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This is the claim used to make edits and fixes to TR_Mainland. Do not make changes arbitarily.
TR_Mainland should not break compatibility unless it is structurally necessary. This means do not change the IDs of anything that was released in a TR_Mainland.esm unless strictly necessary.


TR_Mainland is the esm which contains the “finished” parts of Tamriel Rebuilt. Save major restructuring, the landmass contained within is supposed to be fully interiorised, npced, quested, and cleaned.
(see editing guidelines)

Uploaded here is only the esp. Make sure to redate the .esp to 01/01/2012 18:00:00 with WryeMash so that it loads before other plugins that rely on it. Remember to load this when doing edits to the section files.

This file must be loaded with the latest Data Addon.

Development Plan

Quests and dialogue refinement. Veloth's Path could be widened if desired, and its texture changed to the one used west of Alt Orethan.
Gnomey can be asked for details, if an implementation is desired and looking at those areas don't make clear what is required.

Various works of touching up existing content, such as exterior reworks, giving the IAS members their faction assignment, and the like, should be kept an eye on.

Additionally, medium-term, the cliffs should be replaced with our newer meshes.

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Changelog (2020-03-03a): -

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Changelog (2020-03-03a):

- Topic "services" now has separators. Also added some responses for Gol Mok and Indal-Ruhn (there were none).
Indal-Ruhn "services": Rolis Hlor is our merchant, over in the stone house at the west end of town. Other than that, you're more likely to find what you need in Almas Thirr.
or, if you ask Rolis: That's mostly me, if I say so myself.
or, if you ask Balyn (the shipmaster): Rolis Hlor over at the west end of town has a nice selection of everyday wares. For anything more specific, you'd want to go to Almas Thirr. Want a ride?
Gol Mok "services", non-Hlaalu response: If you aren't named Salvani, I'm afraid you won't find many here. Otherwise, of course, the whole town is at your service.

- Responses to "Romithren Monastery" topic are now limited to TR maps 2 and 3.


Changelog (2020-03-31a&b): -

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Changelog (2020-03-31a&b):

- Merged three fix ESPs by Evil Eye.

- Fixed Rats's report: "Devas Terano has responses calling tr_m1_q_molag_saber and tr_m1_q_molag_trident. Looks like when those got renamed T_Dae_UNI_SoulAnchorSaber and T_Dae_UNI_SoulAnchorTrident no one checked for those."

Someone needs to playtest the Soul Anchor quest.

Dropped. Changelog: - TR

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Dropped. Changelog:

- TR_Mainland: In dialogue "Firewatch", removed the Random100 condition from response "Firewatch is a symbol of Imperial strength. Its mighty fortress stands as a continuing challenge to any who might stand against the Empire." to fix a bug reported by slepana.

- Fixed .

- Fixed the ML part of .

- Fixed .

- Fixed (OUCH!).

I know, the bugtracker has more to offer, but that's all I've had time for today :/

Change log (april 19th 2020)

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Change log (april 19th 2020)

- Removed numidium plans from TR_m3-ET2_cont_blades
- Removed the dagoth cup fromTR_m3-ET2_cont_blades
- Fixed a bleeding stoneware plate in Necrom, Fane of the Ancestors
- Removed the fortify fatigue enchantment from Beru's Amulet enchantment (requested by slepana)
- Optimized khalaan terrain
- Removed the Valkynaz in khalaan
- Helped with some of the navigation in Khalaan through lights
- Changed it so that methats teleports you to Thuul Nadaa and not give you a key to backtrack
- Disabled the heart of the accursed until the quest is started
- Gave more dialogue to priestess in khlaan sewers when her quest is finished
- Replaced the door at the back of Vedas Manor with a trap door to the Khalaan sewers, the direct door didn't make sense
- Renamed Khalaan District Gallery to just Gallery
- Deleted the empty Methats Domain cell
- Replaced the mazzanines in blood ruin and desolate tower with new non-spiked versions
- Replaced Dremora Lords in khalaan with regular dremora
- Replaced all 3 versions of Hormidac Farralie's face with breton_05 face
- Replaced Serpen Ordo's face with HeadMaleTR_08
- Replaced Aurelia Ordo's face with HeadFemTR_02, and hair with imp_f_hair_01
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed
- Fixed

Dropped. Changelog: - Moved

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- Fixed https://www.tamriel

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- Fixed
- Fixed (had to modify where you get moved so that it was farther away from the fishermen)
- Mass replaced all vanilla bloatspores with the better Data version. Fixes these two bugs:
- Fixed (for all three houses in the area, two got platforms and one got a mushroom path which also catches you from the vertical drop above)
- Fixed
- Addressed (enchantment is now Shock Damage 2 pts for 6 secs and Fortify Athletics 500 to 1000 pts for 5 secs, this should make the boots more useful while remaining balanced and give you the appearance of getting shocked the whole time + a second of "aftershock")
- Partially fixed (bleeders and casperers)
- Changed Havfreija's class to Sailor so she doesn't say she offers transportation
- More fixes to bleeders/floaters/casperers/typos

- Merged https://www.tamriel

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- Merged
    Made two additional tweaks to the journal for grammar.
- Fixed
    Also removed the badly placed pillar.
- Fixed
    Seems like the whole Cyrodiil ending for this quest was blocked due to poor dialogue ordering. Removed a duplicate, unused response.
- Fixed
    A whole dialogue line somehow went missing between 18.09 and 19.12, essentially breaking this quest. I also tweaked a few awkward-sounding dialogue lines.
- Addressed
    "I watch over the stables here in Old Ebonheart, taking care of the guar while their owners, primarily merchants, are in town. There is the occasional other animal, even one of those awful horses recently."
- Fixed most of the easy things in (see page for what's left)
- Replaced several unique vanilla items on the mainland with the regular ones.
- Removed more traces of cookie in the biscuit recipe quest. Slightly rewrote some poorly written lines and made all of the biscuits the plain variety per dialogue (and to make the reasoning behind the quest more believable). Journal incorrectly stated they were for Caedan Jorval. Also fixed the dialogue entry for "biscuit" (line was cut off and badly filtered). Right now it is only added via the dialogue from this quest.