bk_BookOfLifeAndService & bk_BookOfRestAndEndings

The two books "bk_BookOfLifeAndService "& "bk_BookOfRestAndEndings" are necromancy-themed easter eggs from Battlespire, but TR has used them rather-widely as a Temple faction book.
Outside of Fyr's tower, Kagrenac's Library and the Secret Library in Vivec, they are used in a couple of tombs in vanilla, but I'm inclined to believe that Temple necromancy doesn't involve the Ideal Masters and Soul Cairn and so probably these placements should be considered erroneous.

see this entry about the same books and more

"tr_misc_pan_01.nif" Selection Box

"tr_misc_pan_01.nif" in TR_Data has an overly-large selection box due to a de-centered Root Collision Node. Since misc items are automatically ignored for collision I've just removed the node, which seems to fix the issue without messing with existing placements.

Fixed file: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/trmiscpan01nif-selection-box-fix

Misc m1/Telvanni issues



Menaan-Arvud Silt Strider Route Obstacle Removal

Silt strider routes should ideally have few elevation changes. When mapping out the silt strider route between Menaan and Arvud (image attached below), I noticed that there is no obstacle-free connection, but there are two potential connections that have one obstacle each. As the left path has fewer elevation changes overall, it is the more favourable route.

The obstacle that stands in its way is a rock arch that is too low to admit a silt strider. As it would take little effort to adjust its position to accommodate a silt strider, I think it might be worthwhile to do so.


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