Stolen Tokens Imperial Cult Quest Issues

The completion of this quest checks for 20 wooden tokens and 20 brass tokens, but the corpse of Cyrtus Clagno has 30 brass tokens and 3 brass candlesticks on it. It would be helpful if there was some kind of journal or dialogue prompt which encouraged you to search the dude's home after finding that he doesn't carry all the tokens on him, or as Why suggested if you could turn in the quest with just the brass tokens, with the implication that Felmo Ilveroth would have Cyrtus's home searched by lower-ranking laypeople to see what else he had stolen.

Vague Directions to Bthung for Imperial Cult Quest

Felmo Ilveroth gives very vague and unhelpful directions to get to Bthung, the Dwemer ruin where he suspects Cyrtus Clagno is journeying to. He says it's in a volcano to the east and then does not clarify if you pursue the topic. Given that the ruin is actually ENE of the city, the directions even lead you to look for the ruin quite far from where it actually is. These directions should really be clarified, or at least the player should have the opportunity to ask around for more clear directions.

Petition the Mages Guild Doesn't Recognize Rank-Based Solution

Felmo Ilveroth recognizes you as Arch-Mage of the Mages Guild when he sends you out to convince them to support the cult, but doesn't recognize that you merely pulled rank to solve the quest when you come back to report the job completed. Instead it references whatever the non-rank version of the quest solution is.

Heavy Alchemical Ingredients

Meadow Rye, Golden Sedge Flowers, and other herbaceous alchemical ingredients/purdy plants are heavy. They all weigh 1 weight unit or even more in some cases, which makes them both incredibly unsuitable for alchemy, but also makes them even not worthwhile for carrying around. This definitely seems like an oversight.

Girnyu's Notes are Heavy

Girnyu's Notes for his daedra worshipper quest in Sailen are heavy. They weigh a whole weight unit, where usually notes and other small paper printed materials weigh 0.1 or 0.2. This seems like an oversight, given it's still read in scroll format and contains only a few paragraphs of text.

Indoril Monastery Bells Don't Get Their Own Bell Hammers?

The Indoril bells in the Romithren Monastery chapel have Master's Armorer's Hammers lying beneath them, implying that those hammers are used to strike the bells. In the vanilla game, the Sixth House, which has bells very similar to these, have special two-handed and very heavy hammers to strike their bells with (and they make great trophies to commemorate all the Dagoths you've slaughtered).

Some Topics Still Act Like Vvardenfell is Everything

A lot of topics still trigger Vvardenfell-centric dialogue responses, the one I ran into here specifically and egregiously starting a description of House Hlaalu by stating that it's one of the three houses with holdings on Vvardenfell. This is also coming from an Indoril noble who seems to have a strangely admirable view of a Great House her people are in direct conflict with.


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