Port Telvannis dialogue

Just made it into Port Telvanis.

City looks great, but one thing that jumped out at me.... When you ask locals about "Port Telvannis", they all mention that the town is "Free from Imperial influence", yet the guards say: "I am an officer of Imperial Law. Move along".

Shouldn't the guards' speech reflect the Telvanni independance if what the citizens say is true?


A handful of floating trees surrounding Llothanis.

Also, just immediately to the north of Llothanis, (X-275813.63 Y-101214.09) we have a "Ruinous crypt" full of vampires.

The interior looks really good, however it appears to be an ancient human-style stone crypt. Is there a lore reason for that being there? It seems like a Dunmer style crypt would be more appropriate? Especially if it's quite old and abandoned.

Just a thought.

Black Orc Tavern (Bal Oyra)

When I first set foot inside the "Black Orc Tavern" in (Bal Oyra? Most northeastern town on the mainland) my first thought was that it was closed or abandoned. Felt very empty and lifeless.

I'd recommend a significant amount more clutter, even some messiness. And perhaps a moving NPC.

I don't want to nitpick, but it was very noticeable.

Bridge to nowhere

A suspension bridge suddenly ends mid-air with a few floating objects near it. replacer issue? can't reproduce

The bridge itself seems a little out of place for me anyways.... It's off the main path a bit, and is fairly long, and also has a fairly short walk to get across even without the bridge. It seemed a bit unrealistic that it would have been built at all in my opinion... It might look cool if the bridge was destroyed and partially hanging, as if it hadn't been used in a very long time?

Just a suggestion.


Imperial Man Viciously Murdered By Morag Tong In Unexpected Helnim Visit

 TR_m2_He_lostfound seems to have the Morag Tong execute an Imperial and has a guard talking about it

To change: NPC's race (and display name? but not ID), mentions of race (or name if changed) in journal or dialogue


collection of bugs in Thirr /OE

12/10/2017 (21:48) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  com_closet_01_expclothe Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah -277 66 594 "flickering" 
12/10/2017 (21:49) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  Light_Com_RM_Chandelier_05_L_01 Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah -380 129 190 "collision" 
12/10/2017 (21:50) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  light_com_chandelier_03_128 Old Ebonheart, The Empress Katariah -514 384 686 "too low" 
12/10/2017 (21:53) TR_Preview.esp 9/20/2017 (12:51)  T_Mw_FloraAT_TreeG_01 Aanthirin Region (11,-23) 92758 -185548 2625 "collision" 


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