TR_Mainland_1709_hotfix5.esp TR_m1_q_TO_ACK_20 script

lines like 

"TR_m1_noga-togroi"->set gotX to ( GetPos, X )

should be e.g.

set gotX to ( "TR_m1_noga-togroi"->GetPos X )




Personally I would change the script like this:

begin TR_m1_q_TO_ACK_20

; This script was formerly called TR_m1_q_TO_ACK-20. I have renamed it due to the problems
; that dashes can cause in script names (at least in OpenMW). -- arvisrend, 29 May 2013

float gotX
float gotY
float gotZ

generic disease greeting for Temple

Remember to make some generic entry(ies) in Greeting 4 for TR_Map Temple Priest/Priest Service/... missing classes, overwriting

"I'm sorry, friend, but I think you have managed to get a common disease of some sort. You can get that cured by visiting a Temple shrine, or an Imperial cult altar, or by buying a potion from a healer or apothecary."


also check "my trade" for class Pilgrim or see IC OE chapel

Was this Daedric Shrine forgotten by the team?

Like my previous bug encounter, I was just exploring Sundered scar and came to this odd cave. The cave's name is Narasnabad inside the cave is "Narasnabad, Lost Shrine". It's an almost empty single room Daedric shrine with a single winged twilight and nothing else of interest. There isn't even any loot to collect other than the possible Void Salts from the dead Twilight.  It's clear something was planned for this area but never finished.

Blighted Rats on the Mainland

So I was out exploring Sundered Scar just for the sake of taking a shortcut to Meralag. anyway I came Across a cave called " Asohaldan Grotto ". Inside there were Blighted rats. Unless things have changed, I was pretty sure blighted creatures didn't exist on the mainland, so why are these here? There may be other locations with Blighted animals we don't know about as well.


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