Helnim: Midnight Meeting Bug

Basically, in my game, when waiting for Kastav Munia to make his way to the predestined meeting point at the docks mentioned in the quest, he seems to set off but then almost invariably get stuck on the sign outside Peladia Varousha's armorer shop. If I use the RA command enough, I am able to eventually get him to scoot past it, but that's only if I'm lucky.


ACTI^TR_m1_GS_sorc_Vendil - Vendil Tras: Sorceror (should be SorcerEr)
ALCH^TR_i3-726-Imp_p_physlube - Potion of Physical Lucrication (I think it should be LuBrication)
ALCH^TR_i3-726-Imp_p_psychlube - Potion of Psychical Lucrication (same here)
ALCH^TR_i3-726-Imp_p_socilube - Potion of Social Lucrication (and here)
ALCH^TR_i3-726-Imp_p_rejuveation_e - Exclusive Potion of Rejuveation (RejuveNation)
ALCH^TR_i3-726-Imp_p_rejuveation_q - Quality Potion of Rejuveation (RejuveNation)

Dialogues for Firewatch in the topic "someone in particular"

In the topic "someone in particular" Hordonia Varian was mentioned twice in one dialogue.

"I would most strongly recommend speaking to the duchess. Her insights are often invaluable. Ladia Tunifus is the head of the cult mission. Herdonia Varian is Captain of the local Legion. Galan Brandt is Guildmaster of the local Fighters' Guild chapter. Gindaman heads up the local Mages' Guild.  Herdonia Varian is the Captain of the local Legion forces."

The "Test of Disorder" door is closed again after save/load

The door which opens after solving the Test of Disorder appears to be closed again if you save, restart and load the game.
I use Steam version of Morrowind; TR_Mainland + TR_Travels; MGSO + couple of minor mods (Apel rain replacer + Delayed Dark Brotherhood Attack).
I understand that it may be the issue of mods incompatibility, but it's too unhandy for me to check it using only Tamriel Rebuilt. :D
Here is the video for better issue illustration:


The Sorceror's Apprentices: Kelkemmello dies during the third challenge

During the third challenge for "The Sorceror's Apprentices" quest, I gave Saturius the Scroll of Icarian Flight befor ethe duel started. As expected, Saturius launched Kelkemmello up into the air, but when he fell back down, the impact killed him, ending the challenge with no reward. I know he's supposed to survive so that Saturius can properly become the court wizard, but I'm unsure of how to save Kelkemmello without breaking the quest.

TR_Mainland wrong IDs

IDs should be checked again when all files for release are merged into TR_Mainland to verify if they're used in scripts before fixing them,

IDs with spaces at the end


Data IDs instead of TR IDs

Bal Oyra: 'Han Sadalvi' topic recommends you to take a silt strider connection that doesn't exist

In the first quest of the Imperial Cult questline, Allion Aberius directs you to visit the Soludanni Egg Mine. If you do that, you get a topic 'Han Sadalvel', which contains the following: "You've been sent to Soludanni Egg Mine? The simplest way to get there is to take the silt strider -- it's quick and cheap." From my limited understanding of the CS, this particular topic is filtered for Bal Oyra. The issue is that there is no silt strider in the vicinity of either Bal Oyra or the Soludanni Egg Mine.


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