Leftover dialogue duplicates with vanilla faction IDs + Telvanni advancement blocked

Some dialogue was disabled in the faction merging mod simply by doing nothing to it, since original T_Mw_ conditions just became ineffective. With mass-editing of conditions this is now in TR_Mainland but with vanilla faction IDs. Ex: advancement topic for T_Mw_Telvanni and Vero Renim. Working on a hotfix for this.

- little secret, little advice, morrowind lore
- the many imperial cult lore topics ("black marsh" gods etc)
- imperial legion lore topics
- imperial legion hello voices
- hlaalu, redoran:

Deleted quest-related NPC: Dunveri Rodran, Tel Ouada

The NPC Dunveri Rodran is missing in Tel Ouada; from the wiki, he's the shipmaster that previously served Bal Oyra and Firewatch. However, that NPC is needed for the Telvanni Mouth quest Books of Faith - he's the guy to talk to about getting rid of the Tribunal Temple books. As a result, the quest cannot be completed.

In the quest Illicit Inspirations, Neel Gymont won’t accept silverware or stoneware bowls

I’m the quest Illicit Inspirations, Neel Gymont asks for 5 bowls of any type. He won’t accept silverware bowls or stoneware bowls because the game checks for “Bowl”. This should be fixed so he accepts bowls which have more than “Bowl” in their names.

Polearms with illogical stats

Some of the polearms have "thrust" damage only because they're in the spear category. Should switch around their stats to be appropriate to their looks instead,

I also propose renaming (THE NAME, NOT THE OBJECT ID!):
"T_De_Ebony_Halberd_01" since _02 which does look like a halberd has the same name,
Atrayonis died for your sins, check it out:
Ebony Halberd -> Ebony Bardiche


high slash but looks well suited for thrusts


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