Theft of a Herne's Soul quest impossible to finish

This quest kinda finishes, and questline continues, but it never removes from journal and Gindaman still tell you that you need give that soulgem to Absolon (looks like queststage 50 not properly working)
Also, during queststage 40 Absolon, when you return soulgem to him say same phrase that said when you give that gem first time, this is kinda odd.

Ordinators near Tel Mothrivra have generic "Telvanni House" dialogue

Two Ordinators near eantrance to Tel Mothrivram that involved in quest about redguard saint killer, answering generic local villager dialogue if you ask them about topic "House Telvanni": "Our (telvanni) lord protect our town, we not belive this tales about telvanni is bad crazy sorcerers blah blah blah". It be logical to remove topic or replace it for them, since they not locals, not serve telvanni and actually that Telvanni lord they all metioned so don't like Ordinators, he not even let them enter the city

Missing textures on mounted slave guard in Port Telvannis slave market

This is using OpenMW; I have an issue that appears to be missing textures on the guard mounted on the flying creature in the slave market. Specifically, part of the guard is purple (the "pure", image mask purple) - see the screenshot. There are two missing textures relevant in the OpenMW log file, but also it seems a script error:


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