Zalgothrabu caspering stairs

in_dae_platform_stairs    Zalgothrabu    0    1440    -288    "empty space between stairs and statue platform"
in_dae_platform_stairs    Zalgothrabu    -32    1472    -288    "same"    
in_dae_platform_stairs    Zalgothrabu    32    1472    -288    "same"

Port Telvannis merchants refuse services to hirelings

Service Refusal:

"No Hospitality Papers? That's just typical"
- has no check for item hospitality papers

"Sorry. You need to have your Hospitality"
- checks for Rank difference < 0 or <= 0, (other than that they seem identical),
however the Avenue won't sell hospitality papers to faction members. Merchants should be Retainers and this makes it impossible for low-rank Telvanni players to get services if they didn't get papers before joining. Just replace rank difference with "function same faction == 0"

OE Imperial Archeological Society: remove Numidium plans

A lore detail in the Dwemer exhibition of the IGS representation in OE ... 

At first, a compliment for the creator of this place. It captures imperial fascination with Dwemeri archeology in a way I have not seen since ESA: Redguard and also represents cyrodiilic armchair studies at its finest. The interior feels unique, fresh and most creatively designed. Just one minor detail struck me odd from a lore perspective: 

a dead skar in the Molagreahd?

 Topic:little secret Cell:Ashamul  
 There's the shell of a dead skar in the Molagreahd Channel north-east of Ashamul. Just next to the cliffs behind the little river. You should go take a dive and see it, it's worth it. These shells are so big that on Vvardenfell they've built a good part of the city of Ald-ruhn within one!
 If whatever this is is still there it should probably be called an emperor sea crab and not "a skar"  

CharGen_crate_01_empty is used

TR used to use chargen_plank. This is no longer the case in the current files in the release tracker.

But it still uses CharGen_crate_01_empty, which it really should not, as these crates have a limited function and using them more than in the starter script screws up scripts.
For practicaly example, OpenMW keeps them floating around the Seyda Neen docks.

They should be replaced with a generic empty crate.

Padomaic Ocean troubles

I encountered two issues while playing today:
- cephalopod mirages in the ocean: they appear *above* the waterline if I am far enough, then they fall in the water or spawn right under their previous position if I get nearer; this occurred in the area between Seitur and Sailen and off Gorne's eastern coast.
- swimming Alit: again off Gorne's eastern coast, it was chillin underwater (not far from the dead man's staff guy, IIRC)
Hope this is not too vague, I don't know how to get in-game coordinates.

Wrong default values for all dialogue result globals

In vanilla Morrowind, the following global variables are used to effect whether or not the player can rejoin a faction after already being expelled once (or more times). The default values are all 0, meaning the player isn't blocked from rejoining once expelled. (Values greater than 1 block you from rejoining the faction, though different factions handle the clearing of this variable differently.)


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