Telvanni Guard greeting 1 choices

Three Telvanni Guard choices in Greeting 1:

Now either leave our city or go ask Allasi Enduren at the Avenue for the proper documentation.
You don't have enough money, outlander. Perhaps a night in the cells will teach you not to disrespect our customs.
Very well. You outlanders always seem to need to be taught how things work in our land.

Remnants of hospitality paper dialogue? They would get overwritten by guard greetings 0

Book "Old Ebonheart Census Records" typo


"This book contains a long list of traders and citizens that have resided and entered Old Ebonheart. The records appear to go on for years."

bolded (second part of first sentence) makes no sense

suggested to be

"This book contains a long list of merchants and citizens who have visited or currently reside in Old Ebonheart. The records appear to go on for several decades."

Temple pilgrimages

Role of pilgrimages in Temple questline:
Currently, completing 3 pilgrimages (of 6) on the mainland unlocks mainland Temple duties; completing the Vvardenfell Seven Graces pilgrimage also unlocks them. In both cases the remaining or future mainland pilgrimages become only additional quests that add some faction reputation.


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