Missing Stairs to Necrom's Causeway WatchTower

So for some strange reason, half the stairs that are normally present on a cliff that leads up to the Causeway watchtower just outside of Necrom are missing. I was told that this isn't supposed to be the case and to report it on the bugtracker. While it's still possible to scale the cliff to get to the watchtower, the missing stairs result in you having to jump to get on the remaining stairs and that shouldn't be the case. Also, it's very clear that you weren't intended to not use the stairs as the terrain underneath where they should be is very uneven.

Yggulf the Mute has been magically cured!

Obviously, this NPC is mute. But if you add any topics to the Old Ebonheart area without adding a unique topic for Yggulf, he magically learns how to speak for just those topics. So, this is a reminder to go back and make sure Yggulf the Mute is still indeed mute after all the Spring Release quests are merged.

Faction quest failure: demotion alone is useless

Some faction quests demote the player, not usually interesting (failure state=reload) but it's useless if advancement isn't at least temporarily blocked at the questgiver's location. Demoting doesn't lower the faction reputation that lets the player get promoted again.

See uses of PCLowerRank

already does it correctly:

probably not:
TR_m1_FG_Jana      (typo burgalled=burglared)

Mephalan Vales Fake Water

This is actually probably a really old bug but I was hopingi t was fixed by now.
This pool of water is southeast of Dun Akafell and isn't actually interactable by the player which is kinda strange since you can actually go below it..

Edit: found the coordinates.
Mephalan Vales Region 28,-14 and it actually is just southeast of Dun Akafell.

Massulahibernanit Daedric Ruins Bugs

We've got a couple of objects that don't seem to be properly placed. One daedric claw is floating off the ground.


As if this wasn't bad enough, another part of the ruin has this going on:

Not a huge issue but definitely something that needs to be fixed for QA reasons.

Problems with install

I have download the following files: Tamriel Rebuilt 17.09 HF04-42145-17-09-04 Tamriel Rebuilt 17.09 hotfix5 Tamriel_Data (HD)-44537-5-1 Tamriel_Data 5.1 Hotfix-44537-1 The PT and TR Files is writting into into Morrowind.ini, and the games starts up fine. HOWEVER, when I try to add (TR_Factions.esp or TR_Mainland1709_hotfix5.esp) the game writes this: One of the files that "TR_Factions.esp" is dependent on has changed since the last save. This may result in errors.


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