthirin Optimizing + more terrain usage (Tur Julan, Dondril)
- Added a full set of the Lex Imperia books to both the OE Guild of Barristers and the Ebon Tower Hall of Justice? Have at least some combination of III, IV, VI, and VII in the Briricca bank.
- Replaced the deprecated T_Com_Map_Akavir_02 in the Windbreaker Keep inner ruins with T_Imp_Map_Akavir_damaged