"tr_misc_pan_01.nif" Selection Box

"tr_misc_pan_01.nif" in TR_Data has an overly-large selection box due to a de-centered Root Collision Node. Since misc items are automatically ignored for collision I've just removed the node, which seems to fix the issue without messing with existing placements.

Fixed file: http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/asset/trmiscpan01nif-selection-box-fix

"Helnim, Helnim Hall: East Empire Company Headquarters" name too long

"Helnim, Helnim Hall: East Empire Company Headquarters"
goes over the (apparently) 52 characters limit for cell names and causes left eval if called by script functions,

could just be renamed "Helnim, Helnim Hall: East Empire Company" as they're certainly not mainland-wide headquarters

Akamora's MG: LETTER OF RESIGNATION(TR_m2_MG_Francine1) Marog Topic Error

Bug: Francine Aldard, in Akamora’s Mage Guild, will send the player to a quest in Marog. Her exclusive topic for “Marog” requires that the quest stage is 10. If the player never acquired the topic from other soucers before, it will not directly get from her this time.

Solution: Applied a “AddTopic” within the Result Box of the topic “letter of apology” to allow the player to get access to the exclusive topic “Marog” for Francine Aldard in this specific situation.


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