Old Ebonhearts Legions Headquarters event issue

When I enter the Legions Headquarters at Old Ebonheart a certain block of text appears, with something along the lines of "You hear voices downstairs referring to you as the standing officer, and that someone has to go meet you." Moments later, the instant I come face to face with a Legion NPC inside the building, the game is caught in a generic guard dialog box from which there is no way to get out.

OE FG Quest Journal Pages can't be picked up before the quest is started

TR_m3_OE_FG_bk_ConJou1 2 3

Appear in world but can't be picked up until their quest is started. I swear there was part of their script that gave you a vague journal entry but didn't officially start the quest. 

Resolution - either fix that part of the script, or disable until quest start. Yes the notes are supposed to be put there ~100 years ago, but maybe the cultists/nixhounds just happened to find it in a pile recently

Reported in discord.

SE Region Telvanni Lands - Map Graphic

Hi all, 

Just a quick one. When exploring around Necrom I picked up the map for the Southeast regions of the Telvanni lands (The Sacred Lands: South East), and noticed that the graphic on there is all stretched out of shape. The ID within the console is t_sc_mapsacredlandssoutheasttr

I uploaded a screenshot here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WkfegX-qMcL2MkHz5CCM2dnMpi7-tcnO/view?usp=sharing



Kelp in Napali Cavern

I made this cave last year and put in Kelp instead of those brown underwater cave plants. I guess no one caught on to the mishap and so I'm putting the reminder here so that this gets swapped out one day. Cave is called Napali and is in the North Lake Andaram Section.

Junk door in Lan Orethan

After merging an old forum interior nearby, this door is still unlinked:

Record: CELL "lan orethan region (33, -28)" Flags:0x0000 ()
  NAME: Name:
  NAME: Name:door_load_darkness00
  DATA: X:276043.313  Y:-226300.703  Z:399.317  X_Angle:1.3000  Y_Angle:3.9832  Z_Angle:0.6000

Perhaps it should be deleted?


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