Bodrem Mine platform underwater

bodrem mine:

The lowest mining platform and mineral deposit in one of the caverns is below water level. Should be raised, alternatively a waterfall and a couple bodies could be added along with new dialogue saying something about opening a spring in the mine and a quick flood taking the lives of a couple miners.

Wrong Journal Update (?) during the quest "Avenge the Knights"

When playing TR, I encountered what I think is a bug in a quest called "Avenge the Knights". I met these two Knights (Tarbus Norin and Merias Tolode) outside of the cavern Galseah and they told me to go inside with them and slay the necromancers. During the fighting inside, Tartus Norin died. I then defeated the necromancers with Merias Tolode by my side. However then I got a journal entry saying: "Without Tarbus and Merias I have defeated the cultists.", which is clearly not true.

Imperial Cult generic duplicates

Low-rank lay member generic response is for Vvardenfell:
We accept all citizens of good character and earnest faith. We ask only a one-time pledge of 50 drakes to aid us in our good works. To become a lay member of the Imperial cult, speak with Ygfa at Fort Pelagiad, Syloria Siruliulus at Fort Buckmoth, Somutis Vunnis at Fort Moonmoth, Ruccia Conician in the Grand Council Chambers in Ebonheart, or Lalatia Varian in the Imperial Chapels at Ebonheart.

Missing meshes and icons found

Found some missing meshes and icons.I am a new modder so am unsure it comes from tr but am posting here just in case.I do use MGSO with known fixes.The missing meshes found so far are all books except 1 is an amulet and all are missing the inventory icons as well.I have replaced the meshes with generic so they display ingame without the yellow box with ! The icons still display a red circle with a slash in inventory as I do not know the path.These are the files found so far:


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