Full release, March 2016.

Moved NPCs (PositionCell) need AiWander

When PositionCell, Position, or SetPos, change a NPC's position, AiWander needs to be given on the next line so the AI knows its new position. Otherwise position may reset to previous coordinates on resting. May revert coordinates only, won't revert cell changes.

The parameters can be 0 without great harm, give 0 or more radius, or use the default generic parameters for AiWander, 60% idle2, 20% idle3, 10% idle4 idle5:
"Actor_ID"->AIWander, 0, 0, 0, 0, 60, 20, 10, 10, 0, 0, 0, 0

Lore inconsistency in "A Traditional Sload Tale"

While editing UESP, I came across an error on a lore page that made its way into a Tamriel Rebuilt book, "A Traditional Sload Tale". It references an island in the Abecean Sea called Vandor. The only source of this name is the map of western Tamriel released alongside Redguard. The name is barely visible on that map, but is much clearer on one of the loading screens, which I have recently uploaded to the wiki. It is most clear on this one: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/File:RG-load-Catacombs.jpg

furn_de_r_table_07 in Alt Bosara exterior

At both entrance gates of Alt Bosara, there is a small guard post and registration with a furn_de_r_table_07. This rich Dunmer furniture should be reserved for interiors, better to replace it with furn_de_ex_... table or perhaps even T_De_SetTelv_F_Shelf_01.

On a sidenote, both tables with a cephalopod helmet, inkwell and quill (without parchment) look absolutely identical, so perhaps you could take the opportunity and redecorate both city entrances a little bit. 


I have downloaded the lastest version of TR with Tamriel Data with Morrorwing Rebuilt. My load order is supposedly correct, and BSAs are registered.
Everytime I launch Morrowind I get a warning message, then it asks me if to continue executable, so I did. I started a new save, 3 minutes in and no problems have arrieved yet.
Should I be concerned?
Here is the Warnings.txt message: 

OE Imperial Archeological Society: remove Numidium plans

A lore detail in the Dwemer exhibition of the IGS representation in OE ... 

At first, a compliment for the creator of this place. It captures imperial fascination with Dwemeri archeology in a way I have not seen since ESA: Redguard and also represents cyrodiilic armchair studies at its finest. The interior feels unique, fresh and most creatively designed. Just one minor detail struck me odd from a lore perspective: 


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