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These are the files connecting the mainland (and mainland plus preview) to Vvardenfell and internally. This changes dialogue. Do not edit this file without also loading TR_Mainland.esp, and do not merge other esps into it, period!

An ods is part of the download. This file takes precendence over maps you find on this site or on UESP, it even takes precedence over the content of the esps. If they diverge, the ods is correct.

Development Plan

The files need only be updated when more landmass moves into TR_Mainland (both) or new settlements make it into TR_Preview (P&M).

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Dropping. Moved Bosmora

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Dropping. Moved Bosmora teleport markers into new Mages Guild Relay cell and moved the travel NPC in both files, and cleaned out the no-longer-used Marketplace cell. Also updated the spreadsheet.

Picking up and dropping again

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Picking up and dropping again.

Terribly sorry; I messed up the lighting on the new Bosmora cell when I was making the Travels edits. Now fixed.

Checking out for

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Checking out for implementation of the Hoom sleds and reports I've had about incorrect "destination" replies.

Dropped - Sleds are in, boat

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Dropped - Sleds are in, boat routes around the north-west revised. Didn't check the destination replies yet.