Stendarr Tower Haunting bug

The bug concernces the ending of the Stendarr Tower haunting quest. The last dialog line the ghost has is conditioned to the death of the wrong person. The supplier is actually Haladroth ( TR_m3_Haladroth ). Also the quest doesn't account for situations when the player kills one of the suppliers, but lets the other live. Issue first discovered with 18.07 but confirmed in the internal TR_Mainland release.

Missing region sound

A lot of the regions added for TR in Tamriel_Data are missing region sounds. Most of these regions have not yet been released, but the following regions are in the latest TR_Mainland yet lack sounds and/or sleep creatures:

Bugs Encountered In Ranyun-ruhn Quests

  • During the quest where the two Argonian "slaves" were supposed to "follow me to town", when they attacked me, I got a 100 septim bounty.
  • During the finale of the quest, when Simeth is supposed to follow you to serve as back-up, when exiting the tower he patrols from through the ground-level exit, he exits through the top-level hatch. (I couldn't even use console commands to position him where I wanted him. I had to go it alone.

Bonus: While in the catacombs, there is a door that is supposed to be blocked by a rockfall.


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