Bugs Encountered In Ranyun-ruhn Quests

  • During the quest where the two Argonian "slaves" were supposed to "follow me to town", when they attacked me, I got a 100 septim bounty.
  • During the finale of the quest, when Simeth is supposed to follow you to serve as back-up, when exiting the tower he patrols from through the ground-level exit, he exits through the top-level hatch. (I couldn't even use console commands to position him where I wanted him. I had to go it alone.

Bonus: While in the catacombs, there is a door that is supposed to be blocked by a rockfall.


Sorry was impatience and couldn't find were to send this possible concern. Please send to the appropriate person(s)that can help. Thank you. While this is obiviously not an ingame bug. It is a concern. When searching for the website to check on the amazing progress that this team has made after such a long time. I could not get through to the homepage.

betacomments text

  • 8/5/2018 (23:21)    TR_Preview.esp    1/2/2012 (01:00)    Admin    flora_stoneflower_02    Alt Orethan Region (14,-25)    114936    -199479    347    "fly"    
  • 8/6/2018 (02:28)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    terrain_rock_wg_08    Lan Orethan Region (27,-31)    227176    -246523    1536    "doorblock"    
  • 8/6/2018 (13:17)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    In_OM_wallruin06    Zanammu (28,-21)    234594    -167599    1967    "fly"    
  • 8/6/2018 (16:10)    TR_Mainland.esm    8/2/2018 (19:13)    Admin    flora_green_lichen_02  


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