Wrong default values for all dialogue result globals

In vanilla Morrowind, the following global variables are used to effect whether or not the player can rejoin a faction after already being expelled once (or more times). The default values are all 0, meaning the player isn't blocked from rejoining once expelled. (Values greater than 1 block you from rejoining the faction, though different factions handle the clearing of this variable differently.)

A lot of broken, non-functional doors in TR_RestExterior

Zitri Egg Mine (apparently near Bodrem, part of TR_Indev at the moment) has a door but no door markers, you can neither go in or leave.

Same with Ashun-Idantus Abandoned Egg Mine, TR-i4-299, TR_i4-301, TR_i4-302-Red, TR_i4-59_01, tr_i4-108-Hla, tr-i4-64-Hla, "TR_i4-122, building 56, apartment 1", "TR_i4-122, building 56, apartment 2", "TR_i4-122, building 56, apartment 3", TR_i4-416-Hla, TR_i4-417-Hla, TR_i4_326_Hla_Main, TR_i4_326_Hla_Bedrooms).

Artifact weapon named for a racial slur?

I'm told the artifact sword "Gwai-lo" is named after a Chinese racial slur for Westerners. While thematically fitting, it may be too offensive and perhaps another similar term should be found. I admittedly don't know enough about the Chinese language to know what might be better.

Sword in question, with link to its attached quest: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes3Mod:Tamriel_Rebuilt/Gwai-lo#Gwai-lo

Caspering T_Mw_TerrRockWG_Cliff_04

T_Mw_TerrRockWG_Cliff_04    Mephalan Vales Region (35,-10)    292045    -75834    2856    "caspering, can see through horizontally from..."
terrain_rock_wg_10    Mephalan Vales Region (35,-10)    291015    -76991    6287    "... from top of this rock"  

T_Mw_TerrRockWG_Cliff_03    Mephalan Vales Region (33,-11)    273508    -88643    2836    "that model has what looks like a weird face/lighting error?"

Hunting an Ogrim bug

I accepted to help Nalenteris Brendu in his quest and found the Ogrim, so far so good.
The creature was peaceful (wasn't attacking on sight) and I could not find a way to let Nalenteris attack it without hitting it first myself, as this would angry the Ogrim and start the fight.

Missing walkway and ground meshes around Marog.

1. There is a chunk of telvanni pathway that is missing in Marog.  Just a few feet in the lower part of the city near the rope bridge. 
2. There is a massive chunk of land missing right beneath Kemel-Ze as soon as you cross the rope bridge from Marog.  This missing land extends all the way to the main doorway of Kemel-ZE.

Llothanis Tavern Blades member quest

As in the title there is a problem with the quest about catching (or letting go) a moonsugar dealer in the tavern-
after following him downstairs he opens the door and then stops walking, just freezes.The invisible Blades member is waiting in the room but his dialague stays
the same and the dealers dialogue also is the same as when walking with the player. I tried several times, placed the guy in the room but nothing happens.
I run the dialogue lines again with the placed npc, still nothing.


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