LTEX & Tes3cmd - Problem solveable?

An inherent problem to Morrowind - LTEX stores all texture IDs and paths that were once upon a time used in the plugin, and can't be easily gotten rid of or patched.

For example




The biggest problem is that Morrowind registers them as two different textures and thereby can create texture seams even if the textures themselves are actually identical.

Nalenteris Brendu fails to the attack ogrim in the "Hunting an Ogrim quest"

The quest: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes3Mod:Tamriel_Rebuilt/Hunting_an_Ogrim

Nalenteris Brendu will ignore the ogrim (not attack it) if he is to far away from the player, when the player walks/runs up to the ogrim. This can easily happen when one has a character that is faster than most NPCs.

Mudlap and the Mosslog - crash when brining back mudcrabs

The quest: http://en.uesp.net/wiki/Tes3Mod:Tamriel_Rebuilt/Mudlap_and_the_Mosslog

OpenMW crashed when a recruited mudcrab entered Mudlaps camp and my character was to close to the mudcrab/camp.
The quest can be finished by keeping ones distance from the camp when each mudcrab enters it.

This is the tail end of the openmw.log after a crash:

Salvarys Ancestral Tomb - Ghost fence blocks quest progress

I could find no way to get past the ghostfence inside the Salvarys Ancestral Tomb, when doing the "A Forgotten House" quest:


I ended up using tcl in the console to pass through, to be able to access the inner part of the tomb needed to finish the quest.

Andothren: terrain traps behind houses


The circled places are terrain traps: You can't get out without magic. Probably not a bug in most places, but Andothren is going to be one of the very early-game locations, so this is worth improving. If you feel creative, maybe add some hideouts there that make urban exploration somewhat worthwhile.

While at that... flora_bush_01 at (2022, -132136) is floating. This is right near the Andothren Temple entrance.

Book T_Bk_TheFourTR


edit: instances need to be replaced in mainland

Gives the bonelord a Khajiit origin, needs either the Khajiit or the bonelord out of it.
I don't think making it a Dunmer book is possible without an almost complete rewrite, second option or a non-Temple necromancy book would be easier on the writing.


Port Telvannis design

The existing structure of Port Telvannis all looks great.

However one thing I noticed is that the ground level of the city feels quite open and empty. It would really suit the city well I feel if there was a more crowded lower-class market ghetto-type atmosphere down on the ground, which the wealthy Telvannis would look down upon from their giant mushrooms.

Not wanting to nit-pick though, everything that is in place looks good there, I just feel it could use more.


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