Cannot pick up Ancient Nordic Silver Axe from seafloor in "Revealing the History of Fort Ancylis" quest

The Axe in question is just north of Fort Ancylis on the sea floor fairly close to the cliffs. The quest giver explicitly states that an artefact needs to be recovered and as far as I can tell it is the only one down there. However it isn't possible to pick it up and return it.

TR_Data-bsa from Tamriel_Data (HD)-44537-04.7z missing tr_f_shroomtable_ora.dds

TES3Stream Warning: Model "Meshes\TR\f\TR_Flora_ShroomTabO_06.nif" tex not found "Textures\tr\env\tr_f_shroomtable_ora.dds"!
Texture Load Error!: Textures\tr\env\tr_f_shroomtable_ora.dds

TR_Data.bsa from Tamriel_Data (HD)-44537-04.7z has only tr_f_shroomtable_red.dds

[EDIT]same with tr_f_shroomtable_gre.dds

The Walls of Dondril?

The walled defense of this "village of hardworking mer", "humble common folk" under the protection of Indoril struck me a little odd. I visited the place after leaving Old Ebonheart to travel the eastern Thirr territories. I think this is supposed to be a rather peaceful area, a starter region similar to the Ascadias on Vvardenfell? 

In light of this, the defining palisade of Dondril (made out of hundreds of Ex_De_Docks_Piling_01s!) might prove a little too much. Does a mere shack village in Aanthirin really need such a defense? 

Gone to Ground Journal Mistake

I helped Straron escape from Tel Mothriva during the quest "Gone to Ground" by providing him with a Divine Intervention Scroll. I went to the Ordinators outside the gate and had the choise to lie to them or tel them the truth. I told them the truth and they said they wanted to kill me but wouldn't  because they didn't want to damage house relations. But in the journal it said I had lied to them and they didn't suspect I had helped Straron.

Not a big prolem but something to fix if you have time.


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