OE “A Criminal Lawyer”

 -and may still give error messages (already removed crashes in section?)
after Stabby-Jak asks, if you find Reynant Alciente or talk and decline to help, you can't tell Stabby-Jak where he is. can't just edit it, the rest of the quest only works if you accept to help Reynant, and makes Stabby only appear after talking about business matter
if you say you don't know, disp 70 gives the wrong journal
Stabby-Jak's greetings don't update under some conditions,
Stabby-Jak never leaves the barristers cell

Gold_Dae_cursed_001 Gold_Dae_cursed_005


are used in some cells, and shouldn't be.

Data now has
which can be used instead, but not inside containers or they'll create an error: "Did you add a new type of gold? It needs to be added to the TES3Container.cpp file"

they weren't supposed to be placed in containers anyway but add a comment in their scripts in case it's not obvious

Imperial Guard Pauldrons


Other than the vanilla troopers, TR's Imperial Legion soldiers wear asymmetrical pauldrons attributed to them via leveled lists. 

This randomized equipment (left shoulder imperial legion, right shoulder some leather variation, for example) does not really fit to the uniformized, standardized image of the legion. 


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