Bal Orya Silt Strider Arrival

When using a silt strider to arrive at Bal Orya, we appear underwater sometimes. Journeys from Ranyon-Ruhn arrive at the proper silt strider dock, but the player is dropped off underwater when travelling from Tel Ouada. Coordinates of the Tel Ouada -> Bal Oyra destination are given above. This is occuring in games with and without TR_Travels.esp

Greeting 0/1 and Oath of Silence

This would probably be a pain in the butt to fix, but...

A lot of non-law-enforcement related greetings are sneaking their way into Greeting 0. This means that the vanilla Oath of Silence at the top of Greeting 1 is sometimes not being triggered correctly (aka, when just about anyone talks to you: exceptions being some forcegreetings and some quests that use Greetings to continue an encounter).

Only ones in Mainland that don't belong there are TR_m1_noga-togroi, and as a creature that can only speak its own lines it doesn't matter (but they should be in 5)

Bodrem - An Unwell Traveller

There is a bug in the quest An Unwell Traveller given by Wesencolm in Bodrem Hall. When you talk to Wesencolm for the first time and select the topic cure for my disease the quest is instantly completed and you are given the reward. Selecting the same topic again seems to give the dialog that is supposed to appear at the start.

A Tailor in Need Bug

So the clothier in Llothanis has a quest you can complete for him. The problem is after you complete it, if you choose for him to make you clothing, he's supposed to take a day to make them. However, this seems to suffer from the time based issue a lot of things in the game suffer from where a day can take numerous days for it to register. (see the mead hall in Bloodmoon as an example of this issue). Not sure if this can be fixed or not, but I figured I'd let you guys know about it.'


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