Misleading dialogue in Akamora mages guild quest "Striking Roots"

In the quest Stiking Roots for the Akamora mages guild, there is some dialouge that doesn’t make sense.
The basic plot of the quest is to gather 40 flowers to make potions to sell to the guards of Akamora.
Ranosa Orrels and Polodie are the NPCs who give you the quest.
When you gather the flowers and report back to Polodie, he tells you to wait two weeks for the flowers to grow.
He also tells you to let Ranosa know that the flowers have been delivered, and to collect a reward from him.

Muckflies in Bal Oyra Quest Not Starting

The quest “Muckflies in Bal Oyra” doesn’t start automatically when you enter Bal Oyra. The only way to pick up the quest is to use the console to set the quest to stage 10. Otherwise the quest wasn’t in my journal, and I couldn’t talk about the topic “Muskflies” with Tibera Rone. The bug was in both the OpenMW and Vanilla engine.

Dialogue Bug: Trouble in Ranyon-ruhn: Time to Pay, the Telvanni Way

When Master MIthras closes the quest, the option with Simeth alive don’t compile because the lack of a quotation mark inside a Result Box make OpenMW not compile a dialogue script.
topic: the catacombs

I’ve uploaded a patch here: http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/43107/? at the number 19.


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