Full release, March 2016.

tavern beds with no global ownership variable assigned, so no legal bed renting possible

tavern beds with no global ownership variable assigned, so no legal bed renting possible.
Checked Bal Oyra and Ranyon-Ruhn, may be others (I think this is one of the bugs that may iterate between releases) 

[Edit]List so far (Ranyon-Ruhn not working was probably some mod conflict)
Bal Oyra, The Black Ogre Tavern
Firewatch, The Howling Noose
Firewatch, The Queen's Cutlass
Llothanis, The Water's Shadow Tavern

TR_furn_nars_carpet* material/UVs

The TR_furn_nars_carpet set use a material with a high specular value, giving them a slightly satin-y finish from certain angles. Unless the effect is intended, these should probably be changed to match the default vanilla material values. 
Additionally, some of the carpets in the set (2 & 5) have misplaced UVs causing white patches along the edges (as per the picture). 

tr_pb_robe_com_ii bad texture path

tr_pb_robe_com_ii.nif does not appear to be linked correctly to textures. Looks like this one got missed by Seneca’s program— the textures seem to have gone missing.

Current texture paths:


Wrong Plank

Abot says: “ I am not able to post a new bug so I’ll add it here, chargen_plank is used in Darnim instead of ex_ship_plank, this can cause chargen_plank to not disappear after character creation on new game “


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