Full release, December 2015.

Clambering Moor Errors in 2013

When looking at an old exterior claim thread, I found this report from arvisrend made in 2013:

ex_de_shack_04 TR_5-4_Red (-16,-3) -124412 -20528 31 "door missing"

Terrain_rocks_WG_02 TR_5-4_Red (-14,-2) -109346 -11878 1287 "casper"

terrain_rock_bc_18 TR_5-4_Red (-14,-4) -114105 -32720 -1524 "land gap"

terrain_rock_bc_17 TR_5-4_Red (-15,-4) -118377 -32733 -1347 "land gap"

Book image issues

‘The Sacred Lands: Southeast’ (TR_sc_map2se) has a picture that is stretched and looks pretty bad at 1920x1080.


‘Maps of Molagreahd’ (TR_bk_mapbook_m1_01) and ‘Maps of The Telvanni Isles’ (TR_bk_mapbook_m1_02) have pictures that are very small (unscaled?) at 1920x1080 with MCP improved book rendering.

Pan mesh offset

TR_misc_pan_01 is offset from it’s origin by about 50 units. (roughly -30, -20)

There is a fixed mesh in the linked thread. In the current public release it’s placed 28 times, and those placements will obviously need to be adjusted.

Scales icons

Icons for both of the scales have gross white outlines that look awful. Additionally, there are two unused (so far as I can tell) scales icons – tr_misc_de_scale_01.dds and tr_misc_de_scale_01.dds are UNUSED.


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