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This are the files connecting the mainland (and mainland plus preview) to Vvardenfell and internally. This changes dialogue. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it, period!

Development Plan

Needs a sanity check and documentation (preferably somewhere in the handbook).
Other than that, this need only be updated when more landmass moves into TR_Mainland.

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Currently, the quest "Missing

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Currently, the quest "Missing Limeware" tells you to go to Nevosi Hlan in Ebonheart for a boat ride to Hla Oad, which is no longer possible. It's now Ebonheart -> Teyn -> Hla Oad.

The journal entry and dialogue should be checked and maybe edited before this becomes part of TR_Travels (Mainland) and a much bigger problem.

Interim upload Changed all

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Interim upload

Changed all travel lines in TR_Travels and relocated the Bosmora Guild Guide to the marketplace.

Need to edit the TR_Travels_PreviewandMainland still.